Jan 1st 2008 “A New Year!”

Happy New Year’s everyone!
What did you guys do today???
Please do share with me!
As for me, I made Ozoni a A traditional Japanese soup eaten by Japanese people during New Years Day. Some say it’s for good luck.
It was my first time making Ozoni, I had so much fun. I’m glad my family enjoyed it.
I love cooking; it’s a stress reliever for me.
One of my new year’s resolution is to be better at baking!
I can only bake when it’s from the box. I want to be better at baking from scratch.

Have a great year everyone!

Love and peace,





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8 responses to “Jan 1st 2008 “A New Year!”

  1. #Harajuku#Girl#



    oishi ozoni.

    it’s good thing 2 c american girl adapt japan culture quick.

  2. beachbum

    sexiest chef ever

  3. AndroiD

    you would make a good wife…thinking thinking??thinking.

  4. chi-HYON

    are you korean? but live in japan now!

  5. Teddy

    so everyone partied, slept in ___

    and you stayed in and made some soup for your family in the morning! good for you deary!

    __one question? how, where can I meet a girl like you?

  6. ~^^ling mei^^~

    oOOoOoooOOooo I have try this once!

    taste GOOD!

    ~^^ling mei^^~



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