December 14th 2008 “Illumination”

Hey Everyone !!

How are you!?

Please stay warm and take care of your health. Right now I’m in Tokyo celebrating the Holiday by myselfあせる

I took the bus to Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan to check out the “illumination.” It was BEAUTIFUL! There’s nothing that compares to it back home.


I wish my Family and Friends could see Japan’s beautiful Christmas Illumination! So I took a lot of pictures for them!
I know it’ll make them happy!







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5 responses to “December 14th 2008 “Illumination”

  1. ゆきゆき

    oh i was there too.

  2. yumiHAWAII

    so fun ne!

  3. 恩!不错

    celebrity taking a bus, better becareful..but thas cool that you r down to earth の◇┅→→訷扌擿暒╰☆╮ぢ沬苾洳蒝じ☆ve柦蕝吥澮╰ゞ挵賍濔啲扌╭★

  4. Jer

    poop baby i would have flew you back to LA anytime.just let me know.

  5. ~^^ling mei^^~

    OoOoooOOOOooo i want to go japan soon!

    ~^^ling mei^^~

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