June 20th, 2007 “God works miraculously!”

Hey guys and dolls! 

How’s everyone doing? 

Hope everyone is doing great! 

I just wanted to share something that happened to me this weekend! 

I used to be a temperamental person filled with road rage. 

For the past couple of years, I believe that being angry is a waste of time and energy. 

So here’s what happen: 

I was at Phuoc Loc Tho (a Vietnamese Mall in Westminster, OC), on a very crowded weekend. 

I was ready to park after spotting a parking spot.  Unfortunately, there was a grandma standing there saving a spot for someone. 

I was mad because it was so frustrating just to see an open spot, and now, a grandma is standing in my way! I have a weakness for elderly people. I always want to help them. I have so much respect for them, they’ve been living for a long time and they’ve been through a lot more then we younglings have. 

I felt bad, backed up my car, and was about to drive away with an un-guilty and kind heart. 

Next thing you know, the two cars right next to the initial spot was leaving. 

After I parked, a lady approached the grandma’s son and yelled at him.

First, for making his mom wait in the sun for him.

Secondly, for using her as a target to save that parking spot on a crowded day. 

Who safe spots for others on a crowded day like that, you’re bound to get into a fight with someone. 

I didn’t even have to get angry, she was angry at him for me! 

See how God works miraculously!!! 

I share this story with you, in hopes that you can learn from this situation. That you don’t need to be angry, God will work miraculously and take care of things for you. So just be happy and worry-free, it’ll take a load of stress off your back. 

Smile! And have a great day! 

Ai Cherie Chan



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3 responses to “June 20th, 2007 “God works miraculously!”

  1. shannonLUV

    What an inspirational story! Thanks Hun!

  2. damsey123

    hahah true dat GOD is power

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