August 18th 2008 “BBQ me up!”


…what I love about eating in California…it’s a BIG melting pot here in Los Angeles!!!

If I want ethiopian food, I go to Little Ethiopian off Fairfax. If I want Korean food, I go to Koreatown. And to top it off, you can’t beat the large portions, and never ending panchan (korean side dishes). I know..I know…you’re hearing  this from a healthfreak. I honestly can’t be healthy everyday. I do try very hard too, but sometimes I just really need to go to a good  all you cat eat Korean BBQ place. I’ll spend 3 hours there. I’m not kidding!


We made sure to wear lose clothing so we can stuff our faces. It was worth smelling like garlic afterwards.

Happy-faced “ME”!!!



Yi Ssi Hwa Ro

3465 W 6th St #130

Los Angeles, CA 90020

Take care EVERYONE!




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63 responses to “August 18th 2008 “BBQ me up!”

  1. susie q

    wow how do you eat so much yet maintain such a good figure?

  2. Hong LY

    Damn I love it when a HOT GIRL CAN EAT! fUckin SExy!

  3. sugarbabies

    wow i’m gonna have to go try out this korean joint. thanks for the head up.
    ur real pretty

  4. Rina

    hey girl,

    looks good. heading over there on my lunch break thanks.

  5. MARI Lynn

    Looks GOOD. i’m drooling

  6. arkansasteam

    yummy. i love korean food. when did you come back from japan?

  7. wagger lyfe

    ey shortie this is your boy from myspace.

    i’d bbq you up anyday, don’t makin me with dirty thoughts naw

  8. nOAir

    eh girl how are you?
    love the foodie pics.

  9. mochiballz


  10. starsareshiny

    hey love…
    this is my fave AYCE korean place too. great minds think alike

  11. Han^NAh

    Are you part Korean?

    You’re so pretty.

  12. blkonblk

    the food sure looks good, but you lookin betta mami

  13. codo*va

    this is the best ayce place in ktown…ill be more frequent so i get a chance to bump into you.

  14. JoJosaPhine

    i’m not a slut. i’m a food whore too

  15. izakaya


  16. CUTEmolly

    what Ethiopian restaurant would you recommend? sounds interesting!

  17. BLINKsam

    i’m glad you like korean food. now i know you really are perfect for me

  18. ...janice

    you’re blog is foodporn!

  19. kimcheepride

    I love k town.

  20. ri.chae

    난 당신이 아기가 키스하고 싶어.

  21. Maddie'83

    I know I’ve done the 3 hour buffet with this girl.
    She’s crazy!

  22. sAr*RaHHH

    I love KOREAN, wish we had a ktown in Maryland.

    Whenever I come to CA, I live in KTOWN.

  23. phat yang

    3 hours buffet!? you mean business lah

  24. 911werkerz

    hey darling…so u hand at ktown a lot?

  25. 『낸시____o≧▽≦o』™

    넌 정말 예쁘다

  26. CoreaPride

    ~정말 맛있어요~ {*.*}

  27. Linder OH

    좋은 하루 아름다운가!!!

  28. smellygood

    ur so cute and your not even korean. what do you know bout panchan…cute

  29. ♥ lavender raindrops ♥

    ♥ I HEART YOU ♥

  30. simon said...

    i want some too, save me some!

  31. wasani

    i’m jealous

  32. geekygreen


  33. cherryfan

    ~~~i like you ~~~

    i like you food, pls share more~~~

    cherryfan (shenzen)

  34. ~^^ling mei^^~

    i want to eat with you too

    have you been shanghai before?

    we have many eats here!

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  35. rockstarjob

    more reasons to love california, please don’t leave

  36. yuncha

    aw you’re cute, you seem 2 like everything, what do you dislike?

  37. yAMchAe

    let’s go! YOU AND ME ON A DARE DATE?


  38. you’re so cute, yet hot, where do you normally hang out in ktown?

  39. MaryLuvsYou

    Do you really eat all that? CRAZY!



  41. Bimmer Rid

    I’ve fallen for you!

  42. starkCHARD

    Looks like your having a good time, know i’d be if I was your date!

  43. s┢╆ugar→

    likey hair and smile, and FOOD …yummm

  44. ^ γάτα^

    G o r g e o u s !

  45. [M]organ.**


  46. Hi.Yassy.taiwan

    oHhH..korean food, me like

  47. ♥ 자넷 ♥

    ♥AiCherie is BEAUTIFUL ♥

    ♥ 자넷 ♥

  48. cool--->

    hey hey, you’re beautiful

  49. sweetpea

    yum…kbbq, my favey!

  50. misbahave

    bet your gonna miss this when you’re in japan. heard the portions are small

  51. 66girlneXdoor99

    gosh i love corea food, it sucks here in virgina, wish i can go to cali oneday, r all the girls there as pretty as you?

  52. chonhyu

    I’ll be back! Kamsamnida!

  53. DuckGong

    I don’t understand how a woman can tolerate the ridiculous and rude comments. I decided to randomly bombard your pages…

  54. DuckGong

    to my sister…I write here I swear to god/budda/allah or whoever that I will never, ever pursue [it]. I started with a wonderful friend n that will be the end result of it. I am eliminating the 0-100%chance it is 0, absolute 0. It is best and no longer need the polite input of sis, bro or gbro or w/e. I apologize and know I put you in so many ackward moments. i know i love you regardless of that factor in my life. so don’t worry I just hope your not concerned or upset.

  55. DuckGong

    plutonic…plutonic PLUTONIC lol word of my lifetime. I sincerely do wish you well. I wish that once you blow up in due time, you will have a comfortable life. a life that you are so deserving of. I wish to see nothing but happiness in it and utter bliss.

  56. xxxOHOOo

    Your so adorable.

  57. mRs. Lovii

    I love KBBQ Too

  58. dovey

    Looks goo good>

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