February 3rd 2008 “I’m back and voting …”

Who do you think will win the California Primary???
I’ve followed Hillary Clinton’s Politics for a while now. If she wins you get Bill Clinton too! =)
I’m in no way or form asking you to agree with me.
I think everyone should research the candidates before they make a decision on who they think would help make this country a better place!
That’s all!
Okay ttyl!





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13 responses to “February 3rd 2008 “I’m back and voting …”

  1. YoshiJoy

    Can’t agree with you more.

  2. michael washington

    so you’re a democrat? me too.

    my vote went to hilary too. but now i’m voting for obama, how bout you?

  3. ginaHOUSE

    too bad hilary didn’t get the it! i love her too.
    we need a woman to fix our problems

  4. D A W N

    obama all the way


    don’t cry keep singing

    BOB marley

  6. foxtroust

    Been watching the debates? HUN?

  7. futureGOMEZ

    “I don’t know the reason of your tears,but I can hug your lonely heart”

  8. timmylovesjapanesegirl


  9. goldylockz

    I’m sad that Hilary didn’t get it, but oh I’m voting for obama now, you?

  10. ~^^ling mei^^~


    ~^^ling mei^^~

  11. eastside

    vote early!

  12. annasmalls

    hilary to obama! yeah!

  13. missyannie

    i wanted hilary too, but i’m glad obama won too

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