October 3rd, 2007 “Addicted to Desserts!”

Minasan! (Hey Everyone)

Konban wa! (Good Evening)

It’s so weird how I find myself addicted to desserts now! I eat it after breakfast and dinner. I know it’s so bad for my health, so I choose wisely! Muzukashi desu ne! I wash it down with green tea after!

Desserts put me in a good mood! Weird huh! Maybe it’s all the sugar!

Enjoy ne! 





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5 responses to “October 3rd, 2007 “Addicted to Desserts!”

  1. dUNLAP

    a sweet girl with a sweet tooth.

  2. sunshineGIRL

    oh me too! I HAVE THE BIGGEST sweet tooth!

  3. [ダつきり]™

    can i put dessert all over you and lick it off?

  4. HOLLYday

    I want some. all.

  5. Northface

    Eating in Japan must be fun! Wonder who the lucky person across from you is?

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