…because it’s the Greatest Remedy for Sadness.

…because it Never Grows Old.

Laugh with me, enjoy your weekend.

Ai Cherie



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51 responses to “Laughter

  1. that’s a beautiful post ai cherie and it’s very true, you’re so intuitive.

  2. engeryqueen

    laughter never grows old, you are such a sweet person. love your blog post

  3. peter rangdang

    this really inspires me.

    thank you again ai cherie!


    i love this!

    i love these quotes i love you



  5. stoneiceman

    cute as a button, i’ve never seen you laugh in your photo i’m glad the photographer capture this

  6. externalforce ((animeland))

    what a cutie

  7. `+2jenner

    lucky guy behind the camera

  8. sailorman

    you just gave me a sweet tooth

  9. i can’t help but adore you ai cherie you’re my idol and role model thank you.
    please come to philippines please. please.

  10. arrine serene degado

    your messages really touch me,
    thank you.

  11. simon lv

    keep smiling ai cherie you deserve it

  12. desserre

    pretty love this pic
    natural beauty

  13. my mochi

    sweet and very true.

  14. Rawrstar

    Natural beauty.

  15. Barren

    Baby doll look at that smile.

  16. Takeshi

    Laugh ok!

  17. Dreamersinc

    Hi sweetie.
    I was feeling down and this made me feel better.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  18. Joey C

    Ai Cherie!!
    You have a great weekend too!!


  19. jy826

    Hey Cherie,

    nice pic but where was this photo taken?


  20. bynonj

    you have such a BEAUTIFUL SMILE

    your SMILE could stop a WAR

  21. damier cruel

    hello ai

    what’s up million dollar smile, yes it’s contagious.

  22. CEASAR

    It’s true, thank you for moving me.

  23. Shirley Mong

    I love your blog keep posting.

  24. onica race

    oh thank this made me smile

  25. rudy pogler

    ai cherie,
    i can’t imagine you not laughing you seem like a sweetheart, i’m a fan

  26. boogeeman

    looks like you’re having the time of your life.
    i’m happy for you.

  27. hankey

    do you like the beatles?

  28. Emerald

    Enjoy your weekend sweetie.

  29. bernardo

    love that love you

  30. mr.amp

    keep posting!
    enjoy your weekend too sweetie.

  31. zeng shui

    little girl, you look so happy, makes me happy
    i welcome you to china oneday please come here

  32. Chancy

    What, how did you find out about dumpling festival?

  33. Johnson Cadwell

    Hope you have a great one too sweetie.

  34. Bang818

    Too sweet!

  35. hellomandy

    thank you ai cherie I had a wonderful weekend and you?

  36. mei mei

    hi ai cherie

    i’m mei mei from taiwan, i’m so happy to find site, is this really you and your site so cool.

    please come to taiwan

  37. tiamo

    beautiful, i love this photo of you.

  38. tou tia

    keep smiling i’m excited for your updates.

  39. Merick

    Hello how was your weekend?

  40. yubi

    i really like this

  41. minxpink

    ai cherie

    hello hello

    how are you?

  42. many powl

    ai cherie what’s your favorite color?

  43. jenny beans

    ai cherie you haven’t updated are you ok?

  44. jannnnice

    hello ai cherie thank you for these fashion post, i adore you


  45. BMA

    Sup Beautiful?

  46. amry tianto

    so true, I love laughing

  47. hamichessy

    beautiful gorgeous classy wishful lovely

  48. tammy

    its so true

  49. randy macer

    sweet message

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