December 17th 2007 “Thanksgiving update!”

How’s everyone doing!?!!

I’ll was back in California for a few days, just to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family and Volunteerクリスマスツリー!!!

It’s my tradition!!

For me Thanksgiving is about being with my family and helping others who are without family! How about you?


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hope yours was as great as mine.

Back to work now.





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9 responses to “December 17th 2007 “Thanksgiving update!”

  1. marvin


    you are on fire smoking hot. my kind of girl. hope you come out on foodtv one day


  2. dan69dan

    come on over to my place.

  3. i love megan FOX

    the next rachael ray perhaps?
    still young you have time.

  4. singlenreadytomingle


  5. totheend and back

    wil you marry me?
    not a question a demand! how to i get hold on you?

  6. saltluver

    lucky family

    where can i join the fun?

  7. whis**pers

    i love you! i really really do!

  8. ~^^ling mei^^~

    I want to go also!

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  9. konnnnnaNA

    hi dear, that’s really cool that you prepare thanksgiving dinner for your family every year!

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