September 11th, 2008 “Remembering 911”


I took a moment of silence for the victims of  September 11th, 2001. Praying and knowing that they are all in a safer place now. 

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Receiving an urgent wake up call from family and friends, watching the buildings tumble down, grey clouds of ugliness over-taking the clear blue sky. Unsteady feeling of sadness and emotional moments; it was not easy for my family, nor anyone else I knew.


I thought to myself how can a regular human being retain so much anger and selfishness…be so obstructive and heartless???

Then I started to think about how easy it is to brainwash someone, and how one allows him or herself to be brainwashed by a higher powered individual or group.

As much as I feel sorry for the victims of September 11th, I also feel sorry for the terrorist, because they were not only pressure and brainwashed, but they allowed themselves to be destructive.

I call this weak-mindedness. The mind is very powerful, but you have power over it, so why not control it? And guide it in the right path.

Sorry for the rampage. I could go on and on about this subject.
Thank you for reading this important issue!

Please let me know what you think???!!
Take care!






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113 responses to “September 11th, 2008 “Remembering 911”

  1. angie

    i totally agree with you.
    the brain is powerful we have to be careful with how we use it.

  2. tai thai

    greetings from thailand.

    my name is Tai Lukas.

    I think you have such a beautiful face and BIG heart made of diamonds.

  3. milkyway

    BABY you have some smooth skin and smart brains.
    dAmn you’re PURE PERFECTION

  4. newyorker

    *pretty soul*

  5. mimosaLove


    Very heartfelt message here.
    Love your blogging mind.

  6. ดีจร้า ยินดีได้รุ้จักค่ะ

    ดีจร้า ยินดีได้รุ้จักค่ะ tank you.

  7. NAthaniel

    Although I don’t know you too well.
    You bring peace and hope for me to believe good girls still exist. You’re def. a def. of a true woman. married material.

  8. JO

    I think your kind, caring, warming hearted and HOT. what’s not to love?

  9. melonsRcool

    adorable and sweet.

    like icing on a cake.

  10. hamonics

    great post.

    my uncle pasted at 911.

    he was one of the workers in located in the twin tower.

    thank you for giving me great memories.

    i know he’s in a better place now too

  11. whitebOItiger

    I 1st came here to stare at your photos coz your fuckinHOt.
    but you al prove yo be smart and fun and everything a guy can dream for.

  12. kimball

    i’ve always crushed on u

  13. kris TALL

    I just wanted to bottle you up and keep you forever.

  14. kanCanLily

    I went through the same thing.

    it’s great to find people who can relate.

    you’re a cool bean

  15. wasaBIwataBE

    asian barbie doll

  16. soulfulRICK

    ….i will remember you…dobedadada

    will you remember me…

    let’s sing…i’ll hold your hand beautiful

  17. Jerkell

    kudos 2 u luv

  18. dj Remenice

    AiChérie definition of brains and beauty.

  19. tryst

    aicherie is even more beautiful in person. and a total sweetheart


  20. tri**

    i hate you, ur too pretty.

  21. zheng

    您选择最美丽的姑娘在世界 @.@ WOw


  22. jina sung

    I feel the same way about this issue. I remember arguing with my bf about it. ttsk tskk men right..

  23. geraldVEGAS

    what deep messages. can’t wait to hear your music and see what you song about.

  24. Liane Fort

    Thank you for taking that moment of silence. We need more people like you.

    Liane Fort

  25. kandal

    i felt the same way.

  26. SOulReal

    sexiest blogger ever

  27. KUN

    baybie therez no reason not to fall in love w u. and do it all over again

  28. yuji

    thank you 4 your prayers

  29. happyleyna

    thank you for your prayers

  30. justinejiwa


  31. amifromjapan

    you’re blog help me learn english. thank you.

  32. Sak

    Greetings fm Thailand!

    I think you’re wonderful & you make me smile from within.



  33. eliane

    i had a hard time coupling, but time heals all and they def r in a better place now

  34. ratrace

    ure too kind f@uk ’em


    I think you’re great!

  36. r e a p e r

    no words can describe u… must be an animal in after life… muakz baby.. u juz rawk my world
    jus brains and beauty all over

  37. suedelight

    you’re like a shiny star that never burns off!

  38. family GUY

    sweetie you make this world a better place

  39. y

    young beautiful and smart

  40. rick??

    love your blogs btw

  41. mnm

    aicherie i can’t address this issue any better. thanks for your opinion

  42. 天使

    How are you!!!

  43. joejock

    american sweetheart

  44. e a r l

    Must say you’re the hottest blogger!
    keep em coming k hun

  45. ||JAX|sawdust||

    I think I’m so DISTRACTED by your BEAUTY, that I have a hard time readin your blogs.
    But you’re so intelligent.
    So i’m gonna keep hittin you up.

  46. need||LOVE||therapy

    always R E M E M B E R. always

  47. DENVER Co.

    luv your blogs, you have a heart of gold

  48. chiyo chiyoko


  49. UK / / ABz

    great words of wisdom from such a beautiful and intelligent young lady!

  50. Love IS all AROUND us

    spread the love.

    wondrous to see you promote this.

    you are a beautiful person and it shines through

    it’s been exactly 1 month.

    still have trouble…

    but I do know they are in a better place now.

  51. iilitly

    should write more blogs like this one very sentimental

  52. AARON

    God needs to make more girls like you.

  53. anita hk love

    so sad! thank you! i hate terrorist.


    I did too, CAN’T believe it’s been so many yrs.

  55. glory-a

    indeed they are!


    AiChérie you have a beautiful mind.

  57. yakitori

    wow i’m sorry.

  58. Survivor911

    For lack of better words, you couldn’t have written a better and more heartfelt blog. Thank you for caring. You’re a gem.


  59. keenayyyyy

    1000% agreed!

  60. boho lookbook


    You move me! You really do!

  61. davis

    just a doll, didn’t know you had brains too.

  62. yoshi toshi

    pls no sadface, make me sad 2

  63. ßøßߥ

    Thanx for being such a sweetheart! Too sweet!

  64. えつこ〜

    わたしもい!so sad!

  65. pierreroma

    kisses and greetings from france

  66. yasmine

    distraught every time i think about it ~tears~

  67. 幸せいな人

    You move me with your words

  68. robin sgv

    i’ll listen to you rampage anyday

  69. wonder// girl // hero //

    I know, let’s hope something like that never happens again.

  70. DrrrrrrIcK

    you move me aicherie

  71. recall smallz

    You can rampage anyday baby!

  72. darlingdina

    beautiful powerful mind!

  73. red sun 28

    simple and beautiful message, embrace your thoughts and wisdom

  74. estern gladston

    You possess such a beautiful heart, it shines through in your photos.

  75. ☆♡Cici♡☆

    ☆♡love u♡☆

  76. BB


  77. [M]organ.**

    True Angel

  78. Alé (Paris)


  79. DAVID

    You’re so HOT, oh and smart!

  80. R&R

    your eyes will capture light in anything you do

  81. vincy

    hi aicherie,
    i meet you last year at store in kowloon, i know you make fame soon and come hong i am fan. ok see you

  82. I am King

    Dear AiCherie,

    I’m addicted to you.. your cute blogging mind and awesome photos.
    Keep ’em coming.

    Love your sincererity.

    I am King was here.

  83. Kuna Bam

    i teared up reading this

  84. modernDAY

    Never thought about it from that perspective, but it’s so true.

  85. bingham says

    hey little angel girl

    can’t wait to join you on your retreat to save the world

    you really are going to make a difference one day

    i see it already

    best wishes to you

  86. Paul aka Armin

    Gosh I despise reading, but anything for you my dear, you write well and you fascinate me.

  87. ☠JOSHUA☠

    truly beautiful mind

  88. only you

    I agree with the fact that brainwash is such a powerful thing one cannot control.

  89. Jones

    Can agree with you more.

  90. 悪魔aっH

    IT WASsad DAY

  91. masterPEACE

    ya real are beauty inside out.

  92. MammiBambi

    AiCherie you are my Hero!

    Let’s go save the world together!??

  93. asami-chan-panda

    can you see the sun today, its good day

  94. Stewart Lohan

    I think you’re beautiful inside out, how about you?

  95. funny farriano

    beautiful mind

  96. StanLEY

    Thank you for sharing and caring!

  97. Aaron WILL DO IT

    your words are so inspiring.

    I think I’ve had a lot of problems in my life because of my negative and

    pessimistic mindset. I have to change that and I can.

    And yes lets pray for all the victims and their family and friends of Sept 11.



  99. Infamous CJ

    hate and revenge get us no where.

    we must pray for our enemies.

  100. MK1strG

    i remeber how shocked, scared, saddened and confused i was on sept. 11.

    your words are comforting.

  101. Mel Mel

    Ai Cherie, you a truly a wonderful person

  102. Ptrnch


    you are truly a wonderful Christian girl. hope you are able to be a good witness to those in need in Japan.



    you’re so compassionate and loving.

  104. MDE dis

    with these tough economic times here in the US, someone like you can help make a big difference even if its just with this blog and i know you will.

  105. Derrick

    Hello Ai Cherie,

    There was a terrible tragedy on Dec 24 in Covina, CA.

    A man named Bruce Jeffrey Pardo who was divorced dressed up in Santa

    Claus, went to the home of his ex-in laws who were enjoying a

    Christmas party. He started shooting

    at people and nine people died. Pardo then set the house on fire and was

    later found dead apparently from suicide. This was like a mini-Sept. 11

    and the fact that it happened on Dec 24. makes this terrible so much

    worse. Bruce Pardo was apparently a Christian but he must have been

    suffereing from some kind of mental illness. We must remember to help

    and pray for the victims of this horrible tragedy but also people who have

    mental illness so people like this can be avoided.

  106. BulletBite

    you could cause an outbreak of world peace

  107. YOUNG DAN pub

    you represent everything so right with humanity

  108. tardeandevk

    wake up by RUN DMC. listen to that when you can. you’ll like it.

  109. parker J2

    you restore my faith in humanity

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