Hello, so when is this photoshoot?

Las Vegas…I love it there…

Behind the scenes…

No make up messy hair…

FIERCE in Practice…

Inside Wynn

Did I tell you, I love shoes…

Finished Product:

Dress + Chérie Couture =$199.99 (Available in XS, please email me if you would like to purchase)
Shoes + BEBE = $159.99
Necklace + Forever 21= $5.99

…more photos to come!



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72 responses to “Ai am FIERCE (in LAS VEGAS)

  1. MolasasPun



    Cool shot, was that what you did in LV?

  3. so FIERCE yeh, ANTM tonight tune in.

  4. I'm a model baby


  5. MsXtraLove

    Hot like Fire, love the hair, Super hot dress.

  6. starrynightz

    Hot LUVZ IT (in paris hilton terms)

  7. sterlinggrounds

    you are a muse, got your tweet

  8. Fredphotos

    that’s a really good shot, props to photographer
    I’m a fan of your from MM

  9. danielle peachy

    girl you can pose in all sorts of directions, crazy you’re so good




  11. rick

    hey ai

    its rick, photographer from mm,

    really nice features, nice cheek bones, being half white pays off

    hope i get to shoot you oneday, your rates are too high girl we’re in a recession.

    shoot me an email

  12. shannie dorting

    arch that back uh huh

  13. harry koi

    on fire in this pixxs

  14. pearl-dusty

    luv the new look

  15. Jay Y

    Hope you had a nice time in Vegas Cherie!

  16. GrizzChst

    Hey Cherie,

    want to go to the UCLA scrimmage with me?

  17. Amy Whistler

    I like it I wanna buy it.

  18. josh-ucla

    looking good in all your pics such a natural in front of the lens

  19. ling yang mei

    expensive dress but I love it so much, what to do.

  20. Sammi HONGKONG


    Sammi was here

  21. fantastic stunning yes your a real model

  22. mani kato

    oO i LIKE it

  23. peirre romance

    Would “J’aime mon chéri” be single?

  24. siclia good

    you are so skinny tell me your secret

  25. jasmine afan

    thank you for accepting my fr.

    you look like a rockstar sista

    i’m you fan from PI, come to makati, do you know?

    you have a lot of fans here.

    is it night time in LA?

  26. michala loves ai cherie

    hello from uk

  27. kaya kristen lometo

    hi ai cherie

    i’m kaya, you’re my role model.

    i’m half dutch half chinese, you look really mixed in some photos and really asian in others, my friends say the same thing about me, it’s so funny.
    hope i get to meet you oneday.
    i love your music, kiss kiss is so good. i hope to visit japan someday.

  28. ravenhulk

    those are some killer stares

  29. miracles

    love your photo shoots.

  30. YUji

    Hey Fierce Barbie

  31. vegas whoot whoot did you go to aria?

  32. allie

    can you teach me how to do that?
    i want to model too

  33. Damian

    Dear Ai Cherie
    The Angels are missing an Angel.

  34. JanetMissling

    I’d so buy that dress, but I’m not an xs, I’m a m, do you have medium?

  35. Petey Sicilan

    Good evening miss Ai Cherie,
    Looks like you’re doing great, always smile.

    Your fan,

  36. jenny church

    not my size, but I want it.

  37. semi shogan

    awesome, cant wait for your next post 😉

  38. kalen stoke

    young lady you must have a bright future in front of you

  39. StarGirlTaiwan

    i love that dress`

  40. dan armstrong

    enjoy it

  41. james chou

    you’re so hot, i knew it was you that i saw yesterday

  42. darlinggirlly

    love shoes too, where did you get them?

  43. remi

    gorgeous girl i follow you on twitter

  44. jon ron

    hot damn %

  45. Bob Frankin

    Darling you are beautiful, just sayin’

  46. Hiro

    hey doll,
    how are things in LA?

    When you coming Tokyo?

  47. PeirreRoger

    Absolutely Gorgeous

  48. Herman

    You’re so good at what you do.

  49. misspurplerain

    nice dress, so expensive

  50. Berdnardo

    Hey Ai are u in la?

  51. lamentjill

    hot fire hair

  52. sweet face, fierce angel

  53. geestar

    how long u gon b in la 4?

  54. Johnston

    Assuming you’re going to have a san diego blog soon, looking forward to it.

  55. rob stewart

    hello ai cherie,
    i remember ya from ucla,
    whats good, told ya you’re a star, keep making it big, supports!


  56. lavine vortex

    with or without make up you are gorgeous

  57. sandy justine

    you’re pretty!

  58. Houston


  59. fairyman

    when i look at you i think of sinful things

  60. xgiax619

    such a tiny tiny waist i’m jealous

  61. missjennyxion

    nice shoes

  62. sou chi min

    hey ai
    i love ya

  63. sweenny=e

    love you ai! can’t wait for next update.

  64. Amy Pablo

    Nice dress

  65. ADAM

    happy mothers day ai cherie

    you’re a gift from GOD

  66. sheena

    pretty girl

  67. ramgeee

    ai cherie you are coming back to tokyo?

  68. check out this blog

    relationship yeah or nah?

  69. judiii wang

    these are really good photos do you ever feel nervous at your shoots?

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