Just around the Riverwalk

I’ve fallen in Love with The Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas.
It’s a must visit if you happen to stop by that area.

After dining at Dick’s, where I ate Alligator for the first time,
my hair was vibrant and wavy, but due to the heat and humidity, it has fallen flat. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to sport flat hair?

Walking beside the man-made area along side the natural river stream.

Dress + Pins & Needles = $68
Necklace + Bloomies = $30
Ring + Forever 21 = $5

Just around the Riverwalk, I found myself riding the Canoe, like princess Pocahontas.
Of course I was singing Just around the Riverbend, gazing off to flashing lights and friendly smiles.

Though it would take a miracle for my hair to beat the weather, I had a very memorable time at the Riverwalk. I can’t wait to return, an adventure awaits me at the Riverwalk.



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42 responses to “Just around the Riverwalk

  1. racie wong

    I love your ring!

    i LOVE your dress.

    LOVE your style, is so so good. now i HAVE TO hunt in forever for that ring

    river walk is beautiful

  2. racie wong

    yes even flat hair is pretty on you, so so nice, you’re so pretty

  3. edingerKitten

    whats ur background, you look sweet

  4. Sally

    love the outfit, adorable

  5. marcos-anime

    riverwalk is nice indeed

  6. princepeter

    you have a beautiful mind full of imagination, natural born lyricist, look forward to seeing you grow as an artist.




  8. missjessie

    I saw you!!!!!

  9. butterflykisses

    flat hair is awesome, humidity sucks real bad in tx, glad you stopped by

  10. JuneBug

    I just love your blog, you’re such a beautiful person, must be recognized for that.

  11. ALLIEhart

    dynamic ARTIST

  12. darre-Rick

    you’re so much prettier then princess poca

  13. marriam

    your hair doesn’t look flat at all, put it together well

  14. 明美


  15. 明美


  16. solitudeangel

    whoa alligator what a brave soul

  17. hero-mastermind

    if I made a wish you’d be the one to make it come true

  18. jillymilly

    shopping time

  19. dean ownes

    you have a nice smile

  20. cookiemonster

    this is like the onestop blog for fashion food and music, i love you ai cherie

  21. john sterling

    beautiful mind, you just take my breath away

  22. remus-ashley

    beautiful flower child

  23. smileygirl

    love this post

  24. SallyBEE

    Ai Cherie
    You always look good, can you give me some tips on skin and fashion?

  25. Amii

    You are a Princess

  26. Jay Y

    wow Cherie you’re in San Antonio now. I’m glad you’re having so much fun traveling.

  27. vscram

    Ai Cherie,

    you look so beautiful along the River Walk. but you also look so alone. can i be your date and we’ll go to the River Walk Together?

  28. amber rose

    that’s a really cute dress 😉

  29. churri

    crazy the alligator looks just like chicken

  30. bermise

    hi ai cherie

  31. huey ngy

    glad you enjoyed texas, when do you stop by again?

  32. garryy

    you have such a sweet look i luv u

  33. X-naruto

    nice post

  34. wendyyyyy

    you are sooooo pretty i love you so much

  35. sandcastle

    love the outfit

  36. armybrad

    so beautiful, pls do come back to texas

  37. shannon

    you always have great hair, that’s funny

  38. YAYAdaisy

    really love your photos and music i’m a fan

  39. よし


  40. solitudeangel

    you’re so pretty, keep singing ok?

  41. starrygirley

    riverwalk looks nice, wish yo visit someday thank you for enlighting me

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