March 19th2008 “ Gun Control???”

How are you?
I was wondering what you felt about this issue.
Lately, there’s been a huge rise in gang shootings,
innocent children who can’t attend school.
For God’s sake, these children are being deprived of
their education!!!
Do these people even have a heart?
What can we do to end this violence???
This is bothering me so much, that I can’t sleep at

Love and peace!



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9 responses to “March 19th2008 “ Gun Control???”

  1. yAshi

    i Agree with you 110%
    lets start a petition?

  2. sweetiegal

    love your sunglasses?

    vintage gucci?

  3. nightyNITE

    Serious! We gotta do something about this! I’m a mother of two and I’m afraid to let me kids out sometimes.

  4. brother

    yes this issue should be addressed..too bad

  5. M.angeles

    yes let’s do something about it already.
    my brother was hurt last yr. thank god for his recoveries.

  6. timmylovesjapanesegirl


  7. M.angeles

    hey girl, i’ve sent in my email, if you could email me back. i also emailed you some petition forms?

  8. DECI

    sweet, let’s do it!

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