Foodie Friday: The Boiler

Top + Skirt = Vintage
Ring = XXI
Photography = King Perez De Tagle + AiCherie (Me)

This Foodie Friday is very special because i’ve been invited to a private event at The Boiler

To start off the evening light and fresh, Chef Ritter didn’t hesitate to bring out a batch of Fresh Gold Band Oyster imported from Louisiana.
Extra Plump and Juicy, a little bit of Raw Oyster Heaven in my mouth.

This second round of oyster is extra special. I’m not going to tell you what’s in it. You’ll have to find out for yourself.

I think i’m on Oyster number?? I lost count.

Next up, FIsh Chowder. Tangy and full of flavor.

Chef Ritter hard at work.
My favorite part about about dining at The Boiler, is not only do you get Fresh High Quality Seafood and Authentic Cajun dishes, but you also get to watch Chef Ritter prepare your food. Here at The Boiler Customers come first meaning you get to adjust you Spice levels.
After traveling back and forth from Tokyo, i’ve become susceptible to spicy food. Chef Ritter suggested I do a Level 3 Spice, and it was just puurrfect! Neko-jita 猫舌 translates to Cat’s tongue. It’s a very common term used in Japan for people who are sensitive to Hot food.

I’m waiting very patiently.

Well, wait no more.

Cilantro Chicken



Chicken Gumbo

Pan Roast

All lined up and ready to be eaten by me. The Pan Roast really lives up to its Reputation, tangy yet creamy and doesn’t fight it’s flavors with the other Seafood.
Étouffée is a must try, absolutely delicious. My mom is a big fan of the Jumbalaya, Chicken Gumbo, and Cilantro Chicken (for non-seafood lovers).

I’m really full, but I always save room for dessert.
One Crème brûlée and Pecan Pie please.

Besides, how can you resist?

Special Thank you to Jackson and Chef Ritter for inviting My Friends and I into The Boiler.
I had a very memorable experience at The Boiler.



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47 responses to “Foodie Friday: The Boiler

  1. よし


  2. pandabear

    that looks really good, i’m drooling through the screen

  3. Derren

    Ai Cherie

    You are a model/foodie how awesome is that.
    Good luck in Tokyo.

    Fan for life,

  4. mami kimoko

    Neko-jita 猫舌 how KAWAII.
    I WANNA try it now, looks so good

  5. Rick Soloman

    you’re so fun and sweet, thanks for introducing me to this place, i’ve been looking for cajun food

  6. ce'ci

    nom nom nom

  7. SallyBEE

    I’m hungry, that looks so good.
    I really want your ring too

  8. Pete Brown

    I’m so hungry now, I want Cajun tonight

  9. miss jamie

    i love the boiler too

  10. Natasha Kim

    wish I was your best friend

  11. Natasha Kim

    you always have the cutest outfits

  12. garretpow

    are you hungry?
    yes i am,
    fan from fb.
    gotta give this boiler thing a try

  13. butterfly

    yummy tummy

  14. NekoKat

    Hungry hungry hippo ir right.
    Love you ai Cherie

  15. Nellie

    Hello dear.
    Do they offer vegen dishes?

  16. SallyBEE

    Pan roast. I’m there now if I mention your name will I get a discount?

  17. Gioni

    Don’t know whatz good, u or the oysters?

  18. Ravenblk

    Hi ai Cherie
    Met you at anime expo. When is your next gig?

  19. Pinkpatger

    Good restaurant review!

  20. Jay Y

    wow Cherie, you really know how to eat

  21. yo nick

    cream of the crop

  22. The best chesapeake bay oysters are grown on our family farm!

    Quality & Sustainability

  23. palmerlacer

    delicious indeed

  24. angelababy

    that looks good

  25. chuey lee

    really lovin these foodie friday post.

  26. orange-pie


    i want to eat too

  27. randy

    beautiful skin

  28. superray

    hey ai cherie
    looking good

  29. missredhead

    very beautiful.
    i love your skin and i’m so jealous that you can eat so much and not get fat.

  30. Cho-man

    Are there any good Cajun in LA? Chinos to far. But dang it looks good.

  31. Benny Tan

    That looks so good.
    Good spokes model for the resturant.

  32. riverross

    hey hey ai!
    sup pretty face?
    you look nice, just dropping a comment

  33. Bambi

    You’re such a sweet girl 🙂

  34. Evan

    Hi my darling.

  35. Sumodave

    Love me some boiler!

  36. jenny lima

    love the ring.


    can they come to LA?

  38. gemcully

    you have a nice smile you

  39. chi-linda

    you make it look so good

  40. cheeseyfaces

    YUM yum

  41. be-love-be-one

    give me

  42. gower keanry

    i love a girl who can eat

  43. Daniel

    love to go on a date with you

  44. FTWJames

    ai cherie

    yoyo YO girlie what were you doing in CHino Hills?
    thought I saw you at Target too

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