April 5th 2008 “Paradise is kind of nice…”

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mommy!

We went on a LOVELY cruise this weekend for her birthday!
I wish I could have given her more.

The dinner was amazing and our hotel room was beautiful!

My delicious rack of Lamb!

Gorgeous view from my room balcony!

Paradise is kind of nice!





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20 responses to “April 5th 2008 “Paradise is kind of nice…”

  1. hOTjUDE

    sup sup!

    where was this at.

    LUV the view too.

    you’re gorgeous.

    you and i would make cute babaiesssss, what do you say?

  2. oran

    baby i’ll show you paradise


  3. mikowatabe

    hi ai cherie.

    you are my dream!

  4. 水饺family

    Hi pretty girl. the food look so good. i c you like to travel. me too.


  5. yakovich



    where is this?

  7. timmylovesjapanesegirl

    can I share you in my paradise fantasy?

  8. 696969

    you havent seen nothing yet

  9. jakata indonesia

    wow youre real pretty, sorry i know you get tht alot, but its not a bad thing right?

    have you ever been bali?

    now thats paradise.

  10. Kona Cofe

    baby you’re paradize, come find me

  11. ~^^ling mei^^~

    I like travel 2.

    u must come shanghai, U will love, we LOVE U~!~~!

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  12. Hideki

    Hello there AiChérie,

    I can tell by food portion, this is not JAPAN.
    So nice you manager let you come home for your mom’s birthday, that was your request.

  13. SakuRAsARah

    Was this cabo?
    Were are the crazy party pix, not your thing huh?

  14. Cosmic Marcus

    Of course it is when you’re involved~

  15. koi fish

    you’re gorgeous.

  16. annasmalls

    love your blogs, i’m a fan

  17. s┢╆ugar→

    ^!^pretty face^!^

  18. [M]organ.**

    You’re mom must be pretty, coz your beyond gorgeous.

  19. Willard Turner

    Damn, you’re gorgeous, on the inside too.

  20. missyannie

    you’re mom must be beautiful bc you’re so PRETTY

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