October 12th, 2007 “Bath-time!”


Minasan! (everyone)
Konnichi wa! (good afternoon)

Time is flying by so quickly!
I rarely have time to rest these days!

I’ve had tense muscles all my life. When I have free time, going out
is my last resort. Instead, I take long lavender baths! Bathing helps
relieve my sore and tight muscles!

If you have the same problem as me! You should really try taking long
hot baths! Of course stretching helps too!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the positive emails. It really
motivates me to know that you believe in my dreams too!

Domo arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you so much)
Hontoo Ni!!! (Really)

Ja mata oneigai shimasu! (See you later please)




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7 responses to “October 12th, 2007 “Bath-time!”

  1. たか

    i’m in love. you have a pretty.

    i like photo.
    where japan live?

  2. queenB


    have fun in JAPAN.

    good luck

  3. AIRaaron

    most beautiful eyes

  4. +fiXz+ [faMily of 40 hunG-hinG ] ®**!

    youre giving me sme really dirty thoughts

  5. yorks

    your skin is so smooth can i give you a rub?

  6. robo-mark

    bath + you + me =DOUBLE HEAVEN!

  7. bibi

    this is my #1 favie photo of u

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