Ai Cherie for


Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Hope many eggs did you get?

I’m just excited for Targets Easter SALE.
Stocking up on Pastel MnM’s… those are my fave!!!

I have some new photos being featured on
in the couture section!

Here are some thumbnails you can play around with…

Photographer: King Perez de Tagle
Wardrobe: Chic Little Devil Style house

I love working with they are super professional and FUN!

Models, Musicians, Singers or anyone who want to build their Portfolio should look into contacting them.
They also doing weddings, headshots, etc.

OK…I have an audition tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

Good night!

Ai Cherie



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49 responses to “Ai Cherie for

  1. jerald

    thanks i’ll tell my sister, she wants to model

    but isn’t it a tough industry or am i an overprotective big bro?

  2. James

    Wish the tiny pic was bigger, i’m obsessed with YOUR photos.

  3. genaeve palago

    cute as a button as always!

  4. gxdollx

    me 2 mm’s yippy

  5. Sapam

    I got 3 eggs with money in it. You?

  6. jennuFUR

    sweet thanks!

    had a great easter btw

  7. rainonme

    whoa kima is nice lovely photos

  8. summers-gretchen

    miss fashionista
    so savvy on kima web

  9. Ruby liong

    Hi Ai I like the site thanks for the tip

  10. jay

    good luck with your audition Cherie,

    I’m sure you’ll nail it!

  11. dvb

    hey ai

    ur real cute

  12. oppaben

    thanks hunnie lovely photos on kimatherapy.

  13. sandy

    how much do they charge for headshot?

  14. Ran-ruto

    i’m sad those pics are so small

  15. sweeney kimberly

    happy belated easter

    checked that site cool

  16. nicole

    ai cherie

    do you remember me from ucla

    told you you’re a star

    believe is sista

    and guess what i’m in med school now. email me back i wanna catch up, but i understand if your busy.

  17. dimplesXdave

    you look great

  18. rawRiver

    OH WOW those PICS are so HawT

  19. xfashionsavvyx

    oh that’s hot they have good stuff

  20. jenGossipGirly

    i like it

  21. Hover tabby

    I’m a big fan of yours

  22. Raymondalmond

    Thanks doll

  23. reggie

    good luck ai
    been a long time fan

  24. revas-cho-chu

    me 2 luv target

  25. chung-china

    so sweet


  26. george

    hi ai cherie
    nice seeing you again

  27. meagan beans

    that style house has some cool stuff

  28. mishapink

    hey ai

    r u gon perform?

  29. sunrise

    good morning sweetie love seeing your pictures makes my happy

  30. peter lee

    ai cherie

    how are you babes?

  31. Ross Scoe

    hi ai cherie

    have a great day

  32. scion103

    yeah i’m def bad now, lovin your music

  33. Sari Mitsubishi

    Hi Ai Cherie
    do you remember me?
    I met you at anime expo last yr!
    When will you return to japan?

  34. Faye

    Happy weekend?
    What are you eating today?

  35. Yoshi

    Hello Ai Cherie just swinging by to see my babygirl!

  36. MellixSugar

    Have a good weekend!

  37. 714ninja

    i’m your fan happy cute girl is good today nice photos pls come to china

  38. ranie

    cool anime expo this yr?

  39. Chorusline

    So nice seeing you! Really pretty!

  40. janey

    happy belated easter miss ya babes

  41. Memphis18

    Hi Ai Cherie

    Youre so pretty

  42. summers-gretchen

    you look amazing, when I was younger I wanted to model too

  43. summers-gretchen

    but now i’m a mom of 3 i wonder how that would have been like

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