I have many things to be grateful for.
I`m a bit sad, that i`m not in L。A。 doing my annual morning Soup Kitchen ritual and preparing Thanksgiving dinner for my family.
I will miss all the homeless people who has given me the chance to serve them once a year.
I will most definitely miss sharing laughters and passing plates on THANKSGIVING night with my family.
BUT a big part of me is forever grateful to be here in Tokyo pursuing my dream.
Please be patient with me, because of you, I am in 日本!!! どもありがとうございます!!!
Thank you so much for this opportunity. I look forward to sharing every moment with you.











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  1. 1st placeraven

    you look so japanese, love the hair color too

    support you til 4ever

  2. davesuperstar

    admire your desires, your a beautiful human being

  3. RANdomsuccess898989

    aicherie is 100% adorable loveable desirable

  4. kellyrebal

    hey girl

    ur like so lucky,
    wanna visit japan soon. it looks cool there.

  5. swtpotatoepie

    you always dress up, its so cute, love your everyday fashion

  6. jEnyyyyy

    pretty in japan

  7. henfoul

    aicherie youre truly one of a kind, wish there were more of you so i can get me one,

  8. 17AGAIN

    Ai CHErie, youre like a rock, donr let anything break your spirit, you deserve this more than anyone
    i know you work hard

  9. whitebear

    you look so happy, you must love japan

  10. sg

    love everything….,youre a shiny diamond



    forget us .

  11. (((popohead)))

    hi cute girl

  12. skyずうと


  13. yes999999

    hi aicherie,
    show us what your eating


    love that CHANEL


  15. bugaboo

    thank you or sharing japan is so beautiful, where abouts in japan are you in?

  16. 321amee

    cute girl, glad u r well and smiling, sorry you missed thanksgiving

  17. 321amee

    looks fun, can i come

  18. wynn12

    like the green trees…hahaha get it

  19. Sona Kool

    I can’t sleep I think I ate waaay too much turkey! It’s ~2:40am. lol
    Any who those are just some amazing pics…green lights and all. Sorry to hear how you can’t be with your family…you’re just are going to have to achieve your dreams then you’ll have all the time in the world spend time with them again. 🙂 take care! -Sona

  20. fashion advise_

    fashion is so cute..i like the dvd dress…is it missoni also?

  21. rain on me

    your quite the photographer also

  22. ♥Michelle♥

    love the jacket, pretiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii weeeeeeeeeee

  23. Jem.

    Were you arrested earlier? It’s gotta be illegal to look that good.

  24. 義雄

    where find girl like you
    my dream wife

  25. ricochan

    on cloud 9 with ya

  26. downtown chick

    love reading your blogs, your sich a good hearted person

  27. !!!★JeW fRo★!!!

    !!!★ b e a u t i f u l ★!!!

  28. ·♥{Pa·Pe·Li·To}]·♥·





    senidng you some love


    never in a million year would god create someone so beautiful. i thought girls like you were not alive anymore

    guess you prove me wrong

    you have it all


  29. -d-_-b- -JAY-

    my wife. i claimed her a long time ago

  30. rainie quan

    hi aicherie,

    where do you shop?

  31. ************g

    hot girl*

  32. berricake

    you look like the girls in those jap fashion magazine

  33. junebug

    either u asked a stranger to take a pics for you or you have long arms

  34. atwar rawr555555555

    hella cute

  35. rinko

    will you be at soup kitchen next year????

  36. 田中


  37. popdrop

    is it cold in japan?

  38. fan

    i didnt remember u doing soup kitchen last year

  39. muimuilovers

    happy late thanksgiviing

  40. girly nana

    chanel purse?

  41. girly nana

    chanel purse?

  42. imhappy

    you should take some walking photos

  43. mr.yosh

    love you innocent eyes

  44. tanika

    green and white looks good on you

    white is this seasons new color

  45. watabeeeeeeeeeeee


  46. flower chile

    hi aicherie,
    your so kawaii…howz tokio? i want too

  47. gojichan

    you are genki

    that is good.

    but cannot celebrat thanksgiving. sorry and no volunteer. is ok?

    next time i want volunteer also

  48. {{螢}}

    螢 + アイシェリー = MY WISH

  49. ¼«Shªñ·Mªñ»¼ *

    got a lot of class aicherie,

    stand up for what you believe, admire that about you

  50. shane *

    baby you shouldhave told me i can bring thanksgiving to you all night long

  51. shane *

    btw your a gorgeous young lady, becareful walking around by yourself

  52. bambi

    where do you shop?

    your always looking so good

    bambi was here




  54. わさびBUN


  55. brin++qex

    Babe, how is it over there?

    do you feel home sick?

  56. tyoyo

    love you 4evee

  57. tenfive

    hello there miss pretty where do you volunteer, which soup kitchen?

  58. mandy

    stay warm with that cute jacket and scarf

  59. yellow bee

    aicherieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety

  60. peace be with you

    you truely an bright spirited real life angel

  61. peptides

    hey i was your bio lad partner, remember me pls

  62. dark knight

    hi again, glad it s goin well for u

  63. masterP


    must be the purest angel in that crazy city tokyo

  64. rainbowASHANTEE


  65. TanGえり


  66. mooeh

    its beautiful, im jealous

  67. akachan

    ok aicherie,

    i big fan u, i will look for blk car, the one u stand

  68. wei.shu

    very cute aicherie, keep smiling

  69. mac-maker

    happy thanksgiving, this year im thankful for you because you`re you, full of life

  70. sweetfruit

    cant wait for the next blog, your so intelligent and sweet

  71. missfashion

    always ahead of the game in the fashion world. white chanel !

  72. terrompiu


























  73. robyn.hinston

    beautiful angel,

    you have the purest heart, i will surely follow your journey to japan, and i dont doubt that all your dreams will lead to success very soon

  74. blackkitty

    wow christmas in japan is real pretty, can you post more photos???????

  75. hottalma

    gorgeous doll

  76. blu3

    hi aicherie…

    i never had the nerve to tell you that i:m secretly in love with you

  77. おはな。。




  79. banana.analee

    my gosh too cute

  80. 日本


  81. rapper

    girl you fly, in roppongi, would love to show you roun town

  82. poiJUUP

    SUP YO mizz aiCherie

  83. sku skup

    hello beautiful

  84. n1ke.doodl3

    cutest face, those eyes melt my heart

  85. ((

    good luck aicherie!!!

  86. TOMBOY






  87. smileforme

    real life angel

  88. RYO


  89. miSSYlovable

    how ofter do you change your hair color? i love this color on you.

  90. remi

    hi again aicherie

    i just checkin in with you. stay warm

  91. umbrella girl

    so cute and cozy

  92. zoom zoom

    aicherie you really are 100% lovable

  93. happytobit

    love you.


  94. Yaaうじ

    where can i find girlfriend like you?

  95. bushface

    daily subscriber checking in

    aicherie dont feel home sick, you can do it

  96. josh care

    hey aicherieeeeeeeeee

    youre good love

  97. muoi

    greetings from paris gorgeous

  98. bugabooboo

    aicherie cherry

  99. 7&eleven

    hi sweetie, i love you song, its so cute


    happi thanksgiving did you eat japanese turkey? lmaf

  101. pink rainbow

    japan looks amazing and so do you.

  102. Prickly Legs

    more SUPPORT. You can do it.

  103. ★☆SWEETYSTAR☆★


  104. r.Coffee

    AiChérie San,

    Japan is your new home, it’s been a long time waiting for your Debut. We welcome you. Please fight

  105. =princess=

    cant wait for your debut, i really like your song, very kawaii

  106. =princess=

    i want 2 be in japan for xmas too

  107. up & away

    you volunteer? so rad

  108. Fairy Dust

    My fair AiChérie.
    Wishing you the best in JP

  109. sukicherri

    ohayou gozaimasu

  110. a?

    come home i miss you

  111. DeIkON


    cute, very cute. C u – ok-

  112. lik-mike

    golly ur sucha good person, rare nowadays

  113. Dayla *Can't wait until Christmas*

    Prettiest japanese girl

  114. dOCHo

    too SWEET, giving me a cavity

  115. hellokittychan

    japan looks FREEEZEEyyy stay warm cutie aicherie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. kenzo

    saying hello to my future wife

  117. mOnSiEuR


  118. don'won

    good day aicherie

    hope everyday is bright and beautiful just like you in tokyo

    breath and smile forever


  119. goaWeezy

    thank you for sharing these lovely photos of you in Japan, please share more.

  120. Johnny

    Very admirable qualities

  121. L1L ParKy b

    so Ma New ADDICTION

  122. masami.doll

    relli wishing we freinds

  123. starBErri

    you are my ROLE MODEL. i want to volunteer and make good too

  124. toshipanda

    street are filled with happy smile bc they can see you in japan now

  125. kiMOno.hiki

    thank you share cherie cherry,
    i wish you much success, i can get my copy cd today, i will se you 20th sign oKAYYYyyyyyyy

  126. ๑jidou۩۞

    I can see you today~ KAWAII.

  127. piérre

    happy belated thanksgiving to you too

  128. dovey

    always look forward to your blogs please update more ofter

  129. bunny

    share some of that kindness with me I need it

  130. dobii

    aicherie, are you cold?

  131. ono~hey

    hows japan? u like?

  132. DO,NB`UR~I

    Why do you have to be so CUtie?

  133. smile

    i love kiss kiss ican get it, i wait, very happi

  134. arai

    aicherie san

    congratulations on your 1st single

    i look forward to your performance on the the 20th, please take a picture with me

  135. sukio~anBOW

    Ai Cherie

    Hi, See you soon.

  136. vALerina

    Missed Thanksgiving with YOUR FAM? =(

  137. lovie.sandi

    waves..l\just admire ya/

  138. kozo.Bashi


    Ohayou Gozaimasu.

    I can see DVD, THAT GREAT` GANBATTE. 20TH see you

  139. .P.mOchi.cute>


    I hope best FOR YOU IN NIHON.
    IF feel homesick, drink hot tea =)

  140. 的 {yaya}


  141. questionMARK

    i love your name its rare beautiful just like YOU

  142. XXaoJOJO

    HI !!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck, do thanksgiving next yr!~

  143. .sparkle.

    pretty heart w pretty face weeHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh

  144. yAppY

    HappI LATE THanksgiving my beauty~

  145. ko-ko-na-na

    ai cherie

    tokyo tower can change many colors today
    did you see

  146. ari.domo.yosh

    kyou wa ii desu ~

    smile for me

  147. yunachan

    dear ai cherie

    i read you blog all the time. like everyday, but this is 1st time comment.

    i wish you best in japan, i hope you have more song soon,

    and more photos


  148. Yui Kim

    bet you fit right in, always thought you were JAPANESE

  149. rebby

    friggin sad that you missed thanksgiving coz your cooking is so bomb

  150. 買うぞ

    i listen song and see dvd now, its very good

  151. ╚» xx .Devil.In.Disguise. xx «╝

    yo CUTE

    ╚» xx .Devil.In.Disguise. xx «╝ WAS HERE

  152. dragon.catcher.wins


  153. jerold

    dang ma you fly

  154. otissimple

    sexy cute sweet cook amazing person

    what not to love, i love you ALL OK

  155. qp

    happy late thanksgiving to you too

  156. MammiBambi

    AiCherie you are my Hero!

    Let’s go save the world together!??

  157. RaTsuKe

    Ohayou !!!

    Today many sun, can u see ???

  158. sandy japan too

    the tree are beautiful

    i want to go to japan too,
    not fair.

  159. tsuki.damm


    you are much better with this blog then amblo , hehe, i love you

  160. DannieLOVESjapan

    I LIKE YOU A LOT…MAYBE just a small crush

  161. chiyako ko ko

    20 yes i make schedule already ganbatter see you ok take care

  162. susan kim

    i want to visit japan one day

  163. Jay

    Yo Cherie,

    Those pics of Japan remind me of when we were on the Fast and Furious 3!

    When you make it big as a singer in Japan, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of offers to be in movies there too!!!

    You’ll be the ultimate star in Japan!

  164. EZPrince

    Perfection you are

  165. OKGoodSooner

    You miss your family and thats understandable. But sometimes you have to make sacrafices to do what you really want. I admire the fact that you’ve left your comfort zone and going for what you want.
    Just keep working hard. Good things will happen.

  166. rosie rojo

    Move over Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston.
    It’s Ai Cherie’s turn!!!!

  167. monet.DU

    Those trees don’t need lights.

    You could light up Tokyo by yourself with those pretty eyes

  168. timmY

    hope you got to at least have a thanksgiving meal in Japan.

  169. Gino Pa pa

    You’ll be a chart toppper.

    You’ll be a show stopper.

  170. Barry without Steve

    hope everything is all good for you in JPN. it looks like it is.

  171. Eun Jin

    Always looking so good.

    How do you manage to do it?

  172. NaNaNa RaRaRa

    It’s freezing here in LA (well for LA standards) in case you hadn’t heard.

    Hope the weather is better in Japan for your sake.

    I’m sure the weather will be better when you return

  173. Oaktowner

    You remind me of that scene from “Jerry Maguire”?

    “You complete me! “

  174. ernieup

    absoultely positively and totally STUNNING

  175. mmamike

    a star is born.

    go cherie. fight!

  176. zergie

    much too cute.

  177. breez ra mo

    I’m so proud of you….NOW GO DO YOUR THANG!!!

  178. CWest

    Tokyo looks great.

    But you make it look even better.

  179. Sound O'Thunder

    Good bloging. Good music. Good looks.

  180. RoyalKingJim

    Ai Cherie=Japanese Beyonce

  181. DnR black rx

    U WeRe MEanT fOR STaRdoM

  182. RdmTm

    dec 20 is just one day away!

  183. Ebran.andig

    I will come to JPN to propose to you. please say *YES*

  184. champ BOB

    I want to see you dance too.

  185. quall

    write a cook book. it would sell so well.

  186. CF

    You are so just like Leah Dizon

  187. ronniyam

    How can I watch your 12/20 performance if I’m NOTin Japan???

  188. madrid

    Hope you do a Whitney Houston Song…..I want to hear you do

    1) I have nothing


    2)Greatest Love of All

  189. DNTFrgUNfrgNO7KAJ

    that pic u took with Jeremy Piven is awesome

    Other big stars wil want tol take their photos with u soon

  190. n.jean.r

    2 weeks ago, Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio took Oscar De La Hoya in 8 rounds. Leaving no doubt that the no. 1 pound for pound boxer in the world is an Asian fighter. Now its time to show the no. 1 singer in the worlds is also Asian. Fight On AC!

  191. LINked97

    your fan

    forever & ever & ever

    Go Ai Cherie Go!

  192. MaSeLiNE

    LOvELy aI ChERiE

    As USUal YoURe LoOKInG sO FAntAstIc

    KeEP iT uP

  193. mc ChO1

    saw your album cover!!!…you truly are an ANGEL on earth!

  194. jam.-/joon

    people talk about your eyes, but your lips are cute too 🙂

  195. preme la floral

    wish i could be just like you

  196. voxorg YEH

    wish i could be in JPN to support you as youre about to hit the stage

    but im with u in my heart

    go knock em dead!

  197. DONnie

    Ai Cherie-mania is ready to take over Japan

  198. ksueyoshi

    you’re a great addition to J-pop

  199. vega-user

    no matter how big a star you become, i know you will never let it get to

    your head, that’s why i like u so much.

  200. penn chad

    how is pizza in Japan?

  201. kaz shi shi

    wishing you my best beautiful

  202. cedrico

    I give thanks for u

  203. umi-wase


    sugoi kiraii

  204. COMika

    Hi AicHERie you do good job yesterday

  205. SOMberStreets


  206. fever-head

    its beautiful in japan please do more updates

  207. nobu-san

    its be coming so much wind today, becareful

  208. Smiley-tilda

    aicherie wish I was there for the big debut, i’m SURE it went well

  209. DARREN


  210. DARREN


  211. DARREN


  212. εїзbutterfliesεїз

    do you see bright shiny light, 2009 is your year

  213. funny farriano

    happy holidays to you to sweetie and good luck in japan

  214. froggieLT

    Have a Great Christmas!!!

    Good luck in Osaka on the 26th!!!

  215. Duck -- Quiz

    cherie u r 2 good 2 good to be true

  216. Balboa SURF

    BELaTEd THanKSgivING & a MerrY CHrISTmas 2 U

    oh YEaH & a SUPER DopE 2009!

    LOVE YOU Cherie

  217. I AM MAN

    Can’t wait to see you again

  218. SJTVXQSS501

    Hi Ai Cherie

    Ive become a big K pop two years ago but didn’t know a whole lot about J Pop.

    But I will follow J Pop a lot closer because of you.

  219. ManuLukeBc

    wish i could be like you.

  220. BedStuyBRKLYN

    so wanna spend time with u. eating, talking, watching tv and movies together. that would be so cool if we could.

  221. lost-ethen

    merry xmas cutie

  222. CCK30

    hey beautiful one,

    have the merriest christamas and the happiest new year,

  223. BEN

    you must totally stop traffic when you’re on the streets of tokyo

  224. TYPO

    What other hobbies do you have, besides cooking and dining?

    I (and I’m sure everyone else) would love to see what you have to say

    about those things also.

  225. OPstick

    are there any MMA events in Japan coming up that you are going to attend? if you do go please tell us about it

  226. SPRsound

    happy holidays

  227. proto

    I know youre working hard for your Dec 26 show.

    In the meantime Merry Christmas.

  228. fratseomi

    r u going to post recipes for Japanse food soon?

  229. poplocker

    whutz going on ms. chan,

    hope the album is selling well and you continue to proudly rep us in japan.

    I’m always behind you.

  230. ROMOEMP

    you’re a breath of fresh air

    happy holidays

  231. **HL 80**

    your album just released only public performance and you have such a big fan base.


    you’re going to go all the way.

  232. Ostrichdom

    just wishing you a merry christmas and a successful release of your first album.

  233. load it up

    very pretty in japan marry xmas

  234. Numbers#d.88

    u will rock the Hyori Live Factory tomorrow!

  235. Mimi miu

    Meeryyyyyy xmas 🙂 Happy holidays love you

  236. STock-HNM

    it was great hearing from u

  237. Arziona MT

    have a good osaka show

  238. sshv

    sexy & smart & sweet

  239. swsh swsh

    you’re going to be Japan’s number one tourist attraction

  240. swsh swsh

    you’ll be japan’s number one tourist attraction.

  241. jokestar

    be my valentine…every year

  242. Piaza Blue

    you drive me *W*I*L*D*

  243. DA 826 G

    lookin’ so fine

  244. poland tanner

    how was your 1st xmas in jp, did ya eat kentucky? olo

  245. cincy Rare bear

    i want to volunteer at any same soup kitchen you are helping at

  246. steven

    what is your favorite hockey team?

    Is it the Kings or the Ducks? or is it another team.

    please tell us all when you can.

  247. Soy boy

    what section of Tokyo was this photo taken?

  248. will E

    there should be an Ai Cherie cartoon soon

  249. Sophia's Choice

    Ai Cherie,

    You are everything and everything is you.

    Good luck in JP

  250. wishbone jmh

    you’re standing in the middle of Tokyo

    how come there aren’t guys surrounding you begging you for your phone


  251. RAMBo

    you can bring any man to his knees

  252. MI'CheLLeBELL




  253. ! W3@R R3D

    PRETTYin COlors

  254. judith ysl

    beautiful photos, i hope to see a new years update blog, but if not i know ur busy

  255. D "your high school friend"

    bright and beutiful new year to a girls whose beautiful inside out

  256. godawng

    FLippIN CUTE japanese girl

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