Foodie Friday: SmashBurger

AiCherie Stamp of Approval.

I’ve been traveling like Crazy for the last couple of months.

Tokyo-> LA-> Texas -> New Mexico -> Arizona

Now I’m back home in LA, enjoying the California sun.

I update my JAPAN BLOG quite frequently (1-5 times a day) so please check that out.

I’ve eaten at 3 burger places, one in each state; AZ, NM, and TX.

I must say SmashBurger has stolen a little place in my heart.

I give it Quality and Affordable = 5 STARS

Just the right amount of spice.
I’m not sharing because I’ve finally met my Hamburger soulmate.
A perfect custom crafted Bun meets it’s Patty mate, grilled to sizzle perfection.

Smash Fries.

BBQ Bacon Cheddar and Veggie Frites.

Told you I’m not Sharing…
^.^ Sorry !!

I’m really full but the girl from StrawberryLand needs her Strawberry fix.

One Strawberry Milkshake Please!

Romper + Miley Cyrus/BCBG = $5
Hat + Tokyo = $20
Slippers + BCBG = $100
Bag + Balenciaga = $$$$$$$ (Thanks Mom)

I was sad that I would have to travel to such far places just to indulge in SmashBurger, but I just found out that there’s a SmashBurger located in LA JOLLA, CA.
I’m so HAPPY!

LOOK for a location near you.

Til next Friday.




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48 responses to “Foodie Friday: SmashBurger

  1. mayjay

    i’ll def check that out when i’m back in SD thanks I’m straving

  2. danica

    love the romper, i think you’re the only model who actually eats A LOT

  3. johnnzz

    never knew about smashburger, but i’ll chek it out

  4. missxpie

    cute romper what only $5

  5. janice lohman

    cute outfit, you look perfect for a burger date

  6. Nico Shinoda

    I’M Hungry I check your JP blog to

  7. mike hamper

    hi aicherie
    it was a wonderful delight to meet you at anime expo.
    i posted some pics in your fb.

    i think you’re so beautiful and bubbly thank you again.

    i hope you’re perform around LA soon.

  8. jonniepink

    smash burger I can’t decide what to order?
    looking at the site now

  9. jonasgirl

    i wanna live like you

    you have a great life

  10. jonasgirl

    i wanna live like you

    you have a great life

    and I love your fashion sense

  11. Harper21


    which location were you at?

  12. i’m drooling over you and the food

  13. ANvalentine

    love your blog support you always

  14. smithe

    you throw the best peace signs

  15. randal~grey


    always looking great and eating well. what’s not to love

  16. r-jude

    what a doll, enjoy this you make me smile

  17. cebu-city-girl

    nom nom nom

  18. xmasi

    you sure can eat

  19. dylan sows

    really enjoy reading you blog you make life fun, and smashburger looks great

    and you look lovely

  20. fatmansings

    foodie friday i’m here

  21. jubileepurple

    i wanna be your friend

  22. maryanne

    you have really nice boobs, i’m jealous

  23. rOCK208

    that last pic look dangerous

  24. raymond yao

    fun travels looking at all your pics, you’re pretty

  25. peacemaker

    turn that frown upside down

  26. erick lee

    nice hot, you always look hot, and the food looks bomb

  27. ribith

    love you come to the PI

  28. judith

    im your fan on fb, just sayinh hello

  29. mic torling

    it’s a delight to see you
    bright personality, you’re wonderful

  30. emmepie

    Happy too, gotta try smash burger now.

  31. emmepie

    When are you coming back to Tokyo?
    Tokyo misses Ai Cherie

  32. Ria Quezon

    Cute romper I want it

  33. Lucille

    Please tell me where you got your romper? Is it really $5 or did you make a typo?

  34. NekoKat

    Cute website, cute style

  35. chi ming wei

    hi qt

  36. RollerSCT

    Baby eating any burger with you would be a SMASHBURGER!!!!

    I so want to have have a lunch date with you and I’ll buy you all the smashburgers you want 🙂

  37. Jay Y

    Hi Cherie!

    Welcome back to LA! Give me a Holla when you can!


  38. Ronald

    Be my date?

  39. Angelvibid

    Looks good angel

  40. Betty

    Sweet I want that romper.

  41. David



  42. sou win

    hi aicherie

    i am sowin, fan from tw. just come to show support.
    have you come taiwan before is vary nice, please come to my country

  43. SallyBEE

    Peachy was here.

    Hi there Ai Cherie

  44. nobu-ani

    kawaii desu ne

  45. 明įžŽ


  46. racie wong

    sweet angel face love the last photo

  47. xo4ODI shhazwgczrgl, [url=]kwqonzbchdmm[/url], [link=]tvdfqninccud[/link],

  48. starrygirley

    how fun, but hot no?

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