The T-Back

Fashion trend introduces the T-Back + Summer Picnics.

Girls grab your best friends or boyfriends and let’s hit the park.

Don’t forget you dress up in your favorite summer outfit.

(Photographer: King Perez de Tagle)

Dress + Forever 21 = $19.95
Headband +Forever 21 = $4.95
Shades + Gucci =$495.00

It’s hip to look Cute and Trendy at the park.

Yeah or nah?

Ai Cherie

See the rest of the photos here:



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60 responses to “The T-Back

  1. helmet11

    wow you look amazing, too bad in ireland it’s always to cold for picnic, at least i never see girls looking like you.

  2. pinkJen

    sounds like a good idea, i’m hitting up a park today, but yeah I should look cute.

    definite “YEAH”

  3. tammy chung

    i love forever 21. thanks ai you look super cute everyday i swear arg

  4. sandy~

    I like how the pocket goes to the back, I’m hitting Forever after work today.

  5. penelope

    cute idea

  6. reon narada

    that’s a cute headband i’ve never seen that at forever before, you must be vip there.

  7. me=dave

    t-back lol i get it silly the pretty ai

  8. Ami

    SO cute, love the way its being addressed here

  9. r u b e l l a

    b e a u t i f u l

    cheers from italy

  10. tobin

    hey ai what’s your fave movie?

  11. jussy justin

    you’re bringing sexy back

  12. merrieanna

    you look like a princess at the park

    please come to the phillipines you have many fans here

  13. Jay

    Hi Cherie,

    that’s a nice look for you!

  14. RA37

    i want to be your boyfriend and go to the park with you!!!

  15. dayes

    hi ai, your post are wonderful

  16. junebug200

    i really like the person you are, i’m your fan

  17. kel suringra

    very whimsical photos king’s a great photographer, does he have a site?



  19. sheena kiyo

    kawaii ^.^

  20. ~hiromi~

    Oh Ai Cherie, I love you when are you coming back to JP?

  21. Ming Wei

    Good morning girl I come see you

  22. judiii wang

    miss fashionista

  23. judiii wang

    ehhh I can’t stop looking at your pics prettyyy

  24. zhou ling mei

    cool site !!!

  25. danny jiang


  26. missbutterfly

    I was just wondering is that a rumper dress or pants I can’t find it anywhere and I want it

  27. sweetsarah

    Lovely and graceful, I’m such a fan.
    I hope to meet you one day.
    Is Paris part of your itineary?

  28. betty gene

    oh la laa so savvy i love it

  29. cheng wen

    u so pretty i am u fan from china u come china?

  30. hiro no.8

    you like angela aki awesome

  31. superbad

    yeah !!!!!!!!

    which park do you park at?

  32. MissXsweetPinkxLily

    you’re so beautiful and classy I love you ai cherie.

  33. shannon tech

    i love your hair, how do you get it that way?

  34. tpmtom

    happy blog, your ameblo is down again.

  35. rod -red

    nice pose lovely photos great model, keep it up ai

  36. Beetter SID

    you have a nice back and you use it a lot in your photos i like it

  37. 富美子


  38. cherrygirl8

    hi hi ai cherie that’s a nice outfit

  39. みきちゃん


  40. socutekanako

    ai cherie

    how are you?
    I hope you come back to tokyo soon.

  41. OverTEi

    yeah for wearing headbands on windy days
    ||smart sista||

  42. jamboreemary

    love your logo on your pics so cute

  43. June Liamo

    Nice outfit! I want it, time to go to forever.

  44. Yesinia

    Park pretty.

  45. raymondjay

    so sexy with it

  46. sundown hitt

    pretty as a button you have really nice skin.

  47. jeenaz

    i’m a fan, that’s it

    jeenaz was here

  48. mzlinda

    nice i’m hitting the mall in a few, good ideas here.

  49. xSmilAx

    hey ai, can you tell me which forever you got this from, it’s super cute, but i’m bummed out i can’t find it.

  50. peterucla

    sup ai
    it’s peter from ucla you remember me now that your all fame?

  51. huggent boy

    nice park where is this?

  52. bandet man

    lol t-back.

  53. musicchild

    ai cherie hope you do another cover soon

  54. heavey jain


  55. iceprincess

    park is nice wish i can have picnics too, but it’s always too cold here

  56. sa sa

    nice, but that won’t look good on me ;(

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