April 28th 2008 “Dinner and a …?”

Guess what? It’s dinner time!

What I love about Japan is you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg and make dinner reservations just to have dinner with a nice view.
Plus the food is actually good! My HEAVEN UNIDON!!! Yes I found love!

More heaven!

I zoomed in and got a good photo of Odaiba. ENJOY!!!

View from my window: Can you see the blue faris wheel??? I love Odaiba!




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9 responses to “April 28th 2008 “Dinner and a …?”

  1. arkansasteam

    too hungry to snap a picture og the unidon huh?

  2. ?=suki=?

    cutie will you meet me in TOKIO?

  3. SIMS

    I know, I never understood why the restaurants here in LA charge so much for a view plus crappy food.

  4. timmylovesjapanesegirl

    i love japanese girls

  5. pipperStones

    rather see a view of your precious face

  6. st@rshipstawberr!

    odaiba! i like it there

  7. [M]organ.**

    What’s unidon?

  8. dovey

    Odaiba, I love it there.

  9. milly

    pic don’t work?

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