June 13th, 2007 “Simple days!”

Hey there my fellow Californians!!!!! 

Hope everyone’s doing great! 

Summer is here! Running out of ideas! Here are some things that I want to share with you, so you don’t miss out! 

Malibu Lagoon!


Stone Oven! One of my favorite sandwich places!


The Boiling Crab! I love crawfish!


M Cafe! A very healthy place!





When you run out of money! Have a summer BBQ!

Grilled Salmon tacos! And grilled Cherry Yuzu Chicken salad!

Want the recipe? Email me!


I’m going to miss having time to do these simple things in life.

I’m really going to miss these simple days! 

I have a lot of work up ahead.

And once again thank you for being so supportive! 

Ai Cherie Chan



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5 responses to “June 13th, 2007 “Simple days!”

  1. marvin

    what a fun post. i would love to wine and dine you


  2. kimber lynn

    cute dress…juz full on CUTENESS

  3. NY jOHNNy


    Greetings frm NY!

    There’s no doubt that your HOT and fun loving.

    So can you tell me where I can go to meet a girl like you.




  4. BasSINjAR


    Just wanted to say took up your suggestions on STONE OVEN.

    dAMN That really is the best sandwich place i’ve been too.

    love the fresh bread and that green garlic sauce.

    i’m going to bandera next.

    thanks sweetie`

  5. DAVID

    STONE OVER is the best sandwich place, craving that rite now

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