August 26th, 2007 “Church time”

Minasan! Konnichi wa!!! (Hey Everyone, Good afternoon)

I went to church in Motomachi today. I even got a glimpse of Chuukagai, the Chinatown in Japan. 

Church in Tokyo, Japan is no different then church anywhere else. We are all at service because we all share the same interest; our love for God. 

Ok time to study! Nihongo o benkyoo shimasu! 

Ai Cherie



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3 responses to “August 26th, 2007 “Church time”

  1. durian

    what a good girl, u r the real deal right here

  2. NIPPONkimura

    Hey Ai Cherie

    Which church do you going to?
    Maybe we can study bible together ne?

    Mata ne!

  3. .a.i.k.o.

    you really are a good girl~

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