Red White and Blue

Happy July 4th Everyone!
Celebrating Red White and Blue.

Top + Vintage = ?
Shorts + DVB = $$$
Heels + R&R = $$$
Photo + Untouched = Phil Tieu

Have you been keeping up with me?
Ai Cherie in TOKYO



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46 responses to “Red White and Blue

  1. san lumbaer

    you put it together well
    yes i have been keeping up with you in tokyo

  2. AVER-dave

    nice to finally meet you at AX, YOU’RE HOT!

  3. micah sundue

    you don’t need to photoshop your pics you’re flawless

  4. jen simley

    love the outfit

  5. greenpeace

    i want those shoes

  6. amy kover

    skin secrets please

  7. bbqglace

    come to my bbq so i can feed you

  8. derick

    would love to take you out on a date

  9. chang-angel

    hi ai cherie
    i come to see you,
    you sweet girl
    please come to taiwan

  10. model in LA

    nice poses, can you teach me?

  11. LanaPeterson

    email me back

  12. Verne

    Hey! how are you?
    looks like you’re doing well.

  13. henry trang

    you are a super star

  14. mik mik

    sweety, enjoy your july 4th

    thanks for the post

  15. jam ahead

    how nice, great start to my day

  16. racer 301

    my dreamgirl

  17. trooper

    can’t figure out which one is your facebook?

  18. 21voiced

    love your music, but you model too, Nice

  19. Jay

    Cherie, have a great fourth of july!

  20. emily

    love this idea!


  21. pinkygirl

    you have really creamy skin, mind sharing your secret?

  22. stevenson

    you don’t need photoshop.

    natural beauty

  23. tei fou

    prettyyyyyyyyy girl

    hi from china

  24. Robinhood

    i love you ai cherie!

    thank you for the photo at ANIME EXPO

    I’m your fan

  25. dagerhero

    where will you be next?

  26. superman

    in love w u

  27. yuji tanabe

    love me some ai cherie

  28. kenji KOI

    nice legs!

    are you in LA now?

    when will you be back in tokyo?

  29. MyMiwan

    Happy July 4th. Cute outfit

  30. PFWLF

    getting a kiss from you would set off fireworks!

  31. Shana

    Have a good day!

  32. Sunni

    How was the 944 party?

  33. Omar

    Went to a few bbqs and you?

  34. ravenblk

    nice, luv ya

  35. darrengoffer

    nice and smooth like white chocolate

  36. remi pie

    umbrella that must be the secret you your nice skin

  37. johntson

    you’re just a natural beauty

  38. keio kawasaki

    happy 4th
    you look very cute

  39. Sammi

    Gorgeous! Love the outfit

  40. Reggie

    Just a doll.

  41. emmepie

    Enjoy your travels.

  42. mayjay

    lovely my dear just lovely

  43. chinadoll

    so pretty! fashion girl

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