April 17th 2008 “Traditions!”

Yes I’m back in Japan again!

I went to the observatory in Shinjuku today!
I learned more about Japanese tea ceremony and I even got to try a Kimono on!
It was so fun!
I love learning about new cultures and new traditions.

I felt bad because all the Japanese ladies were catering to me!

Have a great day everyone!




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38 responses to “April 17th 2008 “Traditions!”

  1. mariam

    you look so pretty in the kimono

  2. K~I~M~I~

    you look so cute in japanese clothes

  3. be like MIKE

    wishin i was one of them ladiz touching your hand and looking into your pretty eyes.


  4. gigi

    aicheries adorable in that kimono

  5. Hi Ai Cherie


    SO CUTE!!!!!!!


  6. ?=suki=?

    aicherie is e so beauty and sweet like candy

  7. hi aicherie

    geisha doll

  8. BAD.EGG

    baby why you so PRETTY?

  9. VEGEman

    green is my favorite color and it look beautiful on you

  10. CAVeMann


    everyone wants a piece of you. of course you’re so cute and irresistible.

  11. BMW

    hi green girl…SMILE QT!

  12. aiden

    come back to cali

  13. grandG

    very asian sensation

  14. timmylovesjapanesegirl

    you’re so humble and considerate, how do i meet you?

  15. ErvGotti

    aicherie means pure perfection at it’s best

  16. YOGO!gOgo!


  17. geguson tyler

    adorable girl

  18. boyn afan



    You look like a little Doll.

  20. nookielively


  21. ~^^ling mei^^~

    OoOoOOoooooo so CUTE!~!~#!

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  22. ❤ Wei.Jeannie❤

    Hello AiChérie ❤

    How are you? I am from Hong Kong Kowloon City.
    I’m just saying HI to you on your blog. And yes I think you’re so pretty, I heard you speak perfect cantonese. But your born in America, that’s really cool.
    Will you be coming to Hong Kong soon?
    I hope so!

    ❤ Wei.Jeannie❤

  23. boyfriend?

    beautiful inside and out!

  24. robin sgv

    You looking good! in anything!

  25. Hideki

    Hello there AiChérie,

    I see you at Shinjuku Observatory. You try to get good view of Japan, but I know the japanese ladies think you so CUTE, so they force you try on Kimono.

    It’s okay to be cute ne?

    Please fight in japan. You will SUCCESS!

  26. SakuRAsARah

    Oh the ladies weren’t to nice to me, bet coz your cute. And I’m now *sad*

  27. Cosmic Marcus

    sign* eat your heart out boys, it’s never gonna happen

  28. Rainfall *Sari*

    hi aicherie,

    pleasure to meet you.

    do you remember all the onlookers taking photos of you, you’re already famous.

    you drew up a big crowd up in that place, it was so funny. Guess that’s what happens when your beautiful.

    keep in touch

    _000000000 S A R I 0000000__

  29. BrownYuppy

    You’re like a princess from another lifetime!

  30. s┢╆ugar→

    Lokky FUN ***

  31. [M]organ.**


  32. Hi.Yassy.taiwan

    kimono, i want one

  33. SUPERichigo

    kimono so cute, you wear

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