Don’t Forget the SPARKLE

…because every girl should shine like a Diamond, where ever she goes.

Beautiful Dress + Diabless $$$$$ = Courtesy of Chic Little Devil Style House
My Shoes + Report Signatures = $299
Neckless + Forever 21= $7.95
Photo + NO Photoshop + Photographer= Chris Shintani

Now don’t forget to not only Sparkle with your Eyes, but with your Shoes and Dress.


Ai Cherie



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41 responses to “Don’t Forget the SPARKLE

  1. sa sa

    wow you look amazing I really want that dress, but I can’t find it anywhere.
    I’ll pay for that. I love DIA’BLESS.
    I need this dress.

  2. Juliana Mayor

    That’s a cute outfit, good idea.

    I won’t forget the sparkle hehe.

  3. mamon19

    Hi Ai Cherie,
    I am your fan from Philippines. I hope you can come here, I saw Facebook, you like Philippino food, you will like it here very much.
    Okay talk you more.

  4. studmuffin

    wink back my babygirl

  5. s t e v e

    you look amazing as usual
    steve- high school friend

    p.s. if you’re free let’s go grab a drink or dinner?

  6. s t e v e

    you’ve always had nice skin, the photos not photoshopped i’m not surprise.

  7. fangirl

    hi ~.~
    ai cherie,

    I love your dresses, and you’re so pretty I hope to meet you oneday.


  8. tokyotiana

    smile and sparkle

  9. airaboveal

    pretty in silver

    catch the rainbow

  10. moore-pink

    it’s very loud, the dress that is, I think only you can pull it off.

    but I love diabless, seem like most of their design are bold.

    you wear it best ai cherie.

    keep up the good work.

  11. urslin sommet

    i love it

    love from paris

  12. albert

    keep up the good work hun

  13. melvinnerd

    you’re adorable

  14. sara

    hey cuz love these pics on your blog and miss you lots



  16. jy826

    Hi Cherie!

    thanks for the updates! Have you got a modeling contract now?


  17. pawsp


  18. mendoza

    girl u so fly

  19. con'millie

    lovez it

  20. 加奈子


  21. Megan

    Nice 🙂 love that dress looks like a bow in front.

  22. andy markus

    that’s a hot post, did you bring the sun in today, geez

  23. paki chotto

    Hey there Ai,
    I really like these.

  24. peter burgondy


    you make my smile and give me goosebumps!

  25. anime kingdom

    my baby

  26. ard mason

    shine like diamond.

  27. Err

    Lovely just satin

  28. macy whey

    hey ai where do you shop?

  29. aaron

    guess you knocked out after you ate you fried chick and straw jam lmao

  30. @aicherie have fun on your sushi date w @lovecinderella
    from @bobiroka

  31. Emma Green

    Sparkle will do :p

  32. `+2jenner

    nice legs done!

  33. i can’t help but adore you ai cherie you’re my idol and role model thank you.
    please come to philippines please. please.

  34. Kaori

    Love it ^.^

  35. Yuuda

    Come back to Tokyo.

  36. ranbi

    that’s a really pretty dress, wish I can wear that.

  37. tammy

    totally hott

    yeah i wanna sparkle this memorial weekend.

  38. GARYwearsPRADA

    sister i love the way your dress sparkles so sex in the city

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