October 7th 2008 “Yummy!”

 Guess what time it is? Dinner Time!!! Yes another food blog!

Many of you have asked if I photographed everything I consumed. Unfortunately, the answer is “no” because sometimes I’m just too hungry and sometimes I just forget.

Believe me if I photographed everything I ate, there’d be a lot more photos!



Cold gazpacho soup with raspberry sorbet!

Surprisingly delicious!

Second Dish! I have to have variety when I eat!



 What I love most about this restaurant is the beautiful view! Do you agree?


Las Brisas

361 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651




Love and Peace,





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143 responses to “October 7th 2008 “Yummy!”

  1. ||jessie||

    I’m a food whore too. Always have my camera and my food! Picture picture picture…tahh bammm click click away// lol

  2. RedEyeBecca

    Me too!

  3. さくら!

    I wanna try the soup! ? Send some to JAPN ===> kekeke

  4. tatou

    cute lil piggy i wanna see your belly button

  5. WicaksanaThai"

    It was nice to meet you AiChérie!
    YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL and sweet.

  6. meiko ocheta

    Hi aicherie,

    love your diary entrees.
    you should get the guac next time


  7. ♥♥♥cHing-----

    I want 2 ≈KíiSs YOU.

    ç 最好加上一堆好吃的PERFECT

  8. gutierrez

    best mex american food in LB, can’t beat the free cornbread

  9. S,I,N,F,U,L,K,I,N,G,

    ur yummy fM HEAD TO TOE darling

  10. 江西蓝天学院

    hi miZZ S姊Xi

  11. ☆ISABELLA☆

    blessed with the BEst Genes. Beauty and food consumption = no weight gain.

    damn you! hA

  12. maplesyrup

    ┈━═☆єxquιsιтє beauty☆═━┈

  13. J@SperH@ngOvers

    the best view i s me looking at you

  14. JPmorgan

    Too bad this is too far of a drive for my lunch break.

  15. DaMmitDame

    …hmmm wonder who the lucky person is sitting across frm you?

  16. ♡ cafe à la mode♡

    I ♡ U

  17. mei mei


    this is mei mei from shanghai.
    i’m like you blog. i study english. i want to come america soon.
    i love to see american in blog.

    thank you. take care!

    mei mei

  18. dineTIMEsnine

    food critic much?

  19. ZOey

    what are you eating?
    looks good!

  20. AJ

    You can finish all that? where does it go?

  21. touchme

    aicherie lookin good

  22. whisperssandy

    give me that meat. hehe =)

  23. marissa

    love the view too

  24. promisciousBO

    forget Oreos i wanna eat wid you

  25. mr. wisconson

    can I be your date?

  26. LeanDro

    forget the food sweetie. i just wanna make out with U.

  27. ...

    I bet it was worth every penny earned and it was. CHECK IT!

  28. catsanddogs

    how does one score a date with aicherie?

  29. 骄傲的


  30. ADIRAKE Phuket

    aicherie… the beautiful…

  31. kenneth

    geeZ l@@Ks like ur at a prof. photoshoot for food..life of a model…always looking good..

  32. keyz911z

    you must be prettier in person

  33. Angeles

    Thanks for the review!
    I went there last weekend!
    Did not disappoint.
    You have great taste buds!

  34. fatBEATz

    eat like the QUEEN you are!

  35. you fine mamacita

    showin you some mexican love


    WOWzers you’re so PRETTY.

    I love girl who eat and cook.

  37. kimochi


  38. ONLY·LOVE 刘箴

    you are my lucky star ANGEL!
    ∴�∴* 开�∴*�

  39. Yi KIdd

    can you really finish all that?

  40. Q

    can I be your date?

  41. cuteXxceci

    hi how r u?

    bloggys here make me hungry.
    u should model for food magazines…

  42. mirinchiyoki

    ai cherie oyasumi!

  43. kandysugar

    food model much?

  44. JELLOshots

    mama looks good. you make me hungry

  45. sp lan Gish COmprede?

    …quiero comprar un regalo…!

  46. kawaiikissy`



  47. MIN`` WEI`` {1988}``

    我想吻你的脸颊!!! *muah!!!*

  48. paris butter

    you’re brilliant and charming

  49. 朋美(tomomi) sakuya ♥♀ ♀

    I want to try real american food also.

  50. W e i P e i L i


    L o v e! Y e s!

  51. quest hearst

    the view is BEAUTIFUL

  52. yu'call

    yes ma’am

  53. taiwanRAIN


  54. Entonces?

    Entonces, ¿quieres casarte y tener un pequeño grupo de bebés mexicanos?

  55. wendELs B.C.


  56. Kisses Clément

    Kisses from France

  57. Grace

    Delicious! I had a watermelon gazpacho and I loved it so I can imagine what the raspberry one tasted like! What was the first one? it looks like it had a cream sauce in it!

  58. Mr.YaKuZa

    you are yummy! ha!
    Mr.YaKuZa love you.

  59. baker

    let’s cook and go hang out together!?

  60. DCshoes

    would love to live life with you…when can we start?

  61. --=≡(eagle)

    yes the view is nice, but honestly if i was sitting across from you, i wouldn’t notice it at all.

  62. David

    hi aicherie i luv it

  63. yakitori

    do you like yakitori?

  64. 爱ciu爱

    美 丽 的 ! ! ~beauty~

  65. bell

    I wish we could eat together

  66. Ms.K

    I see Aicherie…

  67. foodwhore

    let’e food whore together…haha..

  68. wui wui


  69. Nam Hamid

    me too variety rules, I love it when girls like you love food, life’s too short, enjot it right?

  70. DecemberBrace



  71. justeat!

    beautiful women and food! i’m there!

  72. LaPul

    I could go for that steak right now

  73. WyazKOBE

    elegant and classy dining girl, i look forward to your future in japan

  74. ßøßߥ

    you are full of special treats aren’t you

  75. えつこ〜


  76. missapplepie


  77. "Candy Man"聞いてね!

    hope SEE u cute face SOON. GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Sagot Romeo

    I do like the view, But I would love to enjoy it with someone like you.

  79. erika rainbow


    erikadesu! i want visit amerika and laguna beach. thank u share photos

  80. Jay Jay

    I love food and I love you

  81. december grace

    Where will you eat next?

  82. joe

    dear aicherie,
    i love your blogs


    why hello beautiful

  84. organic boy

    looks great! I’ll have to try it next time I’m in Laguna.

  85. motherload

    I love las brisas, the best view of laguna beach without breaking a leg

  86. appletree

    where’s the dessert at?

  87. kRAZY Kenzo

    You’re a cool girl! Love and peace 2 ya too.

  88. s┢╆ugar→

    yumm…i’m hungry now

  89. monkey man

    everything looks great! I’m hungry now!

  90. george

    I had the soup and it was surprisingly delicious. Thanks for your tips!

  91. Tenderly

    No dessert ! what ?

  92. ☆♡Cici♡☆

    ☆♡Eating and drinking= FUN♡☆

  93. organic boy

    Have you eaten at Banderas?

  94. organic boy

    I wanted to be the 100th comment! (^_^)/

  95. mudpie

    Fu#!$#$ damn that lucky guy across from you

  96. 兵哥QQ

    l@@@kkss good

  97. REber

    Graceful beauty, how are you?

  98. tabetha (how are you?)

    las brisas, def. worth going to L.B. for

    I hear ya girl.

  99. lil j

    yummy, lb this is where the girls form the hills is from cool

  100. yoyo

    the view there is magnificent

  101. hotncold

    hi hotcakes, you have a cute little face

  102. hotncold

    oh i was gonna ask,

    where`d you get that leather jacket in the first photo lovez it

  103. MammiBambi

    AiCherie you are my Hero!

    Let’s go save the world together!??

  104. uptill:4am

    take me out for a bite, i only eat at fast food joints.

  105. lavender_rain

    me 2, love foods

  106. funny farriano

    can i take you out on a date?

  107. Quallwzmurph

    I’ll eat at any restaruant as long as U are there

  108. vita drinker

    I bet your are more delicious than any kind of dish

  109. Da Answer

    you’re what every guy hopes for.

  110. bdrbell--CH.BOB

    The Lord has truly blessed you with so many gifts

  111. TSkip Mac

    girl you stylin big time when it comes to grub

  112. Montreal

    what do you like to drink when you dine out?

  113. accapella smooth

    if you had tried out for American Idol i think they would have picked u and

    u would have won the whole stinking thing.

  114. JXshrtie5

    i want to be your waiter! u must tip so well!! 😉

  115. KLBJ

    Who is the lucky person you are dining with?

  116. single@36

    so sophisticated

  117. CLE14

    i so want to dine with you

  118. JOEL p

    have you gone clubbing in japan yet?

  119. Jedi Knight

    too beautiful, too sophisticated, too classy

  120. tommy B! M !!

    i’ll try to dine here @ Las Brias one day

  121. CT Bart

    you’ll get commercials for Japanese restaurants

  122. JIMMY

    you eat so high class, just like like a celebrity/socialite, I envy you

  123. matthew

    Ever ate at Pinks in Hollywood?

    I’ll take you one time, not exactly Las Brias or Fine Dining or Healthy but

    good. LOL.

  124. WVA baller

    *HOT* doesn’t even begin to describe you

  125. DMsebib

    delicious: the meal and you

  126. c_nate

    all women can look up to you

  127. Man in the shower

    next time you want to go to brias just call me, everything will be on me

  128. wollipop

    Hey that looks good

  129. MR. Who?

    Let’s go eat when you come back! You are coming back right?

  130. Bazzin

    i needa get outta new york

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