April 23rd 2008 “Mt Fuji and I”

I went to Kyoto today, my favorite place in Japan!
I love love love Kyoto!
I couldn’t get a good photo of me with Mt. Fuji in the background.

Thank GOD for the zoom function on my camera!

Do you like my photography skills??? LOL

Hope you enjoyed the view of Mt Fuji!  Fujisan!!!




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22 responses to “April 23rd 2008 “Mt Fuji and I”

  1. minnie mouse

    OH yes lovely photos,I Wanna go to japan now.

  2. arkansasteam

    Girl you got some good pics of mount fuji. what are you talking about?

  3. camiSHY

    tHANKS for sharing!

  4. ?=suki=?

    good photos!

  5. kakaKuKOOkoo

    AcTUALLy those are GREAT photos you should be a photographer also.

    AiChérie you hve so many Talents

  6. darlinedoodles

    I heard it’s goodluck if you can see the top of mt fuji. no wonder you’re on a roll.

  7. aron.wash

    ur such a character..love your pout…damn wish i knew you…must be lucky to be your friend

  8. CAVeMann

    great skills! u know you sport them well.

  9. KeyZ

    KeyZ WAS Here and girl youz SMOKIN!~

  10. kornyYUjisAN

    fujiSAN yaeh!

  11. yuri...minna..~^^~

    it is ok ne!

  12. timmylovesjapanesegirl

    you have the cutest pout

  13. gobble gobble

    wow Mt. Fuji is beautiful. I need Japan.

  14. geguson tyler

    didn’t know you took those yet another skill. what can’t you do?

  15. wasani

    i love kyoto also

  16. ~^^ling mei^^~

    so pretty~^^`~#1

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  17. st@rshipstawberr!

    did you go to fujisan?

  18. Hideki

    Hello there AiChérie,

    My name is Hideki, I used to live new Mt Fuji. Seeing these photos give me great memories of being home.
    Now I live in Santa monica and I enjoy here very much.

    Thanks you sharing photos.


  19. SakuRAsARah

    Love the photoz. I miss home now.

  20. Hi.Yassy.taiwan

    oh cool, mt fuji

  21. oki OKAY

    , YOU SEE IT, that is lucky ne

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