Flying without Wings

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, wish right now
-Hayley Williams

Here I am in Pheonix, ARIZONA.

One HOT City!

Everytime I fly back and fourth, from LA to Tokyo, i’ve always dreamt about photoshooting with a plane and how impossible it’d be to be able to stand on top of a wing.
Well…I guess nothing in life is impossible.
God has blessed with such an amazing journey. All of which I am grateful for.
I will always BELIEVE.

Captain AiCherie, maybe someday…

Special Thank you to Barry for making all this happen. And the U.S. Air Force!
I’m Flying without Wings.




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42 responses to “Flying without Wings

  1. FTWJames

    thats crazy!
    looking good.
    good hearted girl will alway be guided by God.
    I’m you fan for life. Wish I can bump into you someday i might faint.
    serious note, hope you play around town soon. would love to hear your voice

  2. Anette Lampoon

    Go AiCherie!
    cute electro OWL!
    always know the trends

  3. greenapple

    thought a leave a comment you look great and is so lucky to shoot with a plane

  4. i'm a pinky

    that’s rad

  5. jami afan

    hi ai cherie

    i’m your fan from the philippines, please come here.

  6. systemrake

    so pretty. easy on the eyes.

  7. Mr Barbie

    love this set.
    always amaze me.

  8. reggie

    captain ai cherie.
    dang that’d be hot

  9. melindapayne

    i LOVE that song, love how you write your blog, just a fan

  10. huggiebear

    awesomeeeeeeeeeee with an A

  11. annabelle

    i’m so jealous

  12. Jerry Liu

    like I said you throw the best peace signs

  13. timothy

    love you ai cherie you’re a sweet person

  14. bunny

    so cool, wishing you all the best

  15. juicygirl

    nice skin hunny

  16. lance

    if i give you some wings will you fly next to me?

  17. judithhh

    keep doing your thing girl

  18. pinstrip

    you don’t need wings you’re a real life angel

  19. whirlwind

    what ethnicity are you?

  20. jeffy

    gorgeous plane suits you well

  21. DJ Spike

    send me your music

  22. gillian wang

    damn you’re hot I ain’t gon lie

  23. owen wilard

    looking nice on an off day

  24. farlingrace

    beautiful captures

  25. romona brui

    how did you get in there?

  26. brunai

    marry you oneday

  27. Ross

    perfect angel

  28. Amii

    You’re like reaallll pretty. I love airplanes. Fun photo session. Looking forward to the next.

  29. Sumodave

    It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Ai Cherie on a plane even better.

  30. Cho-man

    AZ is Hot but you make it hotter

  31. numberonedone


    + +
    +++ +++

    + +
    + +
    + +
    + +

    “You don’t love a girl because of beauty. You love her because she sings a song only you can understand.”

  32. j u i i a

    j u i i a x ℒ ℴ ν ℯ s y o u . . ♥

  33. Morrena

    how awesome is that?

  34. ~lena~

    so cool beans

  35. parker

    you live a great life, glad you’re still humble and down to earth

  36. yumei

    hello angel

  37. milkystars

    that’ really cool

  38. milkystars

    what were you doing in AZ?

  39. mika

    nice airplane ride

  40. starrygirley

    airplanes bc you’re VIP

  41. hanna gomez

    wow that’s so cool

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