Summer Nights

Things are heating up in LA.

Hot Summer Nights. Something about the warm breeze makes me reminisce about long walks on the beach, outdoor dinners, & memorable conversations underneath a sparkling moonlight.

Why not complete the evening with an adorable outfit?

I’ve officially packed away my winter clothing and on a mission to collect summer dresses.

Who’s with me?

Dress + Thread Social = $$$$
Bib Necklace + Pearls and Flowers = Vintage
Photographer + MACA =

Thread Social 2010 Top Picks:

Shop Thread Social

I’m off to see the SUNSET!

Ai Cherie



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77 responses to “Summer Nights

  1. Gina Toast

    You look adorable. I’ll take that dress mission with you.
    Just checked out thread, I’ve never heard about them before. They have such cute dresses.

  2. madamn blu

    love the second dress it’s on my want list

  3. see-thru

    damn i need to go shopping.

  4. jenBUNNY

    do you just look good everyday, i’m jealous.

  5. AKEMI


  6. 浩NO.1


  7. cupcakewhore

    I love Thread too 🙂

  8. rami elly

    you’re shoes are really cute,
    you forgot to put where you got them

  9. RedBeatrice

    Does their dresses fit well?
    I’m assuming so?

  10. RAY

    think i saw you in oc yesterday were you at ANQI?

  11. donerkabob

    nice web

  12. donerkabob

    you’re so cute

  13. ron suzuki

    you little jpop star i love you.

  14. yumi

    so many updates thank ai

  15. ZeeRAH


  16. beecamoon

    love that necklace wish I could see a clearer pic

  17. GEMinal


  18. gingerpink

    thread la has some really pretty stuff

  19. robbyracerz

    waiting for your date?
    Wish I was that guy.

  20. Rick Gomez




  21. dome-roku

    you have a really nice voice hope you’re do more covers and fashion related things in the future.

  22. reinderrizza

    love this post

  23. sammy prince

    your site was down what happened?

  24. giventabby

    hi i’m tabby
    i was wondering what’s you height ai cherie?

    i’m 5’7 i was told that’s too short for modeling is that true?

  25. solange turtle

    fashion princess

  26. Jay


    I’m glad you’re back in LA! Give me a hollar some time!

  27. kgkb

    You look as GORGEOUS as EVER!!!

  28. nicedarling

    pretty girlie

  29. june

    these outfits are really nice.

  30. juicy girl

    i love verna too, thanks ai cherie hope you smiled today.

  31. Selena Cole

    In n out fries. Strawberry milkshake. on your twitter???

    I thought models don’t eat?

  32. melinda brown

    really love this

    you’re site was down earlier but i’m happy it’s back up.

  33. sou wang chun

    website was down ;(

  34. Chelliesexy

    Love them thanks for the inspiration.

  35. Lexy grehirk

    Hi Ai Cherie
    where do you shop? Mostly online?

  36. ~darwin

    beyond beautiful

  37. mei wei

    love your style fren

  38. Duey Trang


  39. chinadoll

    just dropping by to wish you a happy weekend.

  40. amandebear

    really love your shoes. where do you shop?

  41. Rudy

    Good luck in Tokyo!!

  42. sokidly

    you’re beautiful

  43. decembergrace

    ai cherie

    i joined your blog

  44. WEN

    i come to find you

    i have ask on fb WILL YOU BE MY PROM DATE?

  45. pinkydolly

    love your style

  46. chinadoll

    nice dress, i took a look at thread they have nice stuff i want to buy everything

  47. Han pat

    Where did you get the shoes?

  48. Jenbam

    With great tAste comes great post.

  49. Ami petites

    Ai noticed you have flawless skin you should beauty blog.

  50. RhEa

    Super kawaii

  51. Ryan Reta

    Nice my dear

  52. Hiroyuki

    Really pretty girl. Hi I’m am fan you from Tokyo

  53. mike gonzola

    i love you

  54. maiko chan

    cutie fashion

  55. hiro no1

    man you look so sweet

  56. blumice

    great style

  57. MyMiwan

    I need to go shopping now omg.

  58. tofuchika

    pretty pretty

  59. choko

    sweet darling

  60. jay

    Hey Cherie,

    have you been watching the world cup?

    you’re probably disappointed about France not getting out of the first round…but at least Japan still has a chance!!!

    And Korea tied Nigeria so they’re going to the round of 16! yeah! I’m sure you’re happy for Korea!


  61. h4tks

    most beautiful girl in the whole wide world

  62. bestjax

    please post another blog soon!!!

  63. crosper

    i so want to marry you

  64. rbigr

    you look good in anything

  65. tam lee

    Dear Ai Cherie,
    You are the first most beautiful young lady I have ever met. Thanks for giving me your website. If you like burger that much, try In & Out Burger. They serve the freshest vegies and the tastiest sauce. Just ask and they will give you as much of everything extra as you like.
    Hope to see you with your uncle Thanh at the seminar tomorrow, the seminar that will change your life forever!
    The speaker became a million-dollar earner on his third year without ever asking anyone to buy, simply because the product itself works miracles on everyone. He is nowhere as adorable as you are!
    With your uncle’s total support, I can foresee the most beautiful and the youngest self-made millionaire must be you! And all your friends who follow your footsteps become very wealthy!
    See you soon. Co Tam

  66. tam lee

    See you with uncle Thanh tomorrow night? tami

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