July 31st 2008 “I’m Back…”


Hello! How’s everyone!?

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update!


I’m back in California… I had to come home because my Father was really sick!


Please wait! I will be back in Japan very soon!


Thank you for reading!








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38 responses to “July 31st 2008 “I’m Back…”

  1. seductiveL

    cute top…free people right?…i got the same 1

  2. beanie mac

    YEH BABY i want you back in cali

  3. ming.ming.ilubu



  4. mash potaTOEs

    good daughter

  5. bLKLuvMashinCE

    I see boobies..good LUCK in japan. it’s crzy there.

  6. じろでしょう



  7. truMEXi

    just a cute lil package aren’t yet. well glad you’re back in sunny kalientE

  8. missme!

    perfect bitch!

  9. $monkéy$

    you have a babyface


    WHAO! you are quite stunning! :]
    so exotic! yet cute!!

  11. italiano

    …ti amo profondamente prendersi cura

  12. "i'm rick james bitch!!!

    i fancy you, you cute little thing you.

  13. barlyteabags

    ur bac and cute as ever

  14. ROOSEN

    what it do babygirl?

  15. ™kittyMEOW™


  16. fujitsuZzZzZz


  17. popbottles

    glad youre bac i missed you cute silly dork

  18. rem

    aicherieการทำดี ไม่ได้เริ่มต้นจากหนึ่ง เริ่มต้นจากศูนย์ครับ”! beautiful girl!

  19. 300

    you’re good at looking good.

  20. weeds33

    you’re like real life anime fantasy come tru`

  21. PUS

    LLooky the cute face, just wanna bite you

  22. ichigo


  23. bBOY

    LOOK at you all cute and shit!
    this be bboyblkflip

  24. cutiekitty

    cute cute cute.

  25. ~^^ling mei^^~

    are you come shanghai after japan?

    ~^^ling mei^^~

  26. rockstarjob

    just wanna nibble on those cheeks

  27. tree

    please come back! i miss you

  28. coolBEANS

    gosh you’re the CUTEST GIRL i swear, no wonder they love you in JAPAN

  29. kittyYAYA

    KAWAII ! ! !

  30. s┢╆ugar→

    your work is JAPAN?

  31. TaJiNdEr

    lucky necklace

  32. Davie《陈大伟》

    …my cute and pretty future girlfriends

  33. [M]organ.**

    CUTE, Love the shades

  34. Hi.Yassy.taiwan

    pls come taiwan also, you will love?

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