October 27th 2007 “ Biggest Motivation!”


Konban wa!
Mainichi, terebi o mimashita! (I watch Japanese TV Programs everyday) Really expedites my Japanese learning process!
My biggest motivation is every show I watch, I’m dying to know where they are dining!
I want to eat at every location they go too!
Everything looks so delicious!
Watching the TV shows makes me hungry, even when I just had dinner!
It’s so weird how Food is my biggest motivation to learn Japanese!
After all, eating is one of my favorite hobby, as you can tell!
It’ll be a dream come true if I can be eating on one of those shows one day!
I am still dying to be a judge on Iron Chef, but I heard the show is finished! Zannen desu ne! 

Ja mata oneigaishimasu!

AiChérie !!



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8 responses to “October 27th 2007 “ Biggest Motivation!”

  1. KIMInoAru



    u so cute. me too always hungry.

  2. #Harajuku#Girl#


  3. donburi

    beautiful face eyes skin…you’re way too beutiful

  4. yoko

    love the headband

  5. ~^^ling mei^^~

    cute fashion again!
    ~^^ling mei^^~

  6. bibi

    are you in your apt in japan?

  7. Mystery girl

    haha that’s so you

  8. gigikim//

    like the gossip girl head band…

    food is my motivation for anything…gaww

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