Hello Kitty + TokioShine + Donut Man

Hello! Hello!


Such nice weather in LA!
I’m so happy to be home for a bit!

I have a new secret!
It’s this!

Did you check it out yet?

So last night I went on a little adventure!

It says “Strawberry”???


Girl from Strawberryland finally gets her Strawberry Donuts!

The Donut Man
915 E Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 335-9111

Strawberry Heaven? YES!

The aftermath of too much Strawberry Consumption:

Slowly turning normal…


Hello Kitty + Tokidoki

Where can I find this???


Thank you for the comments! Kisses!



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126 responses to “Hello Kitty + TokioShine + Donut Man

  1. Ami

    So cute I love your blog

  2. tangier stud

    you’re the best!
    thanks for donutman i’ll check it out tonight
    glad you’re home for once, when do you take off to tokyo again?




  4. johnny tam

    I love you!
    You’re the cutest girl in the world.

  5. darkvader

    perform in la i’m dying to meet you

  6. 広土


  7. 明美ちゃん

    ^。^ おいしそ

  8. マカロン18

    アイ シーエリーちゃん

  9. HitomiLA

    always hitting up the hotspots

  10. oNEtron

    Dear Ai Cherie

    How are you?
    You look happy! I’m HAPPY.

  11. jeff lorezo

    my little kiwi

  12. missyjenny

    wow I’m a fan

  13. MichaelPOW

    Think I’m in LOVE with you just WOW

  14. Pierre Paruvi

    kisses from France

  15. yuji

    did u come from space?

  16. yuji

    i’ve never seen such a pretty face

  17. danishman

    love your blog it made my day


  18. SHENwie

    you are so fun! Wish I was like your bestie

  19. iAMuPeNN


  20. stacey p

    luvz hello kitty too

  21. aniMAY freak

    cute pics of you in sunglasses

  22. cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie
    cutie my sweetie

  23. well, i better eat more strawberries so i can look that cute

    tokidokihk you can get it on ebay?



  25. ~flowerpower~

    i need to eat more strawberries too look that cute them

    teach me

    also you can get tokidokihk on ebay

  26. loversinspain

    that a cute outfit sweetie

  27. cutiepie198

    wow you’re adorable really

  28. davespector

    youre so tiny, let me guess you finished the donuts huh?

  29. blumoonman

    i like your new site
    hope you update everyday bc i’d love to see you



  31. valerie-perez

    too pretty for words my dear girly

  32. peter lee

    how are you?

  33. wei shu

    hi hi my sweet angel
    i am you fan from china

  34. sweetsummeraya

    peachy KAWAII ~>~~!

  35. Jay

    welcome back to LA Cherie!

  36. JimMad

    Happy Easter! Happy to see a new blog post from you

  37. galvin rohen

    what an adventure you’re full of them

    now where to next?

  38. bETOS

    hey ai cherie


  39. Maika Tsunabe

    never heard of strawberry dounuts but looks good i want one when i come to LA

  40. dane dunkins

    you’re my dreamgirl

  41. samicakes

    yesh ur def related to hk. i believe u

  42. derrickkim

    hi ai!

    how are you?

    will you be at anime expo?

  43. casey

    oh i wanna go 2

  44. mandy ling

    I GOT a pair love those lens

  45. cutie pie check out my blog too

  46. hey hello kitty
    you’re so cute
    i love hello kitty too


  48. babygirljay

    so sweet hope you’re doing well

  49. fisherkim

    where in ktown will you be?

  50. timber0me0up

    get down and dirty with the strawberries

  51. someonetolove

    awesome donut? gonna try it now.

  52. Simon Leang

    Happy Good Friday.

    It’s Simon do you remember me?

  53. juri chang

    what the sillyness

  54. sweetworks

    want to
    Strawberry Donoughts
    with you

  55. bulldog

    can’t wait for your album!

  56. cutie watcher

    hey cutie,

    can’t get enough of you.

  57. go go kid

    Hey Ai Cherie,

    it’s me! how are you! welcome back home!

    lets hang out together some time.

  58. GH33p

    you looked awesome in FF3!

  59. mario

    Ai Cherie,

    i just want to give you hugs and kisses right now

  60. upanddown street

    welcome back home,

    missed you so much!

    Happy Easter!

  61. cleansweep

    girl those donuts look sweet and tasty

    but you are lookin even sweeter and tastier

  62. bertie

    can’t wait for your next single 2 come out!

  63. mikeycool

    such a beautiful smile!

  64. mikeycool

    congrats on getting your web site working

    Have a great time back in Cali!

  65. likingitsomuch


    now that you’re back
    Lets go to a Dodger game together and than the UCLA football exhibition at the Rose Bowl.
    just give me a holler!

  66. modern hugfare

    Ai Cherie

    I am your number one fan!

  67. ralre

    can’t wait to read about the restraunts you visit

  68. kimberly

    wow i love strawberries too must try

  69. mintster

    you should do a commercial with Kim Yuna!

  70. dd

    Ai Cherie, i love you, you’re the best

  71. ssigtm

    great to see you posting again!

    hope you do it everyday!

  72. talk2talk

    love you ACC!

  73. pizzaiscool

    how can someone be so cute?

  74. Bryan Kim

    Happy Easter 😉

  75. mt.hyattman

    yum. and happy easter to you babygrl

  76. Sundaypunker

    I love them
    just got my pair today

  77. Call me Fanny

    Happy Easter Ai Cherie
    what did u do today?

  78. swisschester

    hi ai cherie,

    thank you i got my lens today and i went to donut man last night it was great

  79. raymond

    what did you do for easter?

  80. pete

    /█\ ♥/█\

  81. faris

    egggs did you get some?

  82. dustyqueen

    oh lala

  83. minniemani

    ai cherie I was wondering what color lens you got?

  84. jerald

    is it true you have a facebook now?

  85. DWG

    Hi Ai-CC!

    Hope you had a great Easter!

    Good luck in Japan and continued success in the entertainment industry!

  86. bulldozer

    Hi Ai Cherie Chan!

    The sun shines so much brighter now that you’re back in the States!

  87. crush orange D

    congrats on the new website, just like you Cherie–it looks beautiful!

  88. TCQ

    Whats up girl!

    Give me a ring! wanna catch up with ya!

  89. contract365

    adorable & sweet

  90. K-ruler

    a true princess

  91. LWga

    when is the ai cherie restraunt and cook book guide be coming out?

    It will be be #1 on the New York Times best seller list

  92. RBwhackster

    are u at the SD comic convention again this year?

  93. t1on

    Belated Happy Easter!

    how is your mom doin’?

  94. greendream

    hope you had a great easter!
    what church r u going to now cherie?

  95. kryzsingski

    I absolutely love everything about you

  96. eersgins

    i didn’t get to see you sing last november

    when is your next performance?

  97. hobinero$

    cutie police have to make an arrest! LOL!

  98. grandsalami

    Ai Cherie

    you make my heart sing

  99. isosp

    your eyes,

    your smile

    so perfect
    so beautiful

  100. kisskissdude

    Love “Kiss Kiss” Cherie!

    your pics and blogs are awesome 2!

  101. BBB

    Hi Cherie,

    I just want to congratulate you on your new website, which looks great.

    And of course you are still that inspiring, optimistic. thoughtful and intelligent girl that everyone just loves.

    I wish you well on your continued endeavors.

  102. thesituation

    Fly Girl

  103. vesufio

    how can i get your autograph?

    and your phone number..hehe 🙂

  104. jdig

    do you have an endorsement deal with Hello kitty?
    and tokidoki? if not they should offer you one. you could sell alot of products

  105. g0mariners

    prettiest set of eyes EVER!!!

  106. epikhi

    Ms. Cherie,

    If you go shopping with me I’lll help you find Hello Kitty and Tokodio stuff

  107. da3225

    can’t take my eyes off u!

  108. validname

    when will you be back at that Donut joint?

  109. verndonOS

    will you marry me? please?

  110. fortunesecret

    Ai Cherie,

    not only are you so beautiful but you have such great fashion sense.

  111. gatorsuccess

    the pics of you after too much strawberry consumption are just hilarious

  112. TVradiokid

    all you guys…stay away from Cherie…dont’ even read her blog!…she belongs to me!

  113. tiamo

    I love those lens thank you!

  114. gingerpink

    thank you for telling me about tokioshine. i really love my geo brown.
    and i love the hk case

  115. pinkydolly

    i got my order thanks ai cherie

  116. juno serrean

    those lens are really cute, which ones are you wearing?
    i’m your fan

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