May 1st 2008 “I can’t believe it’s not…”

There’s this little cafe in Omotesando Hills that I absolutely adore!
I’ve always wanted to come here and relax after my dance class.
They have the best French pastries and coffee here in Japan. It really reminds me of France.

This is my coffee, yes I can’t believe it too, I didn’t order tea or dessert.

Triple espresso shots, kabocha vanilla bean ice cream, and a cinnamon ladyfinger. This is my best cup of Joe!

Here’s my I’m so full and sleepy face.

Good night everyone!
Love and peace!




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23 responses to “May 1st 2008 “I can’t believe it’s not…”



    if i come to japan would you show me around. you know all the hotspots.

  2. YoshiJoy

    I’m so jealous. I love Omotesando Hills.

    i GOT homesick looking at your blogs.

    have fun in JAPAN

  3. janetLONESOME

    Looks good.. real good.. thanks for sharing.

  4. p_e_g_i_o_n

    wanna sleep over at myplace?

  5. osakana

    this is my fave place too. everything is good here

  6. strawberrypie

    it’s pie season! go get me one!

  7. ...tsumaki

    yes best french in NIHON…But so many good place to eat everyday

  8. nakashima

    hi aicherie.

    i have a funny story. i’m from japan now live us and you from us now live in japan. small world.
    i know you will be famous in japan.



    let’s be friends I LOVE desserts too…la de la

  10. keeperKum

    so cute even when sleepy

  11. bape

    come on over here babe

  12. ♥.♥

    you play in rich area. i must go there to see you soon

  13. ~y.a.k.o~ =)

    あなたがしたことは楽しい時間を過ごす???!!? =)

  14. grembleton

    you just sweet all over

  15. niku123

    you should be awake, it was coffe no?

  16. jellyfhisy

    yum, wish we had that here! =(

  17. bBOY

    can I take you on a date sometym? babi?

  18. __ ^^___

    good night and sweet dreams to you too…

  19. wishySTAR

    I WANT SOME TOO ! ! !

  20. HEY

    Lokkin cute in JAPAN?

  21. Davie《陈大伟》

    Looking fun, let’s go yeh!

  22. [M]organ.**


  23. Hi.Yassy.taiwan

    ice cream, i like it

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