August 28th 2008 “Dinner Time!”


I love fine dining! I found a really awesome place near UCLA off Yelp.


The food isn’t too overpriced and the best part is that there’s no corkage fee! So happy drinking to all who wants to enjoy their food without having to pay for triple priced alcohol.

Not sure how authentic it is. But the beef melted in my mouth.



I also ordered their macho salad, this was seriously the BEST salad I’ve ever had. They’re not stingy with the chicken either. Sorry no picture of the salad. I was too hungry.


Oh the cornbread is good too…comes with Guacamole.


At last dessert!!! Yummy for my tummy!


The vanilla bean toffee banana pie is to die for! HEAVEN!





11704 Wilshire Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 477-3524


Have fun!!!






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88 responses to “August 28th 2008 “Dinner Time!”

  1. angie

    oh i love your blog!
    you look super HOT in that outfit.

  2. InsomiNIA

    full on awesomNESS!

    no cork fee thatz a 1st for L.A.

  3. MCmic

    you scream SEXY baby..*

  4. $PASTE$

    LUV the way you dress!

  5. CORONAadam

    you look like a walking DOLL

  6. kANIne

    if I asked you out on a date would you come?

    you’re so gorgeous

  7. chi hyon

    아주 아름다운

  8. bruins4lyf

    so i’m assuming you went to UCLA?

  9. warren

    would love to fine dine with you

  10. hi girl

    the food looks bomb

  11. misterany

    marry me sweetie.
    i’ll take REAL good care of you.

    you’ll eat like a queen everyday

  12. げんき?

    you really would make the perfect girl

  13. (bigD)

    Little delicate doll. I wanna eat you for dinner.

    What do you say?

  14. kimmie

    just thought i’d let you know you’re my fashion icon

  15. SEXySummERS

    where do you normally shop. im tiny like you too?

  16. jujube

    LUV the macho salad there too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. iamfashion

    cute outfit.

  18. latina

    sweet gotta try this place out!

  19. 愛する

    愛する m'(*.*)’~M..’

  20. brandon

    Hey AiCherie,

    Just wanted to drop in to thank you!

    I took my girlfriend there the other night and she loved it!

    The no cork fee was a nice addition to my wallet.

    By the way good luck in Japan, but don’t forget about us here in CA.


  21. jaranDuRAN

    you have a nice body for eating so much!

  22. SoonDongBUKI

    oh you make me hungry

  23. bandera review

    bandera does have the best banana pie.

  24. madeinUK

    Hi beautiful

  25. luvcouture

    i have the same outfit! looks better on you though

  26. shang

    hey do you remember me?

  27. sandydunes

    you are a PRO at looking good!

  28. sung

    that pie is sloppy and expensive BUT SO MELT IN YOUR MOUNT GOOD.

  29. H A R R Y

    look at that tiny waistline, damn lucky girl can eat so much and still be so skinny.

  30. junkiegirl

    do you take pictures of all your food? just like me! we’re twins!

  31. greenbeans

    funloving sex

  32. xXjudithXx

    aLright spell it. Ur Secrets?

  33. "Peace, Love, and Lipstick" was here

    “Peace, Love, and Lipstick” was here

  34. →umma b an aunt!!!!←

    Hi I’m UMMA!

    niCe to meet you.

    love all your photos. and you’re an inspiration.

  35. -is.ho.Lee。™

    u r cutest girl in whole WORLD.

  36. abc YOa HK

    u look so happy its maki me happy. i want to try pie. have you come to Hong Kong before?

  37. PAT.

    I frequent Bandera, an older crowd.. but the food is incredible

  38. kawaiikissy`

    あなたのことを考え何を知っているイムドント!!! you!!!


  39. anita hk love

    Ai Cherie!

    You are my fashion role model!

    I love the way you life life!

  40. 사랑

    당신은 아름다운 미소를 가지고!!!

  41. ||A-Dub||

    mahalikita->i love you

  42. gentalmen22

    dinner date? with me please?


    Would love to search your soul, only because it’s so beautiful.

  44. -yanko0○

    baby i wanna rub that pie all over you

  45. kare-bear

    Work right next to Ban…gave it a try…did not disappoint! thanks HUN.

  46. JOPLIN

    what a babe!

  47. bing shi

    hi i’m bing shi from taiwan. i come wish you well and take care and you so pretty, i likkiee you

  48. weezyjosh

    well here i am
    leaving my 1st comment, not that you need more, i aint gonna lie i frequent your blog coz
    1) i love food and
    2) you a cutie

    so keep ’em comin’

  49. sheen lowen

    You look cute all dress up!

  50. stutro```levis

    would love to hang where you hang
    love stalking you babe, i kidd


    Dinner never looked so good!

  52. recall smallz

    let’s do dinner? i wish?

  53. bruin.babe

    love the macho salad!

  54. Expert Ron

    Bet you get hit on all day long. People can’t help it!

  55. kRAZY Kenzo

    dinner time with me?

  56. Anastatia

    J’ai BESOIN de cette robe!!!!!!!

  57. ☆♡Cici♡☆

    ☆♡fashion queen♡☆

  58. toast to that

    marry me!

  59. losangeles-girl

    i’ll check it out, btw love your outfit, looking hot

  60. emi pie

    hi aicherie,

    that’s a cute outfit you have on, wonder where you shop?

  61. JoeBangBang

    Cute little package, aren’t you?

  62. linda.tran

    hey girl,

    do u remember me? we went to middle school together.

    i miss you, always so pretty…

  63. miss.teapot

    just like a bright shiny light, don’t ever let anyone break your spirit girl

  64. pennyCAKE.

    I love that top. I’ll try Bandera soon. BRUIN PRIDE!

  65. sweetpea

    i’m hungry now

  66. lemonhead

    can’t keep my eyes off of you

  67. ?who?

    damn I love ya

  68. peppergirl

    Bandera’s one of my favorites too

  69. 66girlneXdoor99

    owO u look like a little barbie doll

  70. rain on me

    `nuf bout the food, how hot is your outfit…sweet gz

  71. yanny pinko

    love your chanel purse

  72. ken...

    let play dress up together, you can be barbie and i`ll be your ken?


  73. =princess=


    you always have the cutest outfits.
    i follow them closely


  74. ☠JOSHUA☠

    can I take you out just on 1 date?

  75. arai

    aicherie san

    congratulations on your 1st single

    i look forward to your performance on the the 20th, please take a picture with me

  76. hyo chae

    my dream is you

  77. asami-chan-panda

    i like clothes, where shop?

  78. cheriiiiii

    i love you

  79. adamjamesJAM

    aicherie will be my future wife, so back off people.

  80. funny farriano

    lets go on a date? what are you waiting for?

  81. StanLEY

    ALL the BEST to you in JAPAN

  82. VIcIOuS ***HITTER****

    Thanks for the tip on Bandera.

    I’ll try to check it out some time.

  83. Lucy.Fan

    I hear Kobe meat is awesome. thankks for your review.

  84. morn.ginger

    Love your outfit. Bebe?

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