August 20th, 2007 “Ntt DoCoMo Keitai!”

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it been so long since I last updated! 

My manager is so wonderful! She took me to get a new phone today. She let me pick a phone of my choice.  I love my new phone. She also took me to get me nails done.

I’m so thankful to be working with her! 

Afterwards we studied Japanese! Nihongo o renshuu shimasu!!! 

I wish I could type all this in Japanese. I have to study harder! 

Ganbatte ne!!!!! (It means fight/dilligence)

Ai Cherie




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3 responses to “August 20th, 2007 “Ntt DoCoMo Keitai!”

  1. durian

    lookin beautiful in the morning with no make up

  2. rainyday

    very cute would love to give you the world.

  3. daveUCLA

    you have a face of an ANGEL

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