October 4th 2008 “Breakfast Time!”

Happy October Everyone!

Cooking is not just a way of life for me, I also consider it a beautiful art.

I love feeding myself fresh and healthy ingredients!!! I believe it’s important to love your body, do it now or pay later right?


Here’s another one of my secret simple recipes. Good for your brain and skin; a healthy way to start the day.



“Yogurt Omelete Recipe!”



– Half of a (organic) bell pepper, red onion, tspof garlic

FACT: Bell pepper is a vegetable you should always purchase organic, because it was on the list of top ten highly contaminated foods (most contaminated with pesticides). GROSS!!!



– Two Omega 3 Organic Eggs

– 2 teaspoon of Organic yogurt

– Pinch of sea salt & pepper to taste

After you mix the egg and yogurt, heat the pan up with 2 teaspoons of olive oil, layer the mixture evening across the pan. wait for the egg to cook, you’ll see it bubble up, then add toppings.




– 3 slices of Nitrate- free turkey

– Stir fried toppings, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, organic goat cheese, and organic mozzarella cheese.

Flip one side of the egg over, turn off the fire and cover with lid. About one minute and breakfast is ready!!!


 Served with a side of Organic hash browns. Enjoy!


Let me know how this worked out for you?






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133 responses to “October 4th 2008 “Breakfast Time!”

  1. ucladerrick


    You really would make the perfect wife.

  2. cheframona

    found this by chance.
    gonna try out the recipe now.
    i try to eat healthy too.

    thank u.

  3. cheframona

    btw do you have a recipe for the hash browns mine never turn out right. thank u.

  4. J

    can I love your body too?

  5. anTtRAng

    …when will you open up your own restaurant?

    someone needs to invest in you already…

  6. cheframona

    hey hun.

    just checking back in…this was the best omelete i’ve ever had.

    It was heaven in my mouth, the goat cheese and yogurt was a great combo…

    looking forward to your next recipe…

    can you post the recipe for your port. mush ravioli. thank u.

  7. CareBear

    I’m gonna make this tomorrow for breakfast!

  8. smoothMAC

    When can I dine @ AiChérie’s?

  9. susan

    my ai chérie is famous now.

  10. TEzaaaaaa

    Can you do a video blog?

  11. tenersoft

    Thanks for the bell pepper tip! I shall only eat Organic Bell Pepper from now on!

  12. おいし

    アイシエリさん!げんき?ひどいいあめですね!I can keep you warm.
    Your cooking looks very good. I will try.
    Thank you! ありがとうね!

  13. JaySon

    damn that looks bomb! i can go for one right now

  14. TEXASdestin

    my future wifey

  15. seanisSEXY

    hey aicherie…
    when will you cook for me?

  16. mother

    the yogurt made the omelte more fluffy

  17. jerry

    YOU’re so awesome!

  18. CaringLena

    thank you for this blog now I don’t make broken eggs anymore.

  19. NAVYseal

    Got me craving 4 a homecooked meal

  20. 608birdy

    i ain’t gonna lie it’s hot when a hot girl can cook

  21. RINko

    morning BABY!

    can I put a CHERIE on top?

  22. QsamiQ

    do it now or pay later! you’re 100% right on pt aicherie!

    thanks for the reminder.

  23. aMAN


  24. elmo

    so cute! so girl like you do exist. thought they were extinct already

  25. johnson

    miss perfect! the cherie i always knew! yes eat your heart out she was also prom queen and has a degree in biology. she was my lab partner. always as overachiever.

  26. cuttergirl

    so what’s cookin next?

  27. foodiegirl

    you should start your own restaurant!

  28. Jasenia

    I doubled the yogurt and added fresh basil on top GREAT RECIPE!

  29. mrwhite

    u r perfect


    you’d make a sexy housewife.

  31. nice! i ll have to try out this recipe

    sad thing about cooking is that ur art gets destroyed in the end 😦


    i’m hungry

  33. ♡来看你喽/FAYE ♡

    ME 2 ME2 i love cooking!

  34. $monkéy$

    you are queen of many ♥’s
    you have captured mine beauty

  35. infamousjargon

    u are so cute…i hope i will get someone special just like u


    i’m so distracted by your beautiful pictures that I have a hard time reading your blogs.
    your really BEAUTIFUL

  37. ★ChЯιsт★

    WIFEY MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. ЯestlessЯoadie

    aicherie you just do all don’t ya? miss perfect!

  39. Q_Q

    drunk and hungry

  40. Ritthers

    I wanna marry or meet someone like you. Can you guide me where to go?


    great recipe

  42. GIL

    cook for me i’ll pay you!


    daz a big omelete wanna share some with me

  44. purpleferella

    you’re really good at what you do. I see a future Rachael RAY?

  45. hattieNY

    made mine just egg white! best omelete ever. really good recipe. i’m feeling healthy already.

  46. smilyLO..

    You’re an inspiration’

  47. smilyLO..

    never knew you love cooking! aicherie you’re always a pleasant surprise

  48. applebottom

    never knew you love cooking! aicherie you’re always a pleasant surprise

  49. theMoe

    you can be the asian Racheal Ray. THAT’d be so sexy. I’d watch for sure.

  50. minnieling

    looks so Yum! ~

  51. eheadrocky

    just showing more support

  52. dancerbynight

    Oh you’re so PERFECT!

  53. organic boy

    I’m glad to see you promoting a healthy life! Keep the recipes coming!

  54. george

    Great recipe! However your omelette looks better than mine. I’ll keep trying.

  55. ||jessie||

    since I can’t have you…can I adopt you?

  56. ThankGodSammie

    I envy your body. So if I eat like you. Hopefully I’ll look as good as you right?

    Alrighty then keep the recipes coming

  57. hungrymonkey


  58. dorkuslouis

    Chef AiChérie. where can I try your cooking?

  59. e.than+




  60. u r b a n l o s t

    Are you accepting applications for a husband?

  61. miss jankins

    still waiting on the portabello shroms ravioli recipe?????????????????

  62. smilingforever

    cutie chef

  63. The Hungry Dork Lord

    Ai Chérie
    you’re an amazing person.

    Wish GOD made more of you.

  64. koreanXXXed

    난 당신 복숭아를 맛보고 싶다면


    I want you as my wife.

  66. missy cookie

    keep the recipes coming they are so fun!

  67. cutsy virginia

    this was very helpful! my omelete doesn’t fall apart now.

  68. ¥☆가다!★¥|SOS|ヨウ

    ¥☆가다!★¥| a i c h e r i e y o u r o c k |ヨウ¥☆가다!★¥


    hi my name is summer.
    you have an awesome site. keep the blogs coming.


    Tryin to GET in shape for dance, this really helped, thanx beautiful

  71. boyn afan

    breakfast time!

  72. ♥ lavender raindrops ♥

    C O O K I N G Q U E E N~

  73. puppycups

    thank you! great recipe!

  74. tabby habicus

    everything packaged into one! you go girl! give this unhealthy world more recipes

  75. yakitori

    look good ne~

  76. mommyV

    very helpful, love the cheese selection

  77. lovelybeatrice

    this really motivate me to be healthier, thanx

  78. davis

    can I have breakfast at your place?

  79. KimmieBirD

    Thank You & a Good Morning to you Too

  80. sheen lowen

    thanx gonna give it a try

  81. bluflower

    Looks Good!

  82. dragonlady

    Thanks! This helped a lot!

  83. 幸せいな人

    MAYBE. Someday, i’ll try cooking, you’ve inspired me!

  84. carolbells

    I found this recipe by chance.

    Love the combinations of flavors you used.

  85. get me a danish

    Smuk//beautiful cookie girl

  86. RingBaw

    omelete was PERFECT! you have a gift, would love you read your other recipes

  87. wonder// girl // hero //

    wonder what it must feel like to be in your shoes

  88. JUSTIN

    good morning beautiful

  89. simon

    you’d really make a good wife

  90. rita

    thank you for this recipe. I added basil and goat cheese on top, PERFECT!

  91. Memo Tseng


    You’re a really good cook! Where did you learn?

  92. ☆♡Cici♡☆

    ☆♡pls teaching more cook ideas♡☆

  93. organic boy

    This time I tried sundried tomatoes. Very delicious!

  94. 兵哥QQ

    wish to try..

  95. emi pie

    i like reading your post and those recipes keep ’em coming


    Thank you AiCherie,

    This recipe worked out really well for breakfast, I was surprised how quick and easy it was to make.

    Hope you post more recipes.

  97. amber

    keep ’em coming, crankin up my stove right now

  98. peppergirl

    ewww. that is gross, thanks for the bell pepper update

  99. 33 point #1

    will I ever get to try your cooking?

  100. raver4lyfe

    living on the sunny side of life

  101. ger ger bear

    can i do breakfast w u

    want to talk to you thas all

  102. jam&toast

    your cooking looks so good, you should post more recipes

  103. J

    Upload more food blogs, think it so cute that you cook, myIDEAL wife has to cook.

  104. arai

    aicherie san

    congratulations on your 1st single

    i look forward to your performance on the the 20th, please take a picture with me

  105. .P.mOchi.cute>

    oISHIsooo. i love omulett also

  106. masterPEACE

    dream wife

  107. DarkKnight

    my dream wife too. I want her

  108. MammiBambi

    AiCherie you are my Hero!

    Let’s go save the world together!??

  109. funny farriano

    ypu can cook for me anything

  110. Bowl Game Hero

    dang I want to hang out with you!

    And then we come home and u could make me the most delicious snack!

  111. ymdwlhelp

    will u have a cooking show in Japan also?

  112. CHILDRENeed*LOVE*

    Where did you learn to cook?

    Do you have a culinary background?

    Did you learn from your mom or family?

    Regardless of where you learned you inspire me to become a great cook

  113. Philly/\ VanilliFoye

    mad skillz blowing on the mic and in da kitchen!

  114. WizNick

    had a lite dinner tonite. reading your recipe is makin’ me hungry!

  115. Ruswest

    Hope Yohan Plaza has your CD.

  116. ascension95f13

    i always try to eat healthy but am not able to. but you remind me the

    importance of doing so. i thank you for that.

  117. Infamous CJ

    i will ll also try this recipe sometime. please post more breakfast recipes.

  118. WR

    thanx for the tip on buying bell peppers. people should always eat organic

    but sometimes i don’t. i’ll try to get organic bell peppers from now on


  119. Terry

    do you have recipes for a healthier egg nog?

  120. comicshortie

    i need to eat healthier breakfasts, thank you so much for this omlette recipe

  121. TenTen

    you are a beautiful woman performing a beautiful art.

    you can cook for me any time.

  122. blessing KB

    im not sure what i would want more from you

    a date with you

    or a meal from you

    hopefully i could get both.

  123. BIG EARL

    what flavor of yogurt do you use for your omeletes?

  124. Fantasysportslegend

    this certainly beats a breakfast of cold cereal with OJ

  125. POWER gymster

    lets workout together, then we’ll go to roebucks. stuff there is crazy healthy to eat.

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