Happy Cherry Blossom Season + iPAD

Happy Cherry Blossom Season!

Happy Hanami!



Brunch with Mommy!

Elements Cafe
107 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 440-0100


Haven’t had such a delicious Brunch in a while.
I’m talking about quality and presentation!

Preserves to Perfection meets Cinna-sugar-biscuits.

Pear + Brie = Perfect Panini!

Cuban Pulled Pork!

Seriously, the best Pancakes I’ve ever eaten in my life.

At last…Lavender infused Carrot Cake for my Mommy…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! (It was on the house, Thank you Elements Cafe)

Off to Little Tokyo:
Cherry Blossom Festival

Sakura Kitty?

Can I get Hello Kitty on a Cupcake please?

I found Hello Kitty! That made my day!

Everyone say Hi to Hermes! Fluffy Puppy!

Now I’m playing with the iPAD

gonna go jogging now…wanna come?



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48 responses to “Happy Cherry Blossom Season + iPAD

  1. janey

    i love you. happy cherry season 2 u 2. im going tomorrow will you be there?

  2. miss-mani-bonnie

    cherry blossom in your hair is so cute!

    where did you get it?

  3. Mr.David

    Happy Birthday Ai Cherie’s Mom
    Thank you for giving us Ai Cherie

    We love her, I love her

  4. rina yuzu

    so cutie you and hk, hi ai cherie

  5. davey chu

    ai cherie
    food looks good
    i’m hungry ^^

  6. angelflyhigh

    such a beauty!

    love this blog.


  7. randyanime


    I saw you today, I think, SO pretty.

  8. fangirl11

    you take really good photos!

  9. penjen

    love you’re style

  10. josephbimmer

    ipad? do you like it?


    You and Kitty are UBER CUTENESS

  12. emma

    damn you’re so hot, i’m not lez of anything, but you’re like really pretty

    anime expo this year? wanna meet you so badly

    let me know ok ah

  13. jennylisamesler

    you’re so ipad cute

    i love my ipad too

    did you wait in line?

  14. Mike ReslIng

    AiCherieeeeeeeeeeee hey hey it’s Mike, met you last yr at comic con, just wanted to say Hi, looks like you’re doing well. I really love that bedrock remix, anyhoots see you soon, will you be at Anime Expo this year?

  15. xpinkygirlx

    where did you get your Flower Pin in your hair?

  16. DenJoe

    Hi Ai Cherie
    When will you return to Japan?

  17. caruso carl

    thanks for actually caring about your fans
    you’re real awesome person
    i enjoy your music

  18. Lamgee

    missed my lunch!
    I’m hungry girl, your blog makes me drool

  19. marvous kim

    you seem like such a sweet fun girl would love to meet you someday

  20. brad0shotta

    will you be my cherry blossom?

  21. ai cherie
    love bedrock pls do more cover or release your album its been like forever i’m waiting for you

  22. i am van tang

    ur so funny i love it, oh i mean i love you

  23. louis

    yeh i thought i saw you there

    how are you?

  24. TVradiokid

    yes Cherie I want to jog with you!!!

  25. Jay Y.

    Hi Cherie,

    Hope you had a nice time with your mom in Pasadena.

    Please tell your mom I wish her a happy birthday!

  26. kaniko wasu

    funny I was there too, my cousin showed me your youtube vid just now and we went to your site and we are like oh cool we were at cherry blossom festival too
    did you have fun? i must admit it was better last yeah, it turned hawaiian this yr, weird

  27. SPRISO

    you and Hermes make such a cute couple!

  28. WFman

    How do you manage to always find these awesome restaurants?

  29. mya lim

    how do you eat so much yet stay so skinny i’m so jealous

  30. angelsarehighabovetheclouds

    you are totally lovable girly

  31. jared stower

    was that carrot cake good?
    i’m thinking about going there this weekend now!

  32. JunSal

    just wanted to verify?

    @aicherie is finally on facebook, she has so many fake accounts, here’s her real one http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ai-Cherie/114082515269977

  33. butterflykisses

    such beautiful skin and hair

  34. santosmania

    nice to see you before I sleep, Good night hunnie.

  35. Ai Cherie
    I’m a big fan of yours for many years now.
    I like how you’re so cute, yet classy and not over-doing thing.
    And I really love your music, hope you drop an album soon. I’ve been waiting to buy it.



  37. randyrameriz

    ipad photo is so cute you’re so silly funny

  38. summers-gretchen

    aicherie you’re awesome, love your music.

  39. grey-chou

    I just got an iPAD so fun.

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