Hey I’M Delilah!

Hey Beautiful People,

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Wow another year has passed!

Thank you so much for your comments, makes me smile.

SO…I decided to log into my youtube account today.

I actually wrote these response lyrics the beginning of last year.

It’s based on “my” true personal story and I’m not going to be afraid to share it anymore.

Sorry I got a little teary eyed recording it this morning.

So here it goes:


Ai Chérie



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305 responses to “Hey I’M Delilah!

  1. can I be Tom?

    Damn I wish I’m Tom!

    UR so talent and beautiful.

  2. broxton

    ..eh that’s so sweet

    you’re real talent and beautiful

    tom is a lucky guy.

  3. jerry

    fuk tom, you have me baby

  4. MistyKiwi

    i started tearing

    i love you aicherie

    don’t worry men sux!

  5. ron.fullerton

    lovin at that voice, sounds like britney

  6. amysnowball

    i understand you i feel the same way

    btw great voice

  7. Ti0

    this is so genuine

  8. ~wover~

    my god you a GODDESS and I if I ever see Tom, i’d hurt him for making you sad

  9. candygirl

    sing it sister

  10. Ronin-IZI

    I love it!

    Why aren’t you famous yet? Doesn’t make sense?

  11. darkknight

    u have a gift thanks for sharing it

  12. mr.bimmer

    wow you’re so beautiful i’m in love and all i can say is tom fuked up

  13. REVER


  14. BriAN

    K pretending to be Tom now, lucky jerk

  15. megandove

    i’m crying you’re so sweet, pretty blog

  16. tom

    hi supergirl
    i love you forever

  17. daffytaffy

    baby i’ll wipe them tears away

  18. boygeo

    where can i get a girl like you?

  19. juli@

    it’s so good i’m crying

  20. TimoTivo

    I loved it. You should put up more vids.

  21. pimpdayy

    girl you fly

  22. dazzle

    the lyrics are beautiful

  23. DaveUCLA

    Sweetest thing to hit Planet Earth

  24. @ppl3

    i love aicherieeeeeeeee!!!

  25. eiji toyo

    hey doll

    you’re such abeauty girl

  26. Ted Long

    who is Tom, your BF?

  27. Daniel

    just take MY HEARTplease

    I love you!

  28. starpower

    oh aicherie wat you do 2 me

  29. sho-girl

    can you post your lyrics?

  30. Taver-HOeband


    You BEAUTiful BEAST!

  31. Simon

    Such an amazing person, I hope I get to meet you oneday.

  32. cookie jean

    cookie jean was here

    i loved it

    here’s a tissue

  33. TOMwannabe

    Did you write this for me?

  34. tsuna(life)


    かわいい!  cute

  35. b3p#harol

    lets make some babies?

  36. Shoka-Mi~!@

    Adorable girl.

  37. Shoka-Mi~8

    Adorable girl SO LOVELY

  38. bluebear

    u an angel.

  39. ashleysweet

    sweetie pie I can really relate

    i was dating a musician too it was hard times

  40. ebishi

    Aicherie, how’s la?

  41. joshshy

    hi manga girl.

    do you like anime?

  42. c_c

    how adorable are you?

  43. StolenZ

    How can he do that to you? You’re so beautiful. Like an angel on earth

  44. marsboy

    Barbie let me give u a kiss mke u better

  45. joannesoda

    oh asian britney spears

  46. mayishere

    how? why?

    but you wrote a great song after it

  47. Ky BabA


    i WANT more music it is support you forever

  48. lambbaby

    being beautiful is easy for you

  49. D for Dork


    I have a question. Why aren’t you famous yet?

  50. D for Dork


    I have a question. Why aren’t you famous yet??”

  51. charmingkitty

    wah beautyful

  52. josé burrows

    look and sound like an angel

  53. erika

    an amazing person you are

  54. WongOCboy

    Good morning my sweetheart.

    Just made my day.

  55. dudemarley

    babygirl can i eat you?

  56. armybrat

    cute cute cute

  57. derrick rich


    what you do to me

    just one night with you would be a dream come true for me

  58. lyle

    when does your album drop?

  59. robbievoler

    swt inno-sence

  60. kabocha

    thanks fo sharing take it easy

  61. MI PO KO


  62. Sa~SHAHA

    Must be a boy magnet

  63. EvolutionEVE

    juz Darling Darling and sweet

  64. m3L@n!3

    pretty girl

  65. Mannie

    Love it, is it on itunes? put it on baby.

  66. mj lum


    i love everything you stand for.


  67. silly jeannie

    cute, just say hi

  68. NAMMER


  69. jamesblunt

    just superbly heavenly angel wish you mine

  70. ((BLT))


    I lovez it you had me at HEY!


    swear it you’re the most gorgeous girl i’ve ever laid eyes on

  71. darwin T

    so in love with you aicherie

    how bout give me chance?

  72. manste slide

    keep singing I love ur voice, beautiful just like u

  73. pink`kiwi

    that was real gud do another 1 pls?

  74. JanetPan

    Adorable! REally!

  75. ♫♪♫♡ みHollyちゃん ♡

    ♡ holly loves aicherie ♡

  76. bareall

    hey there aicherie!

    what’s it like in la?

    ur beautiful eyes and heart make feel la la la

  77. Mariko

    Hello from Toyko!

    Please come back. Everyone miss AiCHerie


    It’s Robb

    Do you remember me?

    I guess that way we met was kinda funny

    I saw you walking in the street, I stopped and pulled over to talk to you.

    Please reply to this message or email me back.

    You’re a beautiful star, knew from the moment I saw you.

  79. edmonton

    i love u
    pink lips and soft skin

    great work i support it




  80. FLO-D

    I’m a rapper FLO-D
    look me up im in roppongi now.

    dO A TRAck together?

  81. samba+long

    you gave me a toothache





  83. Bazzin

    Darling just darling

  84. tiana~

    saying hello~

  85. mISS bRI

    what a beautiful video i was crying i dated a musician i can relate

  86. è ricco

    gorgeous beast you are

  87. Kyle.Kenosis™

    U r the girl nex door I fantasize about

    perform in LA sumtime would love to stare at you

  88. seala86

    hAVE A GOOD TIME in Japan!!!!

    but come back to LA SOON!

  89. amedaous

    aicherie you fine fine fine

  90. fulioforyou

    well hello there gorgeous.

  91. michabarbar

    I can’t help myself aicherie
    but i’m totally lovin your blog and u

  92. minniegirly

    awww cute

  93. SiriusMic

    O M GOlly

  94. larkson

    b my baby

  95. cheylcry

    do another vid.?

  96. @angela

    if ur pretty @nd you kno it clap ur hands.
    girl ur hands must be tired

  97. sockakepper

    aicherie my darling

  98. fish---81

    beautiful beautiful beau—ti—ful

  99. genevesmallworld


    can you post your lyrics it’s so good

  100. ~!@#foshou

    wanna roughin you up

  101. blueman101

    ♫ you are my music ♫

  102. soomigirly

    wish you the best of luck

  103. jenjen

    cool loves it

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  105. TomTom

    Cutie, just loveable arent ya

  106. joshclover

    by far one of the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen in my whole life, keeping singing i like it




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  108. topifoff

    it’was great

  109. a n a d a

    i l o v e y o u

  110. boa-fun

    wish to be that neckace

  111. babymai

    good. do more.

  112. † Snäkë† ™

    I’m sure that fool regrets

  113. tammy lynn

    ur blog is adorable

  114. joza

    cute cute girl from marz

  115. glowtata

    great glory

  116. ♥Smokeable♥

    ♥Gorgeous I love you♥

  117. dosey0jones

    i read your old blogs, you a gift

  118. rovinraiders

    hey there aicherie

    be mine pls

  119. juliawashere

    pretty damn hotness


  120. matsuda.taiko

    thankz for update japan blog

    i so worry for aicherie activities in japan

  121. mistymay

    so pretty!

    love the vid. so you dated tom? from plain white t or was it someone else?

  122. johnnny

    love you

    hats off to you in asia

  123. sodanutz

    why do I watch anime when I can watch you all day long

  124. bangbangbong


    support ya.

  125. marine core

    where do girls like you come from?
    i want me one>?

  126. ~~++..++~~

    fragile heart

  127. heartsofblade

    let me eat ur kiwi and make you feel better

  128. 믿음

    나는 당신이보고 싶습니다

  129. johnathan usc

    totally adorable and i’m in love

  130. (¯'·. Schöne Prinzessin ]·._.

    Your voice is nice

  131. Dear Ms. Ai Cherie,



  132. Sal_. Santa Barbara rr. CA

    good quality classy girl where do i meet someone like you?

  133. MoNickD

    Hey Girl,

    Your eyes HYPNOTIZE

    Your voice UPLIFTS


  134. Achanu

    angel i love

  135. m fo money

    i aint gone lie

    i fuck love you shit

  136. chantou

    classy little thang

  137. ♥sweetTXmarine♥

    ur my IDOL

  138. sweetiepie

    where can I get the lyrics?

    i like girls on the dance floor mix too, can’t find it though

  139. farryeil

    really like it

    can you do some more.

  140. bowler100

    i wish to be that necklace

  141. SorryIParty

    gorgeous and cute and i love that voice

  142. barbie@nnie

    your so pretty my idol

  143. Sonny Kain

    well aren’t you just a breath of fresh air

  144. tandy larson

    i subscribe, keep posting

  145. dashinfak

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  147. babyface213

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  148. babyface213

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  153. angeloflover

    hows it going?

    i really like that cover. you look adorable sweet , wish it was for me.

  154. mikey11

    so precious

  155. jamie louise

    happy memorial day sweetheart

  156. jenny jenny

    good cover

  157. fP316

    so sorry about what happend with tom.

    but hope your singing makes you release the pain.

    and i can also help you ease the pain also.

  158. go-go-go


    thankS for SHAring YOUr vocaL TAlenT with the ReST of Us.

    You HAVE so MANY gifts. YOU can do anything you WaNt & be SUccEsFUL!

  159. Milly Miles

    Def. Adorable.

  160. lordndemo

    sweet heaven u a gift from god

  161. derrick mannning

    thats a good cover

  162. bambi

    i’m tearing

  163. musume

    walking doll i love you

  164. Daniella

    I watch this video everyday, makes me so happy.

  165. bart whalberg

    diamond in the rough

  166. CICI™

    can you post the lyrics?

  167. beige flower

    aicherie are you in l.a. now?

    i hear you are sick , is it ok?

  168. dare123

    cute and sexy

  169. mine oh mien

    darling it’s nice

  170. vix dixs

    my type of girl

  171. Saralynna


  172. pingpong


    i am fan just say hi

  173. Shawn

    Ai Cherie

    What’s up?

  174. salo-halo

    we’ve all been through heart break, good to write a song bout it, feel better

  175. doser123


    you’re something else

  176. salmon head

    ur gorgeous.

  177. alan

    fukin cute yo

  178. ♥ MiChAeLLa ♥

    I lOVe YoU

  179. my oh my

    girl you’re blessed

  180. ROS101

    darling you’re so sweet

  181. DeNIs

    Real life angel right here ya heard

  182. moe

    i’m moe, you’re so pretty i love your music too

  183. mark jones

    i love you since high school

  184. derricko

    my heart belongs to aicherie

    you stole it

    with you pretty eyes

  185. dairyqueen

    ai cherie

    do it best.

  186. vovelrine

    like whoa i freakin love you

  187. bella

    hi ai cherie

    thank you for blogs

    i hope 2 meet u soon i’m big fan

  188. BOBA CHAN


  189. Rissy (♥)

    Kisses (♥)

  190. MASARO



  191. jones1stplace

    cuite pie, you sing well, can’t wait 2 c more of ya on the market

  192. angrybear101

    kiss me

  193. tomwannabe

    damn tom that lucky guy

  194. kick for kiddz

    freakin adorable girl

  195. kd side

    cute yet sexy yet classy

    what a combo:

  196. jenny suse

    love cover

  197. maple

    maple loves ai cherie forever

  198. kin golei

    drop dead cutie

  199. jakarta

    hey ai cherie

    swing by say hi and show support

  200. yellow rod

    ai cherie

    hello kiwi

  201. ☮♥.°•. °•i [Bdre'] rock/reigns supreme° .•°★☆ d

    I subscribed LOVE YOU baby

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    ai cherie

    like the new layout, just droppin by

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  209. rezza

    ai cherie

    hi i’m big fan

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    babycakes u rock ma world

  212. maple

    Ai Cherie !!sweeeeeeeeeeetttttt

  213. jenny cho

    very cute


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  215. tOFUboi

    Ai Chérie!


  216. TOIKOJI


  217. привет , не подумай что я спамер там и так далее
    но пишешь ты реально круто! 🙂

  218. walli wallhead

    pretty love that cover wish it’ll be on itunes .

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