Spring is here!

Hey Everyone,

I can feel the sunlight shining over me.
Spring is Here!

Let’s celebrate with a little Baby Blue.

Make a donation to “Ai Cherie”
$19.99 for a signed 8 x 10 photo of your choice.

Photographer: Philip Tieu
Hair/ MUA/Styling: Me

Location: The Lab, OC, CA

Dress + Vintage = My moms (Had to do a little Alteration)
Shoes + Rock & Republic = http://www.rockandrepublic.com/
Necklace + Tokyo Japan (Somewhere in Harajuku…forgot the name of the store)

Ai Cherie



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46 responses to “Spring is here!

  1. Amy Pablo

    Pretty Ai Cherie I hope you come back to
    Tokyo soon!

  2. Heave Vesus

    Honestly you’re my dreamgirl.

  3. Yuji

    Hey can you ask your mom where she got That dress?

  4. himechan

    you look like a little doll,
    one question? anime expo?

  5. julie powers

    what lip gloss do you wear?

  6. semi ya

    how can I buy a pic?

  7. stacey

    cute shoes, but they aren’t on rock and republic anymore ;(

  8. hon ~.~

    hi ai cherie,
    I your fan from facebook, i live in china, i hope you can come to china oneday, can speak chinese?

  9. raymond chou


  10. chun arny

    angel from the sky

  11. i love you

    please marry me in the future

    you’re seriously so damn beautiful it breaks my heart that i can’t be with you

  12. meiji

    can you do a tutorial on how you do your make up?

  13. davey brown

    hello ai, i’m not feeling blue, because I see you, an angel

  14. melissa rawROA

    please do another cover I love bedrock so much thanks girl

  15. sugarmess

    love R&R

  16. oh my darling.

    when I look into your eyes I want to faint.

  17. like a rainbow

    nice shoes and nice dress and make up everything

    please teach me ai

  18. like a rainbow

    hello ai cherie

    it’s rainey again,

    can you recommend where to shop
    i’m coming to la next week and all i think about is shopping

    please tell me

    thank you

    i hope i can bump into you, if i do i will faint.


  19. heim lasaiha

    who is this girl

    she’s so beautiful

    i want to fly her to egypt. email me back please.

  20. my sister is a big fan of yours I would love to buy a signed pic from you, and meet you.

    but how?

    i’m following you on twitter

  21. ressa vargas

    nice spring outfit wish I had a body like yours

  22. mika turlington

    i wanna go to japan someday

  23. kellen fort

    so beautiful

  24. maria

    i hope you can come to philippines you have many fans here

  25. --0pok-=

    i wish to be that necklace

  26. 浩一


  27. kevin zoobie

    good morning ai

  28. jen-soul

    wow i love these photos, does phil have a site?

  29. BoDsEagULL

    Where’s the lab in OC?
    ok i’ll check it out.

  30. robbie u

    gorgeous in the first pic adorable in the second.
    how do you do it?

  31. Daniel Chi

    shout out to a cali girl right here


    I LOVE YOU i hope you reply to this, please

    I’m always in Koreatown, I know you hang out there too, so if I see you, my wishes.

  32. MikaKAT

    Aicherie i love your blog.

  33. Jessies girl on lock

    I really like that necklace but I have to go to Tokyo to get it oh why why? So sad

  34. reddragon

    your blog makes me happy and that’s why i’m a frequent visitor.

  35. tomika

    oh harajuku that’s a fun area, have you been to osaka?

  36. Emmy Brown

    It is lol
    allergic to grass too saw your fb.

  37. Heather

    Nice I love spring what’s your favorite season.

  38. In the house

    Ai Cherie,
    I really like those shoes. Just dropping by.

  39. suchiko

    wow oc is so nice looking weather looks nice, i want to come too.

  40. In the house

    When the wind blows, you must be the prettiest thing ever.

  41. Melinda Gomez

    Sup girl you have the whole fashion thing down.

  42. judiii wang

    love the baby blue

  43. tammy

    so so cute love the whole outfit

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