August 23rd, 2007 “Hello Kitty Handkerchief!”

Minasan! Ogenki desu ka? (Hello How are you?)

Kyoo wa atsui desu ne ( Wasn’t it hot today?)

Make sure you carry a handkerchief and drink a lot of water! 

I finally had free time to walk around Tokyo. I bought my first handkerchief in Shinjuku! I got a Hello Kitty one, made in Japan. =) 

I use it all the time now because I sweat the most on my face.  So I’m constantly whipping the sweat off my face.  My body can’t really take the heat!

I can’t wait for fall and winter! 

I didn’t do too much walking because it was too hot!!!  Mushi atsui ne!!! 

Till next time! Ja mata! 

Ai Cherie

 Photo taken December 2006





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3 responses to “August 23rd, 2007 “Hello Kitty Handkerchief!”

  1. rainyday

    you def stand out in the crowd

  2. S T U D

    pretty in tokyo

  3. rudy

    was bout to say if it was so hot, why ya wearing a jacket

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