December 16th 2008 “Tokyo Disney Sea!”


HeyビックリマークHow are you?音�
I went to Disney Sea today
観覧車…I love it there!!


 I truly believe Disney Sea is the happiest place on earth! If I could live with Ariel I would
!! lol! パー
See you later!!




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7 responses to “December 16th 2008 “Tokyo Disney Sea!”

  1. sinister koolaid

    how fun
    …i WANNA GO TOO.

    I remember when you posted up strawberyy interesting

  2. gentalman

    i’ll be so good to you baby and you know it

  3. ★彡ƒєƒє彡★

    i never knew of disneysea


  4. mountEVEREST

    you look so happy reaching in that bucket

  5. ~^^ling mei^^~


    You look happy!

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  6. konnnnnaNA


  7. annasmalls

    looks fun!

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