September 21st, 2007 “Food! Taberu noga daisuki desu! Eating is my life!”

Minasan! (Everyone)

Ogenki desu ka? (How are you?)

Mochiron, the first thing I think about when I wake up is “Nani o tabeyo kana?” (What should I eat?)


I’ve decided to not eat sashimi in America anymore.

I just can’t enjoy it there after having it in Nihon (Japan).

My manager took me to the best sashimi restaurant! Every time I dine
with my manager it’s been a wonderful experience! I wish I could
photograph everything I eat! But I’m always so hungry, I eat it all up
before I even think about taking a picture of it!

I am so greatful!

Here are some photos! Osushi!!! This is the best osushi restaurant
I’ve been too! This was only 1/4 of what I ate that night! I can’t
even imagine how expensive it was! Gomenasai! Gochi soo sama deshita!

Everything melted in my mouth! I’m not exaggerating either!

I call this “Heaven Uni” O-toro! I had no idea it was so expensive! Gomenasai!

Unagi and Anago! OISHIsoo!! More I forgot the name
Horse Sashimi! Gomennasai Horse!
Chicken Sashimi! I know I’m crazy, it was seared!

Hajimete NODOGURO tabemashita! (it was the first time I ate “NODOGURO”- Some sort of fish, the best fish i’ve ever had) HONTOO NI OISHII! Sorry no picture!

If you’re ever in Tokyo Japan this place is a must visit!

Gochi soo sama deshita!

Ja mata!




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6 responses to “September 21st, 2007 “Food! Taberu noga daisuki desu! Eating is my life!”

  1. sinister koolaid

    woweeeeeee i’m jealous

  2. sunshineGIRL

    you’re crazy raw or seared chicken! glad you’re alive!

  3. Timmy

    raw chick…you crazy if anything was to happen to you i would love to be ur doc

  4. HOLLYday

    i’m so jealous

  5. .a.i.k.o.


    we share the same feelings, me 2, i miss sashimi in japan. i’ll be going back soon. maybe i’ll be there for your debut. ~finger’s cross~

  6. gigikim//

    wow…i’m j e a lous

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