October 18th, 2007 “Aki (Fall) Season!”

Minasan! (Everyone)

Ogenki desu ka! (How are you?)

Yoru wa samui desu ne!
I’m so happy it’s finally cooling down.
Minasan please take care of your health ne!
  I know when weather changes, people are most sensitive to getting sick.

I got to stay at Tokyo Price Hotel for one night because my place was getting cleaned! My view was absolutely beautiful!

So was the food!!! Oishikatta!!!

I can’t wait for Aki (Fall) season food! Ja mata! (See you later)




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6 responses to “October 18th, 2007 “Aki (Fall) Season!”

  1. KIMInoAru

    wow LUckyGIRl

  2. princess*^sheena

    wow what a great life.
    i’m with you on your journey.

    good luck. you possess such joyous qualities

  3. yumiHAWAII

    wow rich girl you have lucky life

  4. october.rain

    yes fall is here pumpkin time

  5. ***rikku~

    Another “aki” season is here! Have a blast sweets!

  6. MIkkk^^^!!^^kkA

    please come back to Jp SOON, i think you miss aki right now

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