Maxfield + Giant Monkeys = Ai Cherie

Giant Monkeys at Maxfield.


Have you seen it?

Who wears a Headband on Windy days?


Dress + Tokyo + Vintage= $5
Shoes + Betsey Johnson =$120
Bag + Vintage Chanel +Thanks Mommy =?
Cardigan + Urban Outfitters SALE = $19.99
Headband + Urban Outfitters SALE = $2.99

Spring is full of florals and patterns.
I like the simplicity of this dress, and the lace overlay, makes it that much more sweet yet classic.
And guess what? The dress was only $5, at a vintage area near my voice classes in Tokyo.
Awesome huh!?

Oh those Avant Garde Monkey Statues are so cute!

Not to mention the cool and edgy inventory inside. Heavy price tags, but worth the Checking out!

(310) 274-8800
8825 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Did anybody say lunch time?



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68 responses to “Maxfield + Giant Monkeys = Ai Cherie

  1. summers-gretchen

    modern alice in wonderland feeling, love your shoes

  2. angie lucas

    wow smart way yo put together an outfit, I wanna come to LA so badly

  3. MyMelodySly

    love the shoes, are those bows on them?

  4. hot-rambo

    love that store. whatcha eating for lunch?

  5. jennypinky

    always the cutest outfits

  6. yes very alice, yet modern, luvz it

  7. samIAM

    giant monkeys OH

  8. jinnie kim

    looks like a korean magazine spread

    i like it eh

    were you at jlounge?

  9. RayRay

    I’m addicted to you!

  10. darian

    oh my pretty

  11. veryPARISsayahe

    shoes shoes shoes

    nice of your mum to give you that bag `sign`

  12. Memphis18

    Sweet I’m going later

  13. Turntablemaster

    Hello Ai
    how was your lunch
    you seem like a nice girl!

  14. MXSat

    The Avant Garde Monkey Statues may be cute.

    But you are WAAAYYYYY cuterrrr

  15. Jay Y


    Glad to see you’re having fun in LA. But when are you going back to Japan?


  16. shannon bertha

    love those shoes must get ah but cant find where?

  17. dave-rave-102

    no monkey is cuter then ai cherie, in fact no person is

  18. JaveWme

    you’re singing melts my heart



  20. laura-jun

    was it expensive?

  21. Justin

    yo babyface
    I’m gonna check it Thanks Babe

  22. dave shintana

    lady in red, so pretty

  23. grey-chou

    beautiful soul

  24. nanatokyu

    i love melrose!
    it’s nana from tokyo hi ai cherie.

  25. DAN112


  26. DoungX3

    Hello my girl,
    I see you’re in LA now, looks fun are you enjoy?

  27. remus-taiwan

    ai cherie kitty girl
    i come to see you

  28. Rachel

    ^^Those monkeys are big, hehehe

  29. bobbi

    looks fun
    thanks for the post

  30. darrick coven

    i wanna get intimate with you

  31. jennyxgossipgirl

    thank you for listing the info

    oh $5 girl can shop

  32. blazzinbarbie

    you always put yourself together really well


  33. suzanna

    so cute babygirl so cute

  34. rememberannie

    love your shoes! all of them, i’m your fan, hello hello

  35. rambohead

    $5 what a steal, but i heard tokyo shopping is craz expensive

  36. erica hernandez

    stumbled across your blog and you’re a totally lovable person

  37. markMarK

    lovely girl,
    how are you?
    looks dandy

  38. Dr. Zen

    I really love you sweetie!

  39. Marika

    Gotta thank your mom for the chanel for sure!

  40. memoriesswtpie


  41. ratersa

    hey hey ai cherie another cover when?

  42. Mills,Val

    Ai Cherie

    Looks like you’re doing well.
    I’m really happy for you.
    I look forward to your album!

  43. celsius

    way to cute my dear

  44. pinkymelly

    smiles are free and thank you for giving them ai cherie

  45. -r

    love ur natural beauty ai! stay in good health.


  46. anime213

    you look cute like this

  47. john silver

    you must be a fun date, just a thought, and maybe a wish

  48. ToronTOPam

    Me too, headband that windy hair. I do the same, small world.

  49. LondonNorth

    Love you have a great weekend. Looking foward to
    next post. See ya.

  50. Shawn

    Pretty girly

  51. Bushings

    Lookin good!

  52. Lou-Cester

    I love monKeys, gotta check it.

  53. Chouhound

    Sweet darling, see you abouts LA, enjoy!

  54. Tsuchi yoshi

    I love you Ai cherie

  55. PeachgirlY

    Ai Cherie I read that you’re in Vegas havefun, looking forward to your next blog post.

  56. barbielee

    have fun in Las Vegas! i’m so jealous.

  57. truc lim

    have fun in vegas.

  58. jammineMUSIC

    ╚╩╩═╩═╝ my sweetie

  59. heave resote

    awesome is it fun?

  60. my lovin chase

    next blog post must be about vegas?

  61. gstar

    you’re like a little doll.

  62. stanley

    do you just look good everywhere you go?

  63. MolasasPun

    I like it there.

  64. shannie dorting

    reminiscence of love on a nice day in la

    lovely shots

    keep it up

  65. jasmine afan

    Beautiful, you can shoot in PI

  66. judiii wang

    beautiful shoots again,
    i miss la.

  67. tammy

    lol they are big i was there last week,
    darn i missed you

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