July 18th, 2007 “Embrace Yourself & Live a Long Healthy Happy Life!”

God has blessed me with the ability to eat like a food critic while having fast metabolism to even out my eating habits. 

I love love LOVE food! However, last week God has taken that blessing away from me. 

I was diagnosed with E. coli poisoning! My body rejected everything I ate. The sight and smell of food disgusted me. I went from 95lbs to 88lbs. I didn’t look any different. I was just really weak-looking. If that makes any sense??? 

After a week of disliking food and only consuming Gatorade and plain porridge, I finally got better. 

I ate 3 full meals that day. Food never tasted so good. I went back to the doctors for a check up and I weighed 96lbs. 

The moral of the story is DO NOT! And I repeat please do not starve yourself thinking you’ll get thin. It is only momentarily. It’s not how thin you are, how fat you are, etc. etc. Everyone is born differently. Accept yourself for the body type you’re born with. Embrace yourself.  

I think the most important thing is to live a healthy life! You are what you eat (I forgot who said that, but it’s very true). 

Smile and embrace yourself!





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5 responses to “July 18th, 2007 “Embrace Yourself & Live a Long Healthy Happy Life!”

  1. kimber lynn

    will you be my new best friend.
    i need someone like you in my life

  2. BIKIoishi

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. StormWHITter

    glad you’re better now!
    you are blessed, bet all the girls be jealous

  4. annasmalls

    Yes ma ma!

    you’re so perfect! *.*>

  5. JAMnHAM

    agree agree , and couldn’t have said it better

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