September 18th, 2008 “My first DVD shoot!”

Hey Everyone!

How are you doing?

Sorry for the slow updates. I’ve been working diligently on my first DVD/CD single- Soon to be released in Japan!!!


My management flew the entire team out to Los Angeles, I’m forever grateful to have such a wonderful team of people who believe in me.

It must be cooling down in Japan.
Is everyone happy those noisy bugs are finally going away and the humidity and heat has dropped?
Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Are you excited for my 1ST DVD/CD single release???









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1,123 responses to “September 18th, 2008 “My first DVD shoot!”

  1. MALCOMword

    yes i’m very excited. surprised you’re not already famous for someone of your caliber, you should already have TONS of fans. you’re the real deal here.
    one question though:
    how can i buy it here in the states?

  2. jina sung

    hi pretty.
    i’m sure you’re dvd/cd will sell out the first week. i don’t doubt it. you’re very talented and let’s not state the obvious


    hey girl,

    doing big things now.

    i’m happy for you.

    you havent changed one bit. you’ve always been Beautiful.

    and i’ve always crush on you since high school.

    anyway i shot an email over to you. hope you reply. wanna hang soon.


  4. nisaki keika


    ohayou! yes tanoshikatta!
    ganbattene*! you must fight in nihon

  5. no shame alan

    damn you*re so fukin fine. always have been always will be

    i c arcadia high school prom queen doing is BIG now.

    don’t forget about us


  6. seanahsusc



  7. vivi HARAJUKU

    oh angel i like.
    so Qute.

  8. Roman69

    yes very excited. been waiting to hear your music.


    baby you excite me

  10. 中国男子


  11. IloveU


  12. miamore

    Vorrei avere rapporti sessuali con lei.

  13. apichart--->

    everybody in thailand wait your debut


  14. APPLES

    babe you’re so beautiful. excited for your music

  15. JELLYgirl

    cute angel.
    i’m so happy for dvd cd

  16. nipponJPNIKKo

    precious doll
    can’t wait to see you perform

  17. superman

    You’ll be a great idol.
    Multitalent genuine and humble. perfect for japan

  18. upiter

    so cute yet sexy and gorgeous,
    what’s not to love about your debut in japan congrat

  19. jeannie in a bottle

    so you sing and model cool!

  20. BreadBoy


    The best diamond GOD made.

  21. mightySON

    wHats up?
    u seem like america’s sweetheart!
    good luck. i’ll be waiting on that cd/dvd.

  22. TIFFsniff

    WOW! Congrats!

  23. T_seng


  24. doexist

    just a piece of heaven…

  25. Arcadia626

    Truth is I’ve always wanted to be that prince charming to sweep you off your feet.

    You haven’t changed at all still
    beautiful and sweet as ever.

    I will always love you.
    Please be safe out in Japan.


  26. CHINGY

    hey classy lady.
    just leaving my mark.

  27. butter baby

    hi aicherie

    it’s nice too see you write really good blogs.

    keep them coming

  28. iamfashion

    LOVE THE SHOES! and the dress!

  29. eliELI

    i’m very excited, i can already tell you write inspirational songs.

  30. supastar

    you’re pictures and words move me in a way no other person has.

    i wish you all the success in the world

  31. M=aizzer

    AICherie you are a DREAM come true.

  32. zebralatte

    i knew it you really are an angel

  33. namiTsuchiYA

    yes noise bug all die.

    yes I so NERVOUS and making HAPPI to meet you.

    aicherie is genki ne!*

  34. daveSWINGER

    u inspire me

  35. m_ar_ty

    I’m sad that you’re not on PARIS BFF, but it’s a good thing, you’re doing bigger and better things.

  36. Giselle

    VERY cute. gl in japan

  37. Harloween

    you’re so pretty. yes very excited for your debut!

  38. jumbo

    marry me?
    i’ll treat you like the queen you are

  39. CEE

    THAT’S RIGHT MY little god sis is a superstar

  40. teRIZZaaaaa

    hi prom queen. you’re a real star now

  41. mexiCAnoLA

    muy bueno…bonita…

  42. jun

    wishing you all the best aicherie

  43. dragonfire

    Love all your photos. There’s no doubt you’re as beautiful on the inside as you are outside.

    You’re going to make it far in life.

  44. meera

    I know you’ll succeed in Japan. Too cute and driven not too

  45. remedyman

    you’re music must be good for the soul……

  46. jackson

    hello there

  47. sexyminka

    congratz girl hoping the best for you.

  48. geogiapeach

    i’m a girl and i wanna kiss you. no hate all love seem so sweet…you’re lucky in japan

  49. vietBOIrider

    em dep qua di

  50. flipflop

    this is too cute my dear

  51. injapan

    i heart you.

  52. AYAKO


  53. ParisBFF

    No offense but Paris doesn’t deserve a good hearted person like you. I can see why you turned down the offer.

  54. zZach

    them “angel wings” must be real for sho

  55. hi aicherie!

    i am genki you come nihon

  56. they call me Z

    so you cook sing and model. thtz sexy.

  57. JUJUBE

    HAVE FUN in japan.

  58. susan

    when will this be released?

  59. vegas

    Beautiful AiChérie!

  60. "D"

    I always knew you were a real angel.

  61. ふじ(~.*)

    everyone in japan wait you return. come back japan ne!

  62. djsun

    baby baby baby you’re so fine

  63. …wooHOOO…GO AICHERIE!!!
    cOOl name and cool you’re in japan now

  64. can I replace that star?

  65. let’s do a duet! email me!

  66. JP

    hello ai cherie.

    when you come back nihon?

  67. morningT

    cute, pretty and sexy at the same time. wait for this


    so pretty.

  69. winnie


    congrats girl.
    see you on the big screen soon right.

  70. green eggs

    sup there cutie
    didyou leave already?
    we’re gonna miss you here.

  71. evita

    love it, when does it release?

  72. sillyEMI

    AiCherie’s been a beautiful person all her life. I’ve know here since 2 and she hasn’t changed one bit!



  73. "G"

    suckers i sat next to her in class! beat that!

  74. OWL GIRL

    Hi Ai Chérie!
    Let’s be best friendS?

  75. ka-tsubaki-@

    *****my favorite angel*****

  76. WAYAMI

    hi aicheri

    i wait to meet you soon!


  77. mileyfan

    love the shoes. glad you didn’t show to much skin..everyday classy lady

  78. hongkong

    good morning aicherie!

    are you canto and french?
    you should model and sing in hk?
    they will love you here!

  79. MARQ

    I don’t doubt that bigger and better thingsare heading your way!

  80. luvcouture

    cute shoes! are they from japan?

    fashion there is so outrageous and ahead of our time.

  81. angie

    real life angel

  82. Yusukeの

    she’s more pretty in person! just like life size doll

  83. arab.moni

    what mix are you so exotic

  84. jack?intheBOX

    great! what will the song be about? me?

  85. samielovefood


    How are you?

    For someone who LOVES food you have a great figure! so share with us your secrets in the next blog.

    I need help!

  86. servantHou


    GOD gave you wings because you’re the only worthy one!

  87. jeff@morganstanly

    you’re so popular! what’s new! always have been!

  88. mirror are funny

    sexi baby…
    glad ur an angel
    will this be releasing soon? date?

  89. winnieyoung

    good things do happen to good people

  90. lovelyshannon

    you’ve been writing song since you were young! that’s awesome can’t wait to hear your work!

  91. yuen

    you’re face and body is so magical

  92. utopia

    hey girl!
    just wanted to say congratulations!

  93. yuCHUNGchina

    I’m just so crazy about you!

  94. S O F I A

    totally cool

  95. ♠♣ЖЇħĪЯ♦♥

    AiCherie is a walking BARBIE DOLL//

  96. chinesedutch

    hunny i been lookning at ur pics and i really dont know where u hid ur wings u angel

  97. ~el~

    definition of true beauty

  98. DAREtoLoveME

    I found your wings on my bed! You left it there last night. I wish right.

  99. ヴィドール

    Anata wa hikari no kokoro

  100. leksandra

    my god..unbelievable~is that a real u??


  101. wimbleton

    Dream about you being my girlfriend.

  102. BEIbei


    aicherie you are my idol~*

    see you soon in *Nihon~!**

    take care~***


    I’m a screaming sex machine and I can’t control it YOU’RE SO FUKIN HOT.


    and yes I can listen to you talk all day baby because you’re so sexy. Those eyes.

    That body…I want it all


    i love youuuuuu.

  106. live in shoes candy

    LOVE the hot shoes!
    only skinny girls look good in them so sad…i’m following your health guide.
    thanks sweets

  107. sugarpebble

    hi ai cherie

    i always new you were too pretty and talented in other ways to be a pharmacist.

    you have a beautiful voice now go share it with the world

  108. JACKANJILLwentUPTHEhill

    i’m happy coz you’re happy

  109. ebonyLLC

    no frontin here she really is an angel

  110. west

    I know those wings are real!

  111. purpleferella

    sending you kisses from uk

    love you girl

    save me a copy with your signature

  112. T A N

    AiChérie is a natural born STAR

  113. anniesugarcake


  114. GES.TRUE

    men must be hollaring at you all day long

  115. babyStacie

    I’m having a katy perry i kissed a girl moment with you

  116. $hinGO

    Hi AiChérie

    My name is Shingo!

    You’re so beautiful! I knew you were model because of your face.
    But right now you are also singing which is a plus.

    I wish for you to succeed in japan.


  117. AMELI@

    can you help me find peace?

  118. Uturn

    I hate the humidity and those annoying bugs.

  119. @drienn

    I’m an angel too! Let’s couple up! As directed by CUPID!

  120. taka.artist

    are you angel from los angeles here to save tokyo?

  121. Marc-Lester

    AiChérie = A N G E L = messenger from God.

  122. sophia

    you have beautiful skin! share your secrets!?

  123. .L_

    ┏┫ ┏┓ ┏┓ ┣┓    ┃┃aicherie is
    ┗┫   ┃   ┣┛ ┏━━┻┃
     ┃ ┗━━━┛ ┃  ┣━━┃┃amazing and beautiful…
     ┗━━━┳━━━┛  ┣━━┃┃

  124. yourstruely

    hey aicherie…a beautiful name to match a beautiful girl

  125. 个人的海岸

    aicherie is angel from heaven 个

  126. -mIu.Miu.Ling。™

    you are supagirl! e you so cuty

  127. S E G A

    would love to plant my seed in you。

  128. bAhama

    lookin good in that sexy blk dress

  129. gingersnaps

    angelic aicherie

  130. yuen long

    hi darling,
    glad things are going swell

  131. xXKoRnNuTzx






  132. StarkyStar

    Barbie doll I wanna do all sorts of things 2 u.

  133. WWW.?.COM

    Pure and innocent.

  134. heyheyhey


  135. ColdHeartHero

    So I looked up beautiful in the dictionary and saw your picture next to it.

  136. x?xxdon'tknowxx?X

    i can only be a little jealous

  137. geoxmarcus

    yes my little angel anything for you

  138. tsai'ming'yee


  139. CHOI

    be my princess?

  140. riku N I P P 0 N

    so you speak english chinese and japanese?

  141. WiiLL

    sweetie ur blessed with some GOOD GENES.
    mama and papa must be proud

  142. blu!season

    you have great cheek bones. I just want to pinch it.

  143. korean{BAE}

    can I see you?

    너무 귀여워

  144. ..epbert

    you’re a winner!

  145. yoshTALice

    I find you very adorable.

  146. mr.mardecia

    this is your destiny

  147. seanxhapa

    you photograph well no wonder you’re a model

  148. rick??

    I always knew…

  149. @PL

    … smiling with your eyes …

  150. waterDUDE

    watch out boys/ This ones a heart breaker.

  151. AJ Dreamer

    i got the aicherie fever

  152. greenbeans

    seeing you is like music to my heart


  153. blueyedpanda

    babii your feet must be tired coz you’d been waling around my head all day!

  154. 805SDlover

    hey BABYFACE

  155. banker

    westcoast heartbreaker

  156. queenie!

    hi aicherie!

  157. queenie!queenie!



  158. J***eremiah

    *you must be the envy of all woman and every mans desire.

  159. My name is Ai

    Hi Ai Cherie…
    I am missing for in JAPAN…COME BACK PLEASE

  160. wus lim


  161. lukas brown

    wow you just do it all thatz hella sexi

  162. ♥LINH♥

    you’ve aged gracefully. so pretty as always.
    i sat next to this girl in statistics. and now she’s a superstar.

  163. T R U T H

    I just want to corrupt you. Is that wrong?


    sexi little angel

  165. DǒnnΨ

    hi aicherie.

    you are from los angeles, but seems like you are actually from HEAVEN. are you lost?

  166. vote barack obama

    beauty is a gift 4rm god n u def have it hun muahzZz

  167. =W=

    Hey AiChérie…

    Like the new surname. you are made in Japan NOW.

    I do want to
    … with “YOU”…

    You know I’ve had a crush on you since 8th grade.
    Give me a chance you know the number! Call it when you get back.


  168. usher

    make love in this club (w u only baby)

  169. ♀♀misty♀♀


  170. +guy+gil+


  171. susyQ

    oh can’t wait for this@!

  172. URSALA

    you’re a REAL angel

  173. certain future --------→

    you are certain future ——–→ MUSIC ANGEL

    MazuKI (JAPAN)

  174. nathanUCLA

    miss angel aicherie

    i can help you find your way back to heaven, it’s in my arms

  175. pierre

    such a graceful beauty

  176. CD

    1st cd single so cool! what will the song be about?

  177. *tinkerbe))

    such a hottie

    ¤:¤T!nk€®*ße))¤:¤ was he®e

  178. v a n i t y

    you’re so popular..i’m a new fan…good luck in my motherland

  179. andrew

    lucky ANGEL from heaven

  180. G R E Y S K I E S

    D R E A M S D O C O M E T R U E F O R A N G E L S L I K E Y O U

  181. koolio

    sexy legs body would love to see the dvd

  182. looK@LIKE

    you keep bringing in all the SUNSHINE! don’t leave to japan

  183. UCRpaiwen

    hi aicherie
    don’t forget me! i wish you the best in asia.


    I wanna see you dress up as a devil for halloween, not that’d be hot!

  185. 619ChaRgerZ

    Roger That SWEETIE

  186. marlon barley

    god ur such an adorable girl

  187. //jan/./tan//

    hearts to u

  188. oO dAvid =)

    your sexcellent oO0 i slipped

  189. KareNbear

    good to see an old friend doing so well

  190. 忘记密码?

    Beautiful LADY!

  191. LeanDro

    baby you the finest thing alive

  192. (,_,*) FOR YOU! (,_,*)

    yes so happy (‘-‘*)(,_,*) FOR YOU! (,_,*)

    yes so happy (‘-‘*)(,_,*) FOR YOU! (,_,*)

    yes so happy (‘-‘*)(,_,*) FOR YOU! (,_,*)

    yes so happy (‘-‘*)(,_,*) FOR YOU! (,_,*)

    yes so happy (‘-‘*)(,_,*) FOR YOU! (,_,*)

    I get to meet SOON ai cherie Ooo yes! I am big fan.

    BIG FAN! ~~@

    ~~@ TAKUMI @~~
    (nippon 1985)

  193. Axel-Isaac

    “..somebody better call God, cuz he’s missing an angel!” OH SNAP!

  194. Super Moderator愛してる

    hello ai chan





  195. Pete1982

    1st off congratulations!
    2nd off how EXCITING!

  196. lanfodmayhem

    …would love 2 c this

  197. .takeshi.


  198. plus one

    very addictive blog here

  199. @bsolon

    mon chérie amour
    tu es magnifique

  200. Ucang btam h...

    pleasure is all mine
    beauty queen ^^ aicherie…^^



    you most can fly with wings ^^

    voice like angel^^

  201. lawschoolsucks

    looking good must be an easy job for you. after all you’re born with it.

  202. Reverend Damere Lukas Leadbeater

    |________€€€€____€€€€______|i Chérie is GORGEOUS from planet earth.

    The only___________|
    |________€€€€____€€€€______NGEL on earth.

  203. pink beaters

    you’re the only angel worth talking about

  204. lil'mz'julia

    AiChérie is my idol and ive always looked up to her since high school.

    After all she was our prom queen. year book cover. miss popular. not to mention all the boys wanted her.


  205. angel hair pasta

    cute feet and nice legs ooxxooxxoxoxox

  206. msChanel Inc.

    “A girl should be two things: CLASSY & FABULOUS!”-COCO CHANEL

    You possess them both very well AiChérie!

  207. whysohappy!


  208. somewhereTHAILAND

    I look forward CD and DVD *อย่ายุ่งกับแฟนกู..เลิกตอแหลกันบ้างก็ดี*


    aicherie is so very fatally adorable

  210. discover onica

    I remember you! Good going in Japan!

  211. tiffeR Cop

    sweet like sugar

  212. crazefool

    aicherie you’re damn FINE

  213. mr HSU ☆彡

    don’t I wish my girlfriend was HOT like you yeah.


  214. *haley renee*

    aicherie means gorgeous

  215. Baja California

    i’m a fake angel
    looking for the real one

  216. F®ANIe



  217. M1CH@eL made in 82

    Marry me? or be my senior prom date?

  218. Chase Moi

    angel eyes

  219. joey chinese

    aicherie你是最美丽的!我想你的日期! wil u give me chance?

  220. Miki

    Ai Chérie!

    Are you GENKI?
    I meet you Dec 20th! I’m so genki!


  221. wong li hong

    hi hunny bunny!
    you so cute!

  222. 日本


  223. ABELE™

    Whats up signora piuttosto ciò che fai?

  224. fu-you is blessing


  225. Emery ((PARIS))

    This is Emery from Paris
    Je veux voir votre poitrine.
    Tu me manques et je tiens à vous baiser.
    Il est de votre destin au Japon.

  226. poisonpapa

    Quiero caminar con ustedes en la playa. Quiero tener a sus hijos?

  227. taipei => bingwen

    you’re face and body is so magical

  228. peephoe

    hi there pretty girl. you’re so precious.

  229. princecharmer

    graceful and brilliant

  230. TuMeRiX

    def. well-rounded beauty.
    can’t wait to hear your tunes

  231. 1-800-call-moi

    aicherie is 100% goddess

  232. candleman

    Gosh you’re so HOT it’s mindbottELING.
    UR gonna look fukin HOT in your videos too I bet.

  233. stupid robert fool

    I’m really crazy about you. SHHhh it’s a secret.

  234. MISTER?

    I just want to bottle you up and protect you.
    Aside from the photos, you seem very angelic

  235. basketball17

    what’s up angel?

  236. sunsetkimmy

    u r so cute angel girl

  237. Uncle Lee

    I’m happy to come across such a happy blog. You are truly genuine. For some reason I feel like we are destined to meet in the future.

  238. j o sep h X cer sio n

    ..”i’ll hug your body tighter then my favorite jeans” -mc

  239. chi-HYON

    So you’re not japanese?
    need to google you!

  240. tada hiro

    I have you magazine. when meet must sign!

  241. tada hiro

    I see BIG debut soon!

  242. darklord

    I shall make you my precious

  243. camp rocky

    here’s to you aicherie for being an incredible person.

  244. PAT.

    Your an angel with or without wings.

    I’ve known this girl since middle school and she hasn’t changed one bit.

  245. takuMIYUJIYA

    CD! oh yes!

  246. chopman

    looking good in blk and white

  247. NoiseISsilence


  248. r browson

    officially on my mind 24.7

  249. MM

    beautiful blossom child

  250. see you soon

    everything i want in a woman

  251. D


    Just want to cherish you.
    Be safe in JAPAN FOR ME. please

  252. hammerK

    my heart and support goes out to you

  253. Derrick

    so much love here because you deserve all of it

  254. yasuhiro

    hi ai cherie

    yes it is rainy in japan right now.
    when you com bac? i miss you

  255. writerzwinsonowhat?

    sweetie you make being an angel look GOOD

  256. linh nguyen

    hi music angel

  257. hitsuげんき。


  258. guo金钱

    美丽性感的女孩!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =0



  259. jiro



  260. SuMiKoKOko

    ai cherie this is sumiko from shibuya, you are my role model. i think you so pretty girl. please fight in japan ne!

  261. Chahaya

    wow! …Itu sangat Cantik!

  262. open red

    hi there barbie doll

  263. swtXxjuli@

    I heart everything about you girl.

  264. E&G


  265. RICH-ROB

    let’s make out tonight!

  266. Record Breaker

    there are no boundaries! SKY’S THE LIMIT BABY!

  267. pretty chillax

    pretty porcelain doll

  268. wes side

    music angel!


    Ai Cherie INSPIRES me to be a better person

  270. glad vidos

    you’re such a warm and gentle heart person. would love you just hold you and protect you.

  271. 608POUNDCAKES

    sexy & smart = aicherie

  272. lolipup

    oh aicherryyyy jusss can i buy you as my toy?


  273. lia_thai

    aicherie you’re my super☆

  274. TransFormerS


  275. ☜♥☞Midori☜♥☞

    angelgirl… found you wings => ☜♥☞

    kekeke (`_`)

    i see you in japan very very soon ne~

    singing and photoshooting will be GREAT!~

  276. KANIKO


  277. doubleohrIko00


  278. P3nnY--♥ (=^ェ^=)

    ai cherie you my cutie

  279. P3nnY--♥ (=^ェ^=)

    fairy girl. i’m happy here

  280. fumidesu

    genki desu ka?i miss u. when you come back to japan? what day?

  281. je m'appelle lumiere

    vous êtes jeune fille de mes rêves

  282. ღ~Bluey~ღ

    prettiest asian in the world goes to Ai Chérie =D


  283. (이♡믹어)

    네가 날 어떻게 웃게 해주 사랑 ♡

  284. Baka ಠ_ಠ


  285. han.argHHH



  286. dear...divine

    “XPLICITLY a Unique Diamond”

  287. wang tseng


  288. hyo~chae

    hi i am from korea.
    thank you sharing photos and talent. you are my dream angel i am you new fan. i want learn more of you.
    any chance?

  289. kero kero keroppi!

    come on barbie lets go party…yeh yeh ey

  290. OH MY G@D

    B E A U T I F U L

  291. ROnin

    you really are a white angel. so innocent!

  292. hARUki//tokYO

    私 は あ な た だ と 思 う 熱 い ! ! !

  293. on the rebound

    angel ai cherie can you help me find a girl like you?


    MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!

  295. AMIR

    hi sexylicious,
    damn this girl sold a ticket to me at UCLA. i bought it coz she’s DAMN FINE!

  296. FLY W

    If you ever gave me a chance I’d treat you like the queen you are. Still waiting angelface.

  297. Can I be your White Knight?

    I love MIX girls.
    U esp. have this magical presence that draws me to you.


  298. //tadashi-sake//


  299. mitsuo

    u r so cool beanx

  300. WAR.RUS

    what a babe!

  301. bunnys are funny!

    good luck in JAPAN

  302. MR. H

    white shoes! guess it’s not labor day!

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  305. P.E.O.P.L.E.

    HEY! This is COOL! good luck to you!

  306. arcadia RULES

    I always knew…

  307. regina diep

    so excited for this…
    you’re looking beautiful as ever.

  308. げんきですか^^


  309. watashiwaakemidesu

    you going to be really good, i know.

  310. r.Ow.iE.zan

    like a little starberry..hehheh =}



  312. rainy!

    very excited 4 u!

  313. 708

    can’t believe your single?

  314. Fumi~san~

    ~あなたの目に星がある~ wink wink ~

  315. young

    a piece of heaven

  316. Shee..n


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  318. name => qt.nina



    baby baby babi

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    pretty, i knew you were a model

  321. SHELLE say HI

    i’m one your fan from indonesia, my name is SHELLE!!! nice to know you! …. take care always!!!

  322. 696969

    god u r so beautiful, just somethin else

  323. hi yukidesu

    thank u.

  324. gen pharmD

    it’s your destiny girl! go get it!


    J’aime à vous baiser~
    ~ muah ~
    f a m o u s

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  340. ying xao


  341. chizu>>noriko



    ai cherie san
    i am fool for you!
    take care!

  343. ginseng

    angels are beauty


    darling you are such a beautiful angel, I heard heaven is in my arms, why don’t you fly on over here.

  345. ryan g

    Not gonna lie I had the biggest crush on this girl in middle school. I still do.

    Do you remember me?

  346. Fran cis co

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    ♡ gorgeous ♡

    ♬ music angel ♬

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    what are you doin now?
    japan? when you leave, your debut is good news~


    hi hi hi aicherie!

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    お元気ですか??? あなたがいなくて寂しいです!!!
    come bak nihon!!!!!

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    Ai Cherie!

    You’re so cute!
    Waiting to hear your music soon!


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    hi there,
    you’re so cute, knew you’d be modeling

  384. macie

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  385. po. pierre

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  386. AIKbidel

    aicherie, congrats, hope it goes well

  387. msbarbie

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  388. ricci

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  389. sunshinemama

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  391. words $ rhythm


    It’s a pleasure for me to grace your page!
    You’re real genuine and beautiful, it shines in your photos!

    Much success to you in JAPAN an all over the world

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  393. heya

    heya qt
    how r u?

  394. crissy

    wow. hey bud, your always so pretti. congrat for japan. just stopping by to wish ya good luck

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  396. nippon ikimasu!

    I admire the person you are and yes you’re so pretty, it doesn’t hurt.

  397. WOC~KYEE

    Don’t forget me when your famous!

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    hi i’m rick from taiwan, you have magic spell over me…aicherie please 嫁给我!?
    i can make you laugh always, you are a happy girl, happy heart also.

  399. Ki*


  400. micha-misa

    a ball of GOODNESS! yah!

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    ♥.`•.¸.•´ ♥ ♥
    ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´♥ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.♥

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    just absolutely totlly Adorable…i wanna hold you.


    quite a delight!

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    hi u so cUTE ^__________^~
    I’m from Hong kong, You come hong kong too?

    can you speak cantonese?

  407. MOO_bi_

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  408. (o)bb{ii}

    sweetie, hope things work out for you

  409. izanari san

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    totemo kawaii desu ne!
    ganbatte ne!

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  411. its britnE b@aitch!

    i love you! i really really do! btw i’m a girl, & eww not that kind of love, just admired someone like you

  412. eastwood


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  414. abyss bliss

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    my name is raven, i am chinese french too. but you looking like japanese mix girl so ~KAWAII~

  417. supermike


    ni hou ma?

    me fan you, you so PRETTY and CUTE!

    Bye bye! take care!


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    my god my boyfriend has a crush on you, we wait to meet you dec 20th!
    please fight!

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    genki desu ka?

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  425. yoshi toshi



    I have you singing videos on my iphone, I LOVE!

  427. kokopuffs


  428. ***rikku~

    domo hajimemashite
    i’m rikku from uk.
    greetings cutie!

    p.s. i’m mix also, but not as good looking as you, hoping one day

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    class A angel right here!

  430. Bonniemommy

    GORGEOUS! AiChérie I wish you all the Best!

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  442. yui♥xin!~♫ o(∩_∩)o

    kawaiiiiiii~♫ o(∩_∩)o aicherie! HELLO from taiwan!!! can you hear me? ~♫

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  444. つばき〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜>


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  451. Mr Brown-jo soy candela...

    Beautiful girl like you break many hearts, Beware…

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    save me 2 copies

  453. pssttttt*** OVER HERE

    Something wonderful***

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    hi my name is pikko, i heart you

  457. mr. rocket

    Whys there a star hiding the goodies?

  458. tsuke red

    stop by all the time, never really left a comment, but yeh good luck in japan

  459. bubblygal

    Hey sweetie..

    Love your blogs…

  460. 8_angels_8

    …^.^what will you be singing about…i’m curious >^.^

  461. LeRina

    greetings from paris


    ^ NIce, YOU remind me of my buddy’s GIRLFRIEND I’d like to fwck, JUST being honest, i’m sure guy gawk at you all day wherever you go

  463. hEROhIRO

    you’re like a wind tunnel so interesting

  464. nishashenzeng


  465. lzoe89

    ni hou ma? 您好吗?

  466. xoxo

    luvs it here, u have it all!

  467. Chiba, Japan

    *^ most CUTE girl^ wow^* me happy you debut nihon*^

  468. chiyoko ^_____^ minna

    AiCherie, how are you? my name Chiyoko from Toyko. I enjoy blog very much, please update more.



  470. Jaxson

    I wanna know more about you, you have me curious

  471. roma knia

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  472. juJUbe~

    wishing you faith信頼

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    she’s got me lovesprung

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    have you heard i’m the best damn thing that could happen to you?

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  476. [[pika-chhhu

    pretty girl i love you}}

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  478. 你好世界

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  492. bluechicken

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  493. Miss viviPIKO


  494. i love u (deny boy)

    hi how r u? call me deny, i’mfrom china, shanghai, i hope pray to can come here also, you part chinese?

  495. WAN CHAI HK


  496. (* ̄.K.E.I.K.O. ̄*)

    Ai Cherie San,

    domo hajimete ne! Keiko desu.
    very cute!
    you is my IDOL  ̄*)

  497. greek god


  498. MIZty

    Hello pretty!
    Kinda cool that i’ve known you since middle school. Wishing you all the best!

  499. december grace

    you truly are beautiful and very admirable

    all the success to you in japan

  500. Guse C

    wHAT A BABE!

  501. robinhood

    just stopping by your blog to say hi, lazy sat ya know

  502. mookie

    hey cute cookie

  503. Remember Me

    What’s up?

  504. sean

    hey cherie,

    this is sean, well don’t know where to start, but this is cool, always knew you were going that route.

    go get the japanese.

  505. v!k!k!k!

    GOD you’re so GORGEOUS

  506. yumiko

    kawaii chan ne ^.^

  507. Keilin

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  508. Lark Johnston

    hey love, U a superstar

  509. [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Of course you’re a good quality talent worth investing in.

  510. ChiYO.mi.ko

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    so cute. love this, happy to see you debut soon

  511. Bert Bartlett

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  512. Sally B

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  514. GaUJinnn


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  516. Jealousy

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  517. richard

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  518. yumiko

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  519. machiqueenie

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  520. Cosmic Marcus

    I have nothing bad to say bout this girl, known her since 5th grade, always was the one guys chased after and every girl wanted to be like her.

    Never doubted that she was born for this.

  521. Gigi Lee

    Love everything you stand for! Good luck in Japan.

  522. notting life

    that’s cool. good luck

  523. he said

    …um… and how amazing do you look

  524. organic boy

    I can’t wait!!!

  525. june bug

    haha glad i don’t live and japan anymore, the humidity, loud summer bugs, you’re crazy for leaving cali, but you gotta chase that dream, have faith this is your destiny

  526. Expert Ron

    Angels do Exist on Earth

  527. surprise sally

    hey doll,
    when will you debut, gotta mark my calender, i’m your fan

  528. Ri@

    Don’t doubt you’ll do well. Your an amazing singer!

  529. can't wait to meet you

    very cute

  530. starts wit a D


  531. mei mei

    i’m big fan you, u come china? shanghai?

  532. doughboy

    just a glimpse of happiness

  533. ☆HIS☠TRULEE☆

    always the most popular girl

  534. hit kit

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  535. TaDAgENKI


  536. Édouard

    Bonjour belle jeune fille ! !

  537. Box of Shells

    I dig you

  538. b.c. viet

    i like pretty girl, but you’re beyond perfection

  539. Drumm3R Phi1

    must be tired to be you
    coz boys are chasing you all day long


    kawaii desu!!!!!!!

    i happy you debut

  541. still pimp

    girl you know i’ve been chasing you since them high school day, give a brotha a call

  542. moon cluber

    ur like alcohol, addicted

  543. aburak

    do you have thai chat?

  544. jo HObang

    really wanna see it

  545. Jou Pin

    I will buy, but you have to sign and take pic with me please!

  546. Usagi ^.^

    mo mo you are PRETTY WOW ^.^

  547. Memo Tseng

    Adorable! Love that idea for you!

  548. n e i l

    Love it when you serenade me!

  549. soniaSTAR

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  550. Hey Love

    MusiQ aNGEL

  551. Hika!RU

    あなたがいなくて寂しいです com bak soon! PLS!~

  552. (゚∀゚)━yamchae


  553. EMO B*TCH

    I admire you.

  554. о(ж>▽meron<)

    о(ж>▽<) hi i am big BIG fan to you.

  555. howard

    ~inside &~~$$$”~~~~$$
    ~~~~~~~.$$$$$$* …
    _______________________the best singer I know___

  556. te amo baby

    hi precious

    …and here i thought good girls don’t exist anymore…

    but you give me hope…

    you have admirable qualities, besides your good looks, you actually have a good heart…if I ever get my chance with you i’d cherish you forever…

  557. GUESS WHO?

    waited all my life for you

    do you still remember all the flowers i use to send you in high school???

    you’re more beautiful than ever NOW

    good luck in japan if anyone ever hurts you, i’d kiLL em

  558. you have been hit by DOLLHOUSE for being too cute.

  559. reformWU


  560. Mr. Handsome

    If you were mine, I’d show you off like a trophy.

  561. kRAZY Kenzo


    Don’t hold back this time around.

    This is your destiny darling.

  562. Bimmer Rid

    Way too beautiful.

  563. girlyannie

    you’re so cute

  564. JeNNim

    hi ANGEL girl


    LOVE YOU AICHERIE~~~~~~~~~~~

  566. mcsteamy

    hey sassy girl! whacha up to beside this?

  567. SAMurai 111


    I have all your singing clips on my phone, they are good, why did you delete them from youtube?

  568. HObang

    you’re beautiful



  570. Josqui Nopi

    You’re so lovely and pleasant, like a breath of Fresh Air.

  571. nIHON ***NeNA

    Go show em good girls don’t finish last!

  572. JOY&TEARS

    I like it here, honest and welcoming

  573. bean van

    hi beautiful girl

  574. candilicious


  575. mpk626

    hi aicherie,

    this is your middle school buddy who use to sit next to you and stare at you coz your so darn cute. i see you’ve blossomed into a beautiful butterfly.

    congrats on your dream.
    bet you’ll fly though any rain cloud and snowstorm, you’re a fighter, you’ve always been that way as far as i can remember.

    don’t forget me when your famous now

  576. Marcus Dime

    aicherie luv

    can’t wait to se how well it goes for you, you deserve this break

  577. 日本の。。。

    可愛いチャン!元気ですか?i miss u, c u tokyu soon. ganbatte!!!

  578. pre-NATE

    already an angel, no need to dress up a one silly

  579. RiRi Red

    Morning Angel

  580. yugio(23)sophiaU

    hi aicherie, domo, genki? say hi and wish you much success in japan

  581. eMANcipated

    i’m a man who’s deeply in love with you

  582. Trouble™→

    Trouble love you →

  583. Alex FALCONNN PUNCH!!

    wanna hear a silly story? i’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up

  584. ★猴子 Monkey♀★

    Hi QQ…
    so pretty lah

  585. bobo cheng

    hi hi i’m bobo. i’m u fan hope you suceed

  586. puuppylove

    helloooooooo miss aicherie

  587. julia smiles

    alrighty missy you got my attention

  588. Kat...

    hi lady, this is all new to me. i thought you were in pharmacy school. very cool though, good luck!

  589. Rei !~!indo~@

    hello~! beauty- cantik~

  590. muy bien

    fan id#604

  591. SUB-roofy

    Hi doll, congrats

  592. ^▽^〃

    you seem so SWEET!

  593. SIDEUP

    OK but you have to sign it

  594. JVslim


  595. digi cami

    little angel

  596. phobeeeeee

    cool beans

  597. DUMBO


  598. crash&burn

    ain’t gon lie you’re hot

  599. rolliepollie

    cutie huggies

  600. mr. sexyryo

    私はあなたに恋を作りたい!!! OH YEAH BABY

  601. they call me uffas

    girl your fukin hawt, don’t get hurt in japan

  602. Dave King

    Adorable everything

  603. esther sunday

    are you ever bad, you’ve been good all your life

  604. darrcKKKKKK

    sweet pea


    MARRY ME!!!!!

  606. lmaf

    gorgeous everyday in everyway

  607. candydice

    cutie award for you

  608. quinton

    love this, congrats to you always quinton

  609. O v Bassin

    Sweets for the earth

  610. Brown Sugar

    sweet lady would you be mine?

  611. MELbourne

    your too innocent and sweet, come take a walk on the wild side with me

  612. TaJiNdEr

    hi nice to meet you, wish you much luck in japan, i will check your album

  613. Missy.D

    oh my you’re gorgeous (8.^)

  614. boris-曲儿

    please come to shanghai, we love you here

  615. miss hk mui mui

    never do I see pretty girl like you, must come hong kong pay us vist here

  616. Tori

    Hey girl!

    I’m just curious, but will your single be sold in online music shops such as CD Japan or Amazon Japan so that US fans can buy it? I’ve been looking for pre-order links, but none yet! 😦

  617. kitkatkool

    hello my dear, glad for ya, congrats congratzzzzzz

  618. plain 123 noo

    sweet angel, how are you?

  619. bruin guy

    always knew you’d be famous

  620. septemberrain


  621. raisin girl

    sweet angel of mine

  622. fries

    Hi pretty lady!!!!!

  623. M?

    I’m extremely addicted to you.

  624. DoDohead

    How Are You?

  625. tardoball

    fall for you over and over again…

  626. methodA

    Gorgeous dollface, best wishes to you.

  627. remedysinger

    what a knockout !

  628. Rain/Stroma

    aicherie, you have a soul of an angel

  629. イチゴFLY


  630. ARMANDO


  631. Randal Lucas

    Hello AiChérie,
    You’re an amazing person. Wishing you all the stars in heaven.

  632. yei ban

    Wow, BEAUTY girl, r u com from heaven. i am yei from taiwan. i love you, please give me chance

  633. 『SаdУ』


  634. ♡jamkooruhgi믿음

    hello안녕하세요… 아름다운, do you kno? ♡

  635. Jeani Wishes

    Hey Prettiness,

    How can I get a copy of this here in the states.
    I live in Maryland, just a fan.

  636. (>Jason

    I’m fallen and I can’t get up.

  637. Commandatorri

    Vous avez bavarder belle.

  638. m1cHA3L

    El camarografo de la derecha porta la frente XD

  639. fan #100000

    so adorable, you’re eyes

  640. Boulder,CO

    you are Gorgeous girl, i’d buy your tunes? but where?

  641. dark knight

    wanna taste that star

  642. ryo

    please sign my magazine

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    我爱你 !!!

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    Hope your weekend is rockin! Also I have some questions, are you offering pre-order?
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    hey miss popular,
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    shoot for the stars

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    Hope things work out for you in Japan.

    BTW what happen to your IMDB?

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    also the song is solid, i see the direction your heading..

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