Take the Road…

Less Taken.

Because Dreams are not meant to be Broken.

For every Trial and Error, Give yourself a Token.

Always Remember LAUGHTER! a reflection of your Dreams, a Free Expression.

Dreams have silly ways of coming True. Take the Road less Taken.


Ai Cherie

P.S. I hope you enjoy my writing. I do this quite frequently, and I decided, hey why not share this with everyone today, in correlation with my photos.

Top + H&M= $9
Dress + AQUA (Bloomingdales) = $79
Shoes + BEBE = $129
Necklace + Earrings = Somewhere in Tokyo
Photographer + Snaps = King Perez de Tagle



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53 responses to “Take the Road…

  1. amry tianto

    thank you for sharing your words and photos with us ai cherie

    they are quite powerful

  2. amry tianto

    when i was younger i had a dream, to leave my country and i thought is it worth leaving my family?

  3. amry tianto

    my mom wanted me to go to america when i had the chance to

  4. amry tianto

    to live the american dream

  5. amry tianto

    when I look back I have no regrets,
    i am living my dream now

  6. amry tianto

    i have a wonderful wife and 2 daughter, who are your fan

  7. amry tianto

    now i can say your blog has touch me very much

  8. amry tianto

    i encourage you to not give up on your dreams, we support you

  9. Merick

    You inspire me lovely photos lovely words!
    Love the shoes always.

  10. amry tianto

    dont give up and look to the stars

  11. amry tianto

    catch the moon, I always tell my daughters that

  12. メロン11


  13. hamichessy

    you’re an angel

  14. e r i k a

    ~.~ style is so good, I love Ai Cherie very much, Smile and HAPPINESS Thank you, Tokyo come back?
    sorry poor eglish?

  15. blackrader

    hello there beautiful,
    a nice young lady like you should have everything in the world.
    good luck in tokyo.


  16. queenshopper

    i love your make up and hair and um EVERYTHING

  17. BEBEbaby

    love that skirt

    you remind me of emma watson in her teen vogue shoot

  18. AD

    so sweet thank you sweetie sweet wah


  19. drake lorain

    hunnie I will follow you where ever you go.
    I’m a FAN for Life kk.

  20. mz. ginger

    fashion leader

  21. Packman

    My dreamgirl

  22. aya whiteford

    i’m a hapa too, but no where as pretty as you. sign

  23. dan mcfield

    you’re a great writer I look forward to your music.

  24. angela

    you’re just a bucket of joy wish we were friends

  25. valeris coranado

    I agree with @BEBEbaby you do remind me of emma watson in teen vogue

  26. mamamya

    aw you’re like the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen.

  27. nippon`hiro

    she’s an angel she’s a queen she’s ai cherie

  28. love above

    thank you for sharing

    love above

  29. banana101

    you have a tiny waist you must be a xxs huh?

  30. koreanprincess

    that’s a damn cute outfit, how often do you go shopping?

  31. ceci taipei

    your blog inspire me

    yes no giving up on dreams.

  32. 108

    what a sweetie pie, love your writing

  33. daniel

    good night hun!

  34. qwizkid

    absolutely stunning

  35. すてきなしゃしんです^^

  36. ayako

    thank you blog

    i love fashion too, so nice

  37. momo chan

    oO dress is so so cute, i like

  38. harada yuu

    hi ai-san

    i want to come to la, oh no

  39. i am micki

    powerful words

    i love you i’m a fan

  40. tammy

    i remember you from arcadia high, oh my gosh you’ve always been adorable

    look at you now

    always beautiful

  41. sam dou

    ai cherie good morning

  42. madame louise

    this is nice, more please i come see you everyday.

  43. yoshi-man

    agreed with u 100%, you can make that into song.

  44. amber

    i like your shoes


  45. rica

    dreams do come true.
    i’m with you all the way.

  46. sheena

    ai cherie,

    how do you eat so much yet maintain such a nice figure spell me your secrets.

  47. nana shintani

    ai chere you must have a really good stylist?

  48. misa buttafree

    I like you hair, can you do a hair make up tutorial video?

  49. randy macer

    love the last pic

    looks like your name is floating on a cloud,

    you have great legs.

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