2010 Short Shorts

…that’s what she did

What is a girl to do in such warm weather?
Solution: Short Shorts!

Top + Bottom= Top Shop P.Y.T (Provided by Chic Little Devil)
Black Sequin Wedges + Report Signatures= $299
Photographer =King Perez De Tagle KIMA

Fancy a Style?

Chanel- Sequin

Dior- Satin & lace

Valentino- Soft Chiffon

M Missoni- Cotton Texture

I personally want all four styles. I can’t decide. Which one is your favorite?



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103 responses to “2010 Short Shorts

  1. fiercemal

    nice legs, I love topshop so much, have you been lately super cute stuff

    i love the valentino one

  2. AnaBellA

    CHANEL so classy

    nice facebook store

  3. Julia Peters

    I love Valentino

  4. Angels high

    I love allllllll give me I wanna go shopping now!

  5. Dovets sun

    Your rock Ai Cheri!!

  6. pink powder

    miss fashionista I have some fashion questions? Can you help me? I have big thighs what do you recomend?

  7. daniel portwin

    you are jungle feverin

  8. shi-shi santos

    well I can’t decide either?

  9. Faye Rensol


    You can make anything look good.

  10. mIStic BUtterfly

    Greetings from Paris.

    I really like those shorts.
    I love Chanel and Valentino so much

  11. Green Lily

    I’m such a fan of your Ai Cherie

    I follow your fashion very closely.

  12. revers torris

    my dream is to take you on a date someday

  13. Rum Pinksyer

    Ai Cherie

    what’s your natural hair color?

  14. Rum Pinksyer

    Also you have great skin what kind of lotion do you use?

  15. mr. bowen

    you must be tired because you’ve been running around my mind all day girl

  16. gen-eve

    love the Valentino and Dior, how sexy

  17. Bella Torri

    lookin good luv

  18. 3am

    dream girl
    dream girl
    dream girl
    dream girl
    dream girl
    dream girl
    dream girl dream girl dot dot dot

  19. discoballs

    I would never be brave enough to wear that,how do you do it?

  20. brandi forstein

    i like the ones you’re wearing, where’s topshop located?

  21. Becford

    Ai Cherie you never sleep!

  22. Ren

    Personally, I’m not too big on shorts, at least not on myself. I’ll take a miniskirt any day!

  23. Yunice Yamada

    Chanel and Valentino for me.
    Classy and magical.

  24. ginejeanslover

    you and king make a great team i enjoy the photography together

  25. marriaa



  26. AdamW

    oh you’re the BEDROCK girl

    didn’t know you were a model too, but I should have known you’re gorgeous

  27. doun nyu hyun

    cute cheeks I wanna see you wear the last one in a photoshoot

  28. ernest ou

    beautiful, no other words to describe you

  29. questfassion

    chanel all the way

  30. droid star

    bet you can rock all 4 outfits

  31. Jay

    Hi Cherie!

    Drop me a line when you have some time!


  32. MWori


  33. EarLew

    you could wear a a potato sack and you would still look amazing

  34. minxysweet

    came across you on bloglovin why are you number 1

  35. lovelysam

    I’m lovin this BLOG omg

  36. nerd`in`aHAT

    you are gorgeous and that’s why i dropped dead

  37. ribboncase

    sweet doll

  38. i like hickory

    cutest euroasian ever

  39. birdie

    work it sista^^

  40. one of the best model around. chameleon

  41. heather

    i really like Chanel, but i must admit valentino stole my heart

  42. balladstorm


  43. Stella

    Love those shorts but I don’t think I’ll look good in them.

  44. peachlace

    bet you’ll look great on the runway. do you have an agent?

  45. judith

    my fave fashion blogger

    i love how you’re hands on

    keep in touch ok

  46. Kaniko (KOKOcat)


  47. DarkVenice

    I signed up on bloglovin for you but I don’t know how to use it?

  48. -mishhiona-

    there’s chemistry from your eyes

  49. KENDRA


  50. darian

    nice post Ai Cherie good job

  51. ray*mong*

    you are so beautiful

  52. 博道


  53. kimball

    you are soooo pretty

  54. corey yacker

    hello ai cherie

    you look great i love you so much, just saying i’m a fan you know

  55. brian

    bet you’d look great in everything, your classy keep it hot

  56. shannon savvy

    are you the girl in the first picture?

    omg you’re the prettiest blogger i know.

    chanel and valentino wins in my fashion world

  57. sammiefashion

    congrats there’s not reason why you should make the front page!

  58. soloman

    no words to describe your beauty

  59. perré

    chic little devil has great stuff

    you look so adorable i can’t get over it

  60. rad-ish mouth

    valentino is so dreamy

  61. purple siam

    dior is racy but i love it

  62. GinnaLVprincess

    Valentino I’ve never seen such a magical outfit, thanks for sharing Ai

  63. Dante

    Este tema puede que este creado por las personas que pone arriba, pero la ilustracion es pirateada sin permiso de vikifloki.com, y ni siquiera la nombran.
    Es un poco injusto no?

  64. I love you so much love your music and style

  65. GARYwearsPRADA


  66. 年半


  67. tai chun

    looks really good, i like short shorts

  68. i am such a fan of short shorts. i had a conversation today about bare legs in mini skirts vs. bare legs in short shorts. there’s something so much sexier about the confidence of bare legs in short shorts, rather than the eternal self-conscious yanking down of short skirts. LOVE this post.
    have you seen karl lagerfeld’s short film “remember now”? it’s totally weird but there are some excellent shorts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spN37R-eUGw&feature=related

  69. Sucha

    I’m lovin you on blog lovin

  70. rider jones

    nice you got my attention.

  71. maryam

    nice shorts fashion is so crazy now, it was never like this back then

  72. Yunice Yamada

    I like the top shop one on you too, super stylish.

  73. Patri Coven

    I love all 5!
    Thanks for posting.

  74. Ray

    I look forward to your next post.

  75. 都市飾り


  76. Kishanna

    Chanel and Valentino.

  77. Randy

    Have a good weekend.

  78. Chelliesexy

    Chanel, I’d so rock that outfit.

  79. bUcklyBeautY


  80. stacey loves fashion

    love your sense of style. it’s really nice. keep up the good work. i’m a fan.

  81. ju ju bei bei

    ai cherie

    you should post more often. i am you’re fan from taiwan

  82. Seidra

    1 Top Shop
    2 Valentino
    3 Chanel
    4 Dior
    5 M Missoni

  83. sandara kai

    so lovely really.

  84. hellokittygirl310

    wish i was a model.

  85. yaya hong kong

    i love this fashionnnnn bloggg ya ya yah yaya

  86. nima shalong

    it’s a perfect weather for short shorts

  87. adoraDORA

    love all of these looks thanks for the fashion advice.

  88. jemmy

    love all five ideas i’m inspired

  89. cherrylover

    soooo short, but i love it, wish i can wear that

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