July 25th, 2007 “A Better You, a Better Lifestyle!”

After my last post, I received a lot of positive emails.

I’m glad it helped. And I want to help more! 

So I’ve decided to give my intuition on how to live a “Long Healthy Happy Life.” 

When people see me now they say “Oh my gosh, you look so skinny, you need to eat more.・nbsp;

It makes me sad, but what can I do about it. I was born with this body type. I accept myself for who I am, and move along in life. As long as Ifeel healthy, I know I feel great! I already eat a lot, my food portions haven’t changed, but my style and type of food options has. 

I make sure I eat five times a day! But in small or medium portions. The most important thing is to change your habits! I’m taking about your portion habits, food selection habits, and your taste bud habits!

If your going to eat something that is bad for you, make sure you make up for it. 

What to eat more of:
Vegetables, anything green goes!

Green tea! No sugar added! Use honey and soymilk!

Drink water! A lot of it!

Wheatgrass! Wheat berries! Wheat bran! Anything with wheat or fiber because it’ll help regulate your digestive system!

Raw (means uncooked, vegetables at it’s natural state) and organic(means no pesticides or hormones added) food!

Look for things that say “All Natural” on it!

Fish is very good for you too, but don’t eat too much of it because it contains lead, which may lead to brain damage!

Grass-fed and no added hormones chicken and red meat!

Also remember too much of anything is bad for you! Don’t forget I said that!

If you love sweets, eat fruits, make your own jello with less sugar, eat yogurt, eat a piece of dark chocolate everyday! Cocoa is very good for you! 

And if you love ice cream! The best alternative is to put your yogurt or jello in the freezer. Try it and tell me what you think! 

Oh and one last thing to look for! ALWAYS read the ingredients in the back. Know what you’re putting into your body! Have fun!  

What to eat less of:

Anything fried or deep fried.

Anything processed!

Anything with sugar! Use honey!

Anything with too much salt and artificial flavoring!   

You can still choose to eat unhealthy, but make up for it by eating more of the healthy stuff!!!

Believe I am guilty of eating unhealthy, but I make up for it! Now I find myself enjoying the healthy food choices I make vs. the unhealthy ones. And I feel great! 

Your body is like a luxury car, if you pump in 87, it’ll run, but it’ll make all these terrible noise and fall apart quick.  However, if you pump in 91 it drive like a champion race horse and last longer with less check-ups. You get the point!!! 

I always hear the excuse “Oh, I don’t have time.” It’s your body! LOVE yourself! MAKE TIME for it! What you eat now will affect your health in the future! 

Remember “A Better You, A Better Lifestyle!” 




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9 responses to “July 25th, 2007 “A Better You, a Better Lifestyle!”

  1. Was this review helpful Yes No 5 of 5 Worked as expected. Diet

  2. DarkKnight

    aicherie! you inspired me.
    i’m gonna eat some grass now.

  3. sandelsHealthy

    this really helped thanks

  4. seacucumber

    you MOVE me to be a better person!
    thank you!

  5. @ DUSTIN


  6. sutherlan

    no wonder you’re so fit and sexy!

  7. jumperSINS


  8. stephyluvsginger

    Thanks! This really helped!

  9. annasmalls

    Thank you AiCherie!

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