April 22nd 2008 “My day!”

Happy Earth Day!
Let’s conserve energy by not driving today!
Thank you for reading!!!



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23 responses to “April 22nd 2008 “My day!”

  1. earthgirl

    thank you!
    nice to see such a beautiful girl have a sense of how impt. the earth it.

    great to see young hollywood promote this.
    would love to know more about you.

  2. YoshiJoy

    Yes JAPAN is so big on recycling.
    U r SO CUTE!

  3. P_gal_805




  4. russiANLOver

    anything for yu

  5. usa

    PEACE! may we all have a good heart like u.

  6. dododo

    cute phone! milk taste so much better in japan!

  7. be.de.bop

    yes ma’am now turn that frown upside down!

  8. 美しい


  9. SoompITART

    queen of hearts


  10. xo t R o U b L e S o M e xo

    i’ve been tryin to recycle but its hard


    Great to see someone so beautiful care so much!

  12. terIZZa`beauty

    great to see you motivating your peers to make a difference.

  13. niku123

    how often do you change you hair color its different in every blog no?

  14. つばき〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜>


  15. st@rshipstawberr!

    so thoughful!

  16. u r s u l a

    glad going green is a global effect, that’s the way it oaughtta be

  17. CHASE

    You be the leader, I’ll follow.

  18. possible

    love your ideas & photography skills

  19. [M]organ.**

    you’re a real life supergirl

  20. Hi.Yassy.taiwan

    recycle is impt, i know, i will do more now, thank you

  21. miss.kiwidoll

    ok yes recycle

  22. SUPERichigo

    ^^kawaii chan~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! genki?

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